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Beverly Hills, California, United States | INDIE

Beverly Hills, California, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Pop


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Solo debut for Nadia Sohaei, an artist that according to her myspace page is 'localized' from California and that already in the past to work together with names such as Trans-X and as Thai-Essence, the long-awaited debut landed at the Italian label Decadance. Accompanied by Nik Wejedal (additional keyboards, voice and co-writing of some of the lyrics), she moves between a good, fat synthpop and strong emotional appeals to the electro-wave Romantic sound of the eighties, recalling at times some of the first works Yendri ( songs like "Inside The Machine" and "Helpless", however the German lacks largely the class of Nadia ) for its elegance and structures.
"Dragonfly" opens the album in a simple and seductive way, highlighting immediately Nadia's taste for those calm rhythms, persuasive and able to change style, perfect as support for a particular voice such as hers, well-balanced symphonic ideas characterizes the intense "New Rome", while the potential hit "Callas Never Dies" lives on the good break between alternating melodic piano arrangements and excessive techno.
The very nice "Victoria Starship, is more danceable, well-played on the blend of opera and inserts vocoder and the title-track is no less intense and exciting , capable of combine a very elegant voice, melodies and rhythms.
The album is not lacking dance-oriented tracks ( "19:th Century," "Strong"), between which there is the very nice instrumental "Cyber Heart" and then "West Coast Love" takes the basic formula in a form more close to pure electropop; good symphonic ideas of "In Your Eyes", which hit potential confirms Sohaei’s passion for certain sounds of the eighties style, while the ending is entrusted to the instrumental version of "Callas Never Dies", which incidentally works well without the contribution of vocals. A positive debut for Sohaei, which proves that not only she has the talent (both compositional and voice), but also personality and a clear idea of how to transmit a sound that is electronic and 'cold', but who knows how to excite and enthuse more sensitive hearts. A debut that deserves attention. -

Sometimes it is the small, quiet albums which particularly remains in the memory. Nothing against the "big", but it is simply good if one comes completely surprised to the pleasure of carefree and fresh sounds. So happen in the case of the first work of NADIA SOHAEI who had appeared in the music scene up to now only a little. Certainly, in the middle of the 90ies the 80ies cult band TRANS-X (" Living On video ") was represented by her in their live line up, only now, however, the young lady enters into solo career to please a wider public with her arts.

The presuppositions that it absolutely could become an interesting affair of this one, already appear with a look at the Curriculum Vitae of NADIA SOHAEI whom not only is a classic pianist , but also is an accomplished opera mezzo-soprano. In addition, her electronic roots comes from the 80ies along with a feeling for gentle melodies, sounds and arrangements. Now all these influences flow onto her first album " Talking to myself " and make this a small but nice oasis in the electronic music landscape. The fears that an opera mezzo soprano singing the album could allow to degenerate to a tiring thing are already broken with the Opener "Dragonfly".

Rather the Vocals are to be settled in an extremely pleasant, warm area - no operas singing, no " Heavenly Voices ". The fact that NADIA SOHAEI can sing really beautifully stretches through the whole album and also puts out one of its strengths. In addition, comes a very charming and from the electro sound of the 80ies which makes " Talking to myself " a carefree and light hearing pleasure.

The single criticism point is that the album with progressive duration lacks a little the courage to break open the beautiful, but also to a little bit repeated structures. Certainly, so one is strangely lulled, however, sometimes one still wishes a few surprising moments. However, this should not obscure about the fact that " Talking to myself " is a really successful album which will address not only to fans of the good old 80ies, but might inspire every demanding lover of the Electro pop. - [11:10:35 PM] Niklas Wejedal:

Probably, there are few in the country that already knows of NADIA SOHAEI. A circumstance, that hopefully immediately will change, while this extremely talented Spanish lady creates an irresistible mix of 80’s inspired New Wave and Synth Pop elements, that are in strong contrast to her striking voice. One-half of the very active Minimal Electro label GENETIC MUSIC carry out the work, by the way, to raise the attention for Madame SOHAEI.

Got Mag: Despite being member of the live crew of TRANS-X, who were famous in the 80’s for composing the immortal Synth Wave hit “Living on Video”, you are still somewhat of a blank page in Germany.

NADIA: I have many different directions and styles in music and on top of all gone trough an extensive musical education. Classical piano music and opera are no less alien to me as Synth music or Electro Pop.
I am also a kid of the 80’s, so I did not really have a chance to miss out on New wave and New Romantic.

GotMag: You are active as a solo artist under your own name. In the Project THAI-ESSENCE, you work with additional musicians. The two projects could not be more different: Synth Pop versus World Music.

NADIA: The two projects are like the Yin and Yang of my soul. When I feel the ozone rise in a forest after a heavy rain, I automatically go into THAI-Essence mode, which for me is an important way of expression. I am NADIA SOHAEI, when I put my leather boots on and my heart beats to the rhythm of a Synth song.

GotMag: Your solo material awakes memories of the heroes of the Wave music of the 80’s.

NADIA: ALPHAVILLE, DEPECHE MODE and obviously TRANS-X created something completely new back then. Today, their compositions are classics. Despite there being no evidence, even modern music can be eternal!

GotMag: Your voice has a very personal charm. Did you take singing lessons?

NADIA: (laughing)… Yes, there were certain things as I grow up, that even I could not change. In addition, opera has been, as I said before, an important part of my musical education. That also influences the special color of my voice.

GotMag: How did your collaboration with TRANS-X influence you?

NADIA: When you are part of a, for you, new project, you feel how you are also stimulated with a new energy. My time with TRANS-X was probably very important for the sound of my solo project. PASCAL LANGUIRAND, the mastermind of TRANS-X, has, always been a reference in this kind of music for me since then. We were very good friends, but he is also a text book example of what happen to people, that once became famous and then lose their sense of reality.

GotMag: Your song “Strong” features on our GOTHIC double compilation CD. What is there to say about this piece?

NADIA: I wanted to write a minimal wave song, with deep melodies and many effects. The romantic lyrics should serve as a discord to the music.

GotMag: To conclude: are there any plans so far for any official release of your songs by a record company?

NADIA: The name of the game in the search for labels is seduction. I have enough martial already to release a whole album, but I want to wait for the right time and right business partner. Everything has its time. - Gothic Magazine #57 (2007)

Nadia Sohaei is the latest addition to Italian label Decadence. The artist has a relatively rich musical career, which, after classical career (piano + vocals) in 1990 discovered the world of synthesizer by creating music for films as Thai-Essence. In 1994, Nadia meets Pascal Languirand of Trans-X, creator of the immortal hit 'Living on video', who she joins as live keyboardist during the world tour. After the close artistic collaboration the second album by Thai-Essence "This Is My Life" is released. Then she become involved in the creation of electro music under her own name. With the help of a certain Nik Wejedal, she recorded a solo album "Talking to myself" filled with emotions, romanticism, and at the same time maintained at a minimum, cool electro-style. Release date 15 October and the first two tracks are available on - [11:17:19 PM] Niklas Wejedal:…

Pianist and classical Spanish singer, Nadia Sohaei began with the electro music in the early 90s for various projects solo or in group (with Trans-X). Now, she releases an album under her own name, discretely accompanied by Nik for a few males vocoder vocals and two-three notes on synth, but not sufficient enough to do Talking to myself by the hot synth-girl anything but a solo record.

With a crossover between sophisticated 80s technopop (“Dragonfly“, “Talking to Myself”) and a darker electro that pleases the Goths (“Callas never dies”, “Cyber Heart”),
Nadia’s music, which is easy to consume, is clearly made for the pleasure of very addictive of waving groves.

Worth to notice, not negative, in this mix, is that she already have a voice that is out of the ordinary.

With a tight production, simple but strong melodies, “Talking to Myself” is not anything revolutionizing but a good merit is in the disco of the new star of dark, sexy synth-pop.
Guilamme Michel - D-Side magazine #49

[11:23:57 PM] Niklas Wejedal: Nadia Sohaei: Talking to myself (CD - Decadance Records / Audioglobe, 2008).

Pure entertainment is the content of Talking to myself, by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nadia Sohaei, the disc consists of a series of dazzling and delicate tracks, where we are shown first-class compositional skills, keeping away from experiments.

Though an epic title, "Dragonfly" moves gracefully, with the beautiful voice of Nadia raised (not too much, though) on a tender blanket of keyboards. Her classical training shows in "Callas never dies" (in this version and the instrumental), a tribute to the great Greek soprano (Ms. Sohaei was born as a pianist and has studied singing).

Elsewhere on the record, her passion for soundtracks and soul music is showing (which she attended both in her own name and as a Thai-Essence).

The collaboration with Nik Wejedal is essential in defining the best songs, with a up-tempo seemingly cold electro, that actually has soul and a strong depth (the title-track is very pleasant!), while suffering in part to a certain static. A product, perfectly placed in the now consistent Decadance Records catalog, synonymous with high quality and elegance.

For information: Web: (Hadrianus) - Ver Sacrum

Band: Nadia Sohaei
Title: Talking to myself
Label: Decadance Records
Type: CD album
Genre: Electro/New Wave/Techno
Release date: 15.10.2008

For fans of the project Trans-X the name Nadia Sohaei might already be known. Now it is time for all others to get to know the classic pianist and Mezzo soprano singer with her first solo product “Talking to Myself ”

The fact that Nadia Sohaei after her classic career discovered the world of the synthesizers is clearly heard. Already with the first two songs the listener are surrounded by fields of easily remembered and harmonic sounds. Especially her salient voice has an independent style that is hard to be described , however, this is not negatively. Rather on the contrary: compared with the other , mostly monotonous, latest releases of this scene, Nadia Sohaei crystallizes therefore out and paves her quite own way.

After the first two songs which are rather quiet, the tempo is increased with " Callas never dies and Victoria Starship ". Particularly remarkable is here also the variety of her voice.

The title song “Talking to myself “ stands out especially, by its catchy character . The easy to sing chorus, the rhythm, the beat with its well synchronized teamwork of sound and singing is predominant with this piece, again also rather slow .

Then follows a musical change. Although the work remains faithful to the mood and its synthesizer manners, it becomes more varied and shows more electric elements than previously.

All in all a successful debut album in the finest retro manner which points, as can be proven, to the fact that Nadia Sohaei is a source of absolutely different mixed colors of energy and variety. A pinch more initiative and courage to the already well moved game may be good the next time. However, this should not deter anyone among you. For every Synth / Electro fan among you “ Talking to myself” is exactly the right thing. -

In the youth one mostly listens to rather modern music, whether it is electronic or of more rocky nature. Then with the age the preference often change for more classic sounds. Sometimes it also comes the other way around. As with NADIA SOHAEI , but that does not mean that the lady is already old.

Beginning in the classical period as a trained pianist and mezzo-soprano singer, she changed in the beginning of the 90s to the electronic side and played synthesizer music, among other things for soundtracks. In 1994 SOHAEI got to know Pascal Languirand of TRANS-X and played for him live keyboards for the new Remixes of " Living on video ". By the way, she works under the pseudonym THAI ESSENCE on own career which produced two releases. Then in 2006 it was a time to become active under own name and, finally, in 2008 her first album " Talking to myself " appears

The long time has been worthwhile. The debut is a successful mixture of Synth pop, Techno and 80ies New Wave sound. Besides, she combines skillfully modern digital elements with the nostalgic sound of the analogous 80th. Appreciatively one must also mention that NADIA SOHAEI does not try to exaggerate her classic roots in the songs. Certainly, they emerge, but do not become the focus of attention too much, and a the piano is skillfully incorporated into the music . And one does recognize the natural talent in her voice, but also here with a little covered octave game, but although varied and with a peculiar melancholic flavor.

A single drop of bitterness is perhaps that separate song structures on the album repeat themselves and prove so with a little bit monotone in taste. But the music is also meant rather to the easy listeners. One searches dance floor sensation on " Talking to Myself " in vain, the pieces are kept too quiet. But for all other occasions NADIA SOHAEI delivers here a really beautiful first work that makes you desire more. It will be interesting to see how this develops musically. - (

When you are sitting there, and it feels like you are chewing the same thing over and over again, then it feels refreshingly healthy with something fully unexpected. Right now, when the hopeless Christmas music totally dominates the ambient sound of the surroundings, I find Nadia Sohaei’s album “Talking to Myself” which regain my hope that there is music beyond “jingle bells” and the snowy winter wonderlands, which today mostly is made up by rain.

“Talking to Myself” is a mysterious record, that doesn’t quite sound like anything else I have heard. Musically, the record is a mix of 80:s glitter and modern electro pop in equal proportions. On top of this, Nadia’s voice is floating, enigmatic and with a cool, androgynous touch, accompanied by “robot voices” and opera. The whole thing is kind of hard to get a grip on, at least when it comes to describing it.

Hard to grip or not, “Talking to Myself” is non the less very exiting and to some degree groundbreaking, as the music hardly let itself be categorized. Simply refreshing and good! - [11:33:07 PM] Niklas Wejedal:

Nadia Sohaei - Who is she, you might ask. Not everything about this Lady concerns the CD, but alas there is only this one CD, which make it hard to compare with earlier album. To rate a new artist and debut album is a sensitive issue, but then we come to the music. With the first sounds, everything falls perfectly into place: 80:s synthesizer sounds. Although I don’t know the age of the lady, one thing is certain: she do like the sounds of the 80:s. Vocally, I find her very strong, after all she is a trained mezzo soprano singer. This is maybe something other artists have missed out on. ( But we can leave it at that). If the CD can find a place in the clubs of the world, the future will have to tell, but I can’t single out any track better than the others on the album: I like them all and it is a pleasure to listen to. (Yes, I am a kid of the 80:s).One thing is obvious though: the New Wave will be much enriched with this addition.

I wish her the biggest success with the new CD and look forward to the forthcoming works from her. - Radio XES


" Talking to Myself" 2008 , "Strong" (single 2008) , "dragonfly " (Single 2008).
New Single for the upcoming Album "Magic Light"to be released in 2010 with the same name.



First projects with Trans- X, in the latest remixes of Living on Video. Her first solo project ,Talking to myself, electronic deep SynthPop in a Minimal Electro Wave.... All together with the deep personal voice of Nadia Sohaei, make her music unique.
2009, Nominee for Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) in Electronic Music.
2010. "Magic Light" Upcoming New Album .