nader, aidan, nick

nader, aidan, nick


opera singer who sings and plays harmonium and percussive junk, a jordanian prince who plays classical guitar, hits things, throws pennies and sings like a pseudo patti smith with turrets and a sasquatch who plays classical guitar, charango, forced air keys and hits junk.


Cannon is a Montreal based trio, producing a frantic and frenetic musical experience. Sometimes sweet, sad and beautiful while at other times loud, cacophonous and freewheeling, Cannon pushes the boundaries of folk music to its limits.

Relying on a variety of instruments including acoustic guitars, air organ, a harmonium, bells, planks of wood and cooking utensils, the band members produce music that simultaneously soothes and provokes the listener. In addition, Cannon plays vigorous percussive pieces using found objects such as pennies, crystal vases and garbage cans.

Cannon is quickly developing a strong following and has been invited to play alongside bands such as The Witchies (upcoming release -Constellation Records), Clues –featuring Alden Penner (upcoming release -Constellation Records), and Ayal Senior (performed and produced music for John Fahey’s most recent album).

Featuring members of Jerusalem My Heart, L’Embuscade, The Great Retarded Blues Orchestra and Burial Song, the members have also previously played in bands such as Aids Wolf, One Candle Power, Lungbutter among others. This eclectic background in previous musical projects is brought to the forefront in Cannon.

The band’s influences range from avant-garde and free jazz to traditional folk and 60’s country western music.

Watch for them on the East Coast in support of their fall 2008 release.

a bipolar cacophany of melodies and chaos.



Written By: none



Recording in summer of 2008 touring in fall of 2008

Set List

small climactic pieces with the occasional Ennio Moricone cover