Nadia Brothers

Nadia Brothers

 Kolkata, Bengal, IND

Nadia Brothers present the music of the East, the music of love, devotion and humanity. The group presents a mix of Baul , Fakiri and Bangla Qawwali songs which talks of peace and universal brotherhood, rising above religion, caste and creed.


The story of Nadia Brothers, a group of talented marginalised rural folk artists is that of empowerment and social inclusion. Its a story of change, from daily unskilled labour to recognized artists. This extremely talented rural artists are now famous in the musical horizon. There are 700 musicians of same genre led by about 15 gurus. Their music literally crosses barrier and touches audience. Baul fakiri music is an oral tradition and now even the city youth is attracted big time with their music. They have their annual village festivals, which are very popular amongst all. This group is one of the best groups out of these rural artists groups. They have performed internationally at England, Scotland, China, Japan, Tunisia, Switzerland, France and Syria.

The group has mesmerised audience with their music all over the world. A single stroke of the 'Ektara' the age old musical instrument, is enough to tug at one's heart strings. The Bauls and the Fakirs profess the ultimate philosophy of life through the lilt and cadence of their simple lyrics. The philosophy propagates the thought that God resides amongst us and we humans should search our soul for finding God within, The group sing about love, devotion and humanity and believe that all men irrespective of their religion, caste and creed are equal. Their philosophy emerged in the seventeenth century as a protest against a society stifled with superstitions, caste divisions, religious intolerence and malpractice. The group presents a combination of Baul, Fakiri and Bangla Qawwali songs. The musical journey of the group has been an unique one and has placed the name of their village and the community in the world map.


The Rough Guide to Sufi Fakirs of Bengal compiled by William Dalrymple and released by World Music Network.

The CDs that have been released by UD Cassette company of Kolkata, India:

Lalan Fakir - Compilation of selected songs of Lalan Fakir
Gorbhangar Gaan and Gorbhangar Gaan 1- Fakiri songs
Sahaj Manush - Songs of Lalan Fakir
Nadia - Baul / Fakiri songs
Fakiri and BanglaQawwali, Live concert in Europe (London, Paris, Nantes, Tunis, Geneva)