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"Big Tunes I've heard lately"

Song: Cheater's Loss Remix

Artistes: Nadera featuring Tony Anthony

Cheater's Loss - The remix is one of those songs that just grows on you. The song first caught my attention while listening to the Florida-based Foundation Radio Network with Clinton Lindsay. At first play I found it really amusing, but after tuning in to the station a few more times and hearing the song again, I started paying attention to the lyrics.

What can I say? Having Nadera going off about the cheating man in her life was one thing, but to hear how she finally realises that she is worth than being her lover's plaything was a really great message to send out.

NADERA... her message can be embraced by any ‘feisty’ woman who knows she is more valuable than to have a man messing with her

NADERA... her message can be embraced by any ‘feisty’ woman who knows she is more valuable than to have a man messing with her

The listening experience was even more pleasurable with Tony Anthony in the background singing "I'm torn, torn," while Nadera's timely interjections takes herself out of the mix, letting him know in no uncertain terms that he can move on — without her!

Cheater's Loss the remix is really something and makes for great entertainment.

The remix is really one of those feel good songs that provides comic relief and of course some food for thought. Besides, Nadera's message can be embraced by any 'feisty' woman who knows she is more valuable than to have a man messing with her.

Nadera sums it up quite well when she dismisses the cheater:

"Mi nuh care weh yuh seh

A fi yuh bad luck

Yuh tink a eeni mini mino mo, bwoy just excuse

Yuh neva hear bout mi

Seh yuh nuh start hurt yet

Just lose my name mi naah go deh yah fi yuh choose"

Honestly, this is one of the best remixes I've heard in a long time ... the engineer did a fantastic job in dropping out Tony's voice at the right time, allowing Nadera the space she needs to respond and rebuff Tony's argument of being torn. The remix gives the impression that both artistes were in the studio at the same time. In my opinion, it's a job well done.

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"Nadera getting attention in the music biz"

Phylani Music recording artiste Nadera joins the list of Canadian reggae artistes whose music is demanding attention on the reggae scene worldwide.

Her latest single, Kitty Kat, on the popular 'Saudi Arabia' rhythm reveals the lyrical and vocal skills of this gifted artiste.

Christened Nadera Jackson, she was born in Vineyard Town, Jamaica. Nadera was bitten by the entertainment bug from an early age and was a star performer at school concerts and plays.

She migrated to Canada in 1997 and studied acting at The Reel Fact Film and Television Studio in Toronto and the Mark Baur Studio, Vancouver. Since then, she has made her mark as one of Toronto's and Jamaica's finest multi-talented artistes, appearing in several commercials, short and independent films, and theatre productions.

In 2009, she was signed by Phylani Music after her performance in Canada's first reggae musical, Sound Clash.

In 2010, they released her first two singles, Cheater's Loss and Tit 4 Tat. Both songs topped the Canadian reggae charts. Cheater's Loss is receiving heavy rotation in Canada, Jamaica, and other parts of the world. The video is also receiving regular rotation on local television stations.

Fans can follow Nadera on twitter/lavanad or check her out at
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1. Cheater's Loss. (single)
2. Tit 4 Tat. (single)
3. Survive These Streets. (single)
4. Bounx like a ball. (single)



Nadera Jackson, model, actress and recording artist was born on February 21st in Kingston, Jamaica. She was bitten by the entertainment bug at age ten when she was thrust into several school plays. Her music and drama teachers were so impressed with here unique talent they encouraged her to pursue a career in the entertainment field, she hasn’t looked back since.
When she migrated to Canada in 1997, Nadera studied her craft at The Reel Fact Film & Television Studio in Toronto and also at the Mark Baur Studio in Vancouver. Since then she has made her mark as one of Toronto’s and Jamaica’s finest Multi-Talented Artist. Nadera has appeared in commercials, short and independent films, and she has also worked in theatres such as Toronto Centre For the Arts in the production‘Curse Of Ham’ a Roots International Production, playing the role of Miss English. She also played the role of Josephine in the production of ‘Domestic Science,’ and has also worked at the Hart Theatre Company playing the role of Red in the production of ‘Colored Girls.’
In 2009 after a grand performance in Canada’s first reggae musical “Soundclash” she was approached by Phylani Music’s Executives to record for their label and be a part of their artist roster.
Her first single “Cheater’s Loss” stayed at the number one position on the Canadian reggae charts for 8 weeks and indicated that Nadera was a superstar in the making. The follow-up single “Tit 4 Tat” mirrored “Cheater’s Loss” achievements and was vaulted after staying 8 weeks at number one on the same chart. Her latest release “Kitty Kat” on the “Saudia Arabia” riddim created by top dancehall producer Delly Ranks proves that Nadera’s infectious talent is soaring and attracting the ears of many.
In 2010, Nadera has graced stages with several prominent reggae acts in Jamaica, Toronto, and other major cities in Canada. She appeared with top reggae acts Beres Hammond and Inner Circle on 2010 Calgary Reggae Festival to rave reviews. She has also appeared on music stage in Toronto, Vancouver and Jamaica alongside reggae stars like Chuck Fender, Johnny P, Horace Martin, Richie Stephens, Eyesus, Exco Levi and Tony Anthony.
Nadera recently received her first award as “Top new dancehall dj” at the 5th Annual Sandra Bashment’s Community Achievement Awards show in Toronto, Canada. She has also been nominated in the “Best Female Dj” and “Best Reggae Single” categories of the 2011 Canadian Reggae Music Achievements Awards.
The artist and her label are currently working on her debut album which her adoring fans are eagerly awaiting.

For booking contact:
(647) 964-1227