Nadava is an infusion of acoustic and electric sounds that we have transformed into the light and mellow to upbeat, powerful guitars. We are dedicated to our live performance and feel that is what defines us as musicians.


Nadava is an original band that has developed from a different road than most. All four members of the band work in the country club business. Paul, Mike and Matt are all golf course managers, Russell is a chef, and all work at elite country clubs in the NYC suburbs. Things began with Paul and Matt joining forces not only at work but after as well. Playing their favorite covers together after work, they developed quickly and began to dabble in writing their own material. Their greatest influences are Radiohead, Oasis and Coldplay. Once they felt confident about their music, they sought out bass player Mike whom they had met through a golf tournament for their profession. Luck was on thier side and Mike helped turn the music into complete songs. Again through connections in work, Paul and Matt stumbled accross a new chef at their club, Russell. He instantly changed the band forever and made Nadava what it is today. With captivating sounds and interesting lyrics, Nadava is set to be the buzz of the local music scene.

A little bit on all of us:

Paul is our lead singer and a very talented guitarist. He has written a lot of our lyrics and music composition. He is from West Warwick, RI and currently lives in Stamford, CT. Paul has been playing guitar since he was 15 and just began his singing career with Nadava. Paul's main guitar is a Washburn acoustic/electric.

Matt plays lead guitar on most of our songs and has become a talented player. Matt has also written a large part of our original material. He has only been playing guitar for four years! As a child, he took piano lessons for eight years and then didn't play for ten years! He has picked it back up and became a great pianist, even composing songs of his own which are now part of our album. He is originally from Kansas City and now lives in Stamford, CT. Matt plays with a Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul Custom, a Yamaha APX acoustic/electric, and a Casio Privia Keyboard-hopefully one day a grand piano on stage!

Mike is our bass guitarist and has been playing guitar for over ten years. He has been a great addition to our band and can play lots of different styles. He will even play regular guitar and sings on many of our songs! Mike is originally from Hartford, CT and now lives in Rye Brook, NY. He has also begun to write his own material for us to perform! Mike plays an Ibanez bass guitar.

Russell is a great drummer that is the newest member of Nadava. He has played with Nadava before when they first began and now has become full time with the band. With dynamic drumming and original ideas, Russell has become another talented asset for Nadava. Russell is originally from England and currently lives in Greenwich, CT.


The Mimosa Song

Written By: Paul Boyd, Matt Leverich

Sun shines on the water and a warm breeze, who whould dare complain?

I woke up this morning to the taste of extra pulp and cheap champagne.

Take my money, take my job, but please...

Don't take my sunny days

A bridge or tunnel's not for me, we're sailin accross, suckin on a twisted tea

We may get home tonight or tommorow, makes no difference to me.

Take my money, take my job, but please...

Don't take my sunny days

Up at the bow, checking the anchor one more time, boy that water's cold

Said that joke at least a thousand times before, still it don't get old

Take my money, take my job but please...

Don't take my sunny days

My sunny days


Early Session Demo Album
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Set List

Piano Intro
Best Taste
Don't Come Over
Empty Curb
Mariella's Song
Give a Lifetime
Killing Myself
So Long
Chrissy's Song
Standing in Shadows
Let Life Come
Time Goes By
The Mimosa Song


Island in the Sun - Weezer
Karma Police - Radiohead
Grey Street - DMB
Elderly Woman - Pearl Jam
watchtower - DMB
Sitting, waiting, wishing - Jack Johnson
How to Save a Life - The Fray