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Nadia Kazmi

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE | AFM

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Indie




"Blogcritics/ Seattle Post Intelligencer"

"...she also bears out her versatility as a vocalist, affecting both subtlety and raw power with unassuming confidence... With considered, well-crafted lines of imagery and metaphors, Kazmi evokes a rare sense of emotional purpose that makes her music all the more compelling." - Donald Gibson - Blogcritics

"Times & Transcript - Moncton NewBrunswick"

March 16, 2010

Singer, songwriter Nadia Kazmi now calls Brooklyn, N.Y. home but she was born and raised in Calgary. Her debut album Arrival is a unique blend of genres complimenting her strong vocals. There are elements of rock, pop, jazz, soul and even a bit of funk thrown in to her sound.

Nadia isn't going to blow you away with a sound you've never heard before, but her lyrics have a message and are interesting. While there are elements of other great artists mixed into her sound, she still gives her music a unique spin.

... there is a lot of promise on this debut and it should only lead to more great music in the future.

Highlights include Mother, Tyranny Of The Heart, and Prophets. - Adam Davis - Times and Transcript

"Cornwall Seaway News"

March 10, 2010

Calgary born, Singer/songwriter, Nadia Kazmi’s recent release “Arrival” includes a variety of moods, insightful lyrics, telling stories, and an edge that puts me in mind of a mix between Sam Brown (Stop, 1989) and a more melodic Yoko Ono from Double Fantasy. Track three, Julian, is haunting and very pretty. Kazmi is interesting, new, and certainly different. Visit for further info. * * * * *
-Roxanne Deluge - Roxanne Delage - Cornwall Seaway

"You Sing I Write - New York, NY"

Nadia Kazmi’s debut release, Arrival, combines a unique blend of rock and soul with recognizable influences from many of music’s biggest icons. With poetic lyrics and strong vocals, Kazmi brings an eclectic flavor to her 10-track album. Encompassing many genres of music, Arrival, is just a hint of what’s to come for this singer-songwriter.
“Volcanoes,” draws the listener in right away with Kazmi ‘s powerful and jazzy vocals. The album starts forcefully : “I am a singer who cannot sing/A music maker but I don’t play a thing/Soul of my soul plays a game/I cannot win/This world’s treachery against me/Must be some kind of sin/Why open the door and/Not let me in,” she sings. The listener easily feels her passion and struggle accompanying the song through the musical buildup and moving lyrics. “Given the gift to speak, get close but never reach my peak,” Kazmi sings. An appropriate end to the song, much of the album deals with similar issues and frustrations – a woman’s quest to find meaning in this life.

Another emotional track, “Mother” tells the tale of a sister who kills her brother in his sleep. The woman in the song asks for forgiveness as she has evidently become her mother’s enemy after such a tragic event. Never failing with her unique storylines, Kazmi leaves the listener questioning what is to come next. Songs like “Mother” have a classic, ageless feel, almost as if they belong in another era.

Piano-based track, “Julian” is slower than previous tracks. Throughout Kazmi’s higher vocals the emotion is easily portrayed in a tale that involves reminiscing of a love that no longer exists. “Julian/This melody reminds me of you/Julian/How unfair, how unfair,” she sings. One can only wonder what may have happened.

“Arrival” recalls Queen and at times, Alicia Keys with Kazmi’s powerful vocals while tracks like “Tyranny of the Heart” introduces a different sound. With a slightly 70s styled beat, the song surprisingly resembles more of a club hit than previous ballads.

While Kazmi’s vocal ability is undeniable, the album lacks a cohesive flow jumping from soulful numbers to jazz tunes to club beats. One track especially, “Martians” has little to offer listeners. At times soporific with light guitar strumming and soft vocals, this song does nothing to flatter Kazmi. Her voice is powerful and comes across best when belting lyrics with feeling and the appropriate flattering music.

Despite the lack of symmetry throughout Arrival, most of the album is an appropriate testament to Kazmi’s talent. One example is “Prophets,” an edgier, stand-out track. With catchy percussion beats and Kazmi’s soulful singing (almost chanting style at times), the song hints at Kazmi’s talent and what is to come from this debut album.

Annie Reuter

- Annie Reuter - You sing I write Blog

"Awaken Music Blog"

Canadian artist, Nadia is doing something very special on her record, Arrival. She's got a soulful blend of pop and singer/songwriter that eases the world around you. Songs like Mother, are nicely written, recorded, and produced. It's not a stereotypical track you might expect from a pop-rock female artist. Its part Adelea, part Feist, and part Norah Jones; but unique enough to be its own.

Arrival takes on a neat Motown quality. Simply defined percussion and beats, with a vintage pop vocal sound and backing vocals give the album some real throwback. Tyranny of the Heart then gets raw and more rock. Nadia unleashes her chords in a real and provocative way. Imagine Lenny Kravitz as a woman and you have Nadia on this track!

Nadia has the promise to be another Canadian gold mine.

RATING: 4.5 of 5 stars - Ross Christopher - Awaken Music

"Moose Jaw Times - Saskatchewan"

For this review Nic Frey has listened to Nadia's latest release and given his own take on the sounds so I humbly step aside and let the younger opinion shine
Nadia: Arrival
Gave this a listen and enjoyed the blues feel the
Vocalist Nadia Kazmi has a smooth sound that
is strong and versatile. There is quite an assortment
of instrumental arrangement, in track 5 Tyranny of the
Heart there are fast paced riffs and quick drum beats while
in the following track is more chill and relaxed. The song Mother
done on this album both in Acoustic and Electric is nice and slow,
emotion and about feelings of disappointment. Her voice changes to
fit the mood but continues a full soulful, sweet, and silky sound.
Her song The Blues Always Bleed Red, the title is telling about the
lyrical content but gives the blues a visual interpretation. A good
listener if you're in the mood for light blues, and those slower tracks
strike me as city summer driving tunes. So take listen.
NiC - Nic Frey - Moose Jaw Times

"Youthink - Western Canada's youth news"

"...showcases her powerful vocals on her debut album Arrival. Nadia sings as if each lyric comes straight from her heart. From her melancholic whispers in Julian to frenzied rock temper tantrums in Tyranny of the Heart. 4 out of 5 stars. Tiffany's favorite track: Julian"
- Tiffany Sengsavang - Youthink

"Elmira Independent"

"Clean and clear, Kazmi's voice cuts across my heart as I listen to Arrival... Arrival demonstrates Kazmi's unique talent to blend rock, jazz and soul with her poetic lyrics... Influences of hers such as Queen and Stevie Wonder trickle through her music. Her vocal talent is impressive."
- Caitlin Snider - Elmira, Ontario

"The Edmonton Gateway"

"Nadia has an amazing voice that can hit a low growl or a high girly scream; this lady definitely has something to say and she'll say it any way she can. Calgary born and raised, Leonard Cohen's influence is clearly present in her music."
- Jane Voloboeva - The Edmonton Gateway

"Music Spotlight and Interview"

Nadia Kazmi is bringing something refreshing and new to the music industry with her mix of pop, rock and soul. Nadia is also giving her fans some of the most soulful lyrics, great hooks, and interesting sounds that will have them begging for more. In this recent interview with this extremely talented and beautiful Singer/Songwriter, Nadia gives our Webzine the 411 on what she is all about. Enjoy this super ultra cool spotlight. - Junior's Cave Online Magazine

"One-on-one: Nadia Kazmi"

"...she’s well worth acquainting yourself with, especially if you like a little bit of grit with your rock and your roll" - Rolling Spoon

"Calgary native Nadia Kazmi offers style and substance with her latest set of New York songs"

"...that line that she alludes to being on either side of winds through seemingly diverse tunes such as throbbing, angry opener Kill the Monster, chugging and melodically pleasing Lamb In Wolf’s Clothing and strumming beauty Winter’s Queen, which, itself, is a florid take on her frosty prairie upbringing.

In other words, it’s very much like the five boroughs that make up her second part-time home, and now overwhelmingly informs her music.

As a whole, it continues her explorations, a dramatic, dark, smouldering and raw weaving of her poetic observations and intent through the underworld where art rock, smarm punk and indie pop intermingle, where acts such as Cohen, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey and Nick Cave come to drink and play." - Calgary Herald


Arrival (2009) (EP) -                                                                               Produced by Alex Elena and Josh Valleau

Strange Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen (2011) (LP)  -                 Produced by Uri Djemal and Nadia Kazmi

Lamb in Wolf's Clothing (EP) (April 2014) -                                           Produced by Uri Djemal and Nadia Kazmi

Heart Deranged (LP) ...coming soon

Singles: Julian, Mother, I'm Your Man, My True Love, Dime Store Punks



Combining alt rock with the power of blues music, Nadia is able to span multiple genres. With sharp elements of both folk, rock and soul, her music ranges from Neil Young to Pj Harvey. Nadia's introspective and visceral lyrics are at the forefront of her music. 

Produced in a Los Angeles studio, her debut release "Arrival" was recorded with the help of Josh Valleau and Grammy nominee Alex Elena. The album had several songs placed in TV as well as college radio play.

Her second album STRANGE SONG came out in February 2011. The album of indie rock interpretations of Leonard Cohen classics has a unique and modern approach. The album saw her touring in Europe and charting at CMJ stations in the US.

Her latest release is the soon to be released EP entitled Lamb (August 31 2015). She plans to tour extensively in the fall of 2015 into spring 2016 with 40 shows in support of the EP.

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