Nadine and The Black Wonders

Nadine and The Black Wonders


Years ago on the wintry plain of Edmonton, Alberta, a guitar was smashed. This guitar belonged to Ms. Nadine Kellman – musical raconteur extraordinaire. What followed was an exchange with a drunken pawnshop owner for an overpriced guitar and a hard-won ascent into soulful, bluesy daydreams. Thus began Nadine’s musical wanderings and stubborn obsession with guitars


Nadine has recently begun serenading the scene with her electric guitar odes, inspired by evil exes and guitar adoration. Her blues-tinged folk is an avenue for her trademark witty retorts and open letter songwriting. When not strumming solo, she plays with fellow musician, Breezy Brian Gregg, and the Black Wonders, a local super group of sorts. Under Nadine’s control, lost opportunities and horrible lovers become an opportunity to channel the soulful vocals of Nina and the raw passion of Ani. Nadine has been playing music since 1999 and has performed extensively in the last few years.


Survival Guide of a Hyom

Written By: Nadine Kellman

There is only one life boat and she's already in it
But I will stay with the ship and all the contents that are in it
I will never ever obey
never do anything that you say
I will never obey

I spent all my money and I couldn't get home
she just looked all annoyed and bought me a tube ticket and sent me back to Harrow
where I just slept all day, watched Wimbledon
and slept all day
Well I can sleep most of a day.

If you are looking for an adult
there are no adults here
I haven't done anything adult for so many years

You can send her send all alone in the desert with only a penny
and she'd be just fine she would come back one week later all right pissed off asking why you left her out there to die
you can learn these types of skills in the survival guide of a Hyom
I am an idiot and flew home with weed in my bag
and I am in a world of trouble here because she wants to see me naked
I will probably just obey
better do just what they say
I will just obey

You can learn these type of skills in the survival guide of a Hyom


Up From the Basement (2011)

Survival Guide of a Hyom and $1800 have recieved radio play on CJSR, CKUA, and CBC.