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Written By: Nadine Jones

Numbing confusion
Illusions of a better delusion
Deceive me fully
I want to believe
But the Bully of Past
Has at last, caught up with
Won’t shut up with
His rhetoric

Circus freak…peaks through the hole
My heart beats faster
Churning master
What’s his motive? Eyes are burning
Horse and cart…Has no driver
Disconcerting…Still Yearning

Jump-start my heart
Don’t spare the Cost
Wade the flood, and help me believe
It was paid for in blood

Find root of solution
Because pollution is…a bitter pill…and better still
You have to believe…to avoid its snare
Break its will
Buyer beware
Shoot to kill

Throw me a line
Jesus be mine
Nick of time
To survive the flood, you have to believe
He paid in blood

Don’t give me an ocean
A drink of water’s all I need
What a notion
Untended gardens, gone to seed
Stick to the point…Be concise
THE SACRIFICE…was His own blood…He paid the price

So bring on the flood, and cover the mud of my soiled life…with His blood
Yes, cover the mud, with His shed blood

Lyrics by Nadine Jones
Copyright 11/5/08 ©