Nadine Whiteside

Nadine Whiteside



She sings, plays guitar and writes songs, Nadine Whiteside started singing from the earliest of age where she used to put on performances for her family. She picked up the guitar and wrote her first song at the age of 14, and her emotional and honest lyrics are a breath of fresh air.

Nadine was born on a horse racing stud in Bideston Queensland. After spending her High School years in Mareeba, she spent many weekends gigging and travelling. Nadine would try out new melodies and found songwritting to be a natural daily occurance.

Pushing past her shyness, Nadine entered different musical competitions which gave her faith to record her first EP "In Your Face".

Finding it hard to balance her passion for music and working full time Nadine began studying a bachelors degree whilst still pursuing her dream of writing and focusing on her craft.

Her hopes of writting songs that people can relate to are high on her priority list today and she continues to write, record and showcase her extraordinary talent.


Out Here

Written By: Nadine Whiteside

Out here the stars are bright
You can watch them sparkle across the sky
Out here the moon is full
And it’s beautiful

Out here you can hear your thoughts
Nothing gets tangled nothing gets lost
Out here you can hear the whispers
On the breeze

And if you’re asking me this is how it ought to be
Yeah there’s nothing more beautiful to me
And I don’t think I will ever leave
Because there’s noting more beautiful to me

Out here my children grow
With room to run and room for hope
Out here there laughter
Echoes through the land

Out here we can feel the rain
Let it wash your sorrows it'll will wash your pain
Out here we can feel the thunder
In our bones


Out here the butterflies grow
They come in twos then they come in droves
Out here they bring us
New beginnings

Black Horse

Written By: Nadine Whiteside

Like an ocean breeze you blew to me
The salt lingers on my skin
And you're waves crashed over me
Pulling me in

You're eyes are so dark and haunting
With a pain that lingers within
And I know I should be running
But you’re soft and enchanting

Now I’m haunted black beauty
And I’ll never be the same
It's too late to run and too dangerous to stay
You took every part of me that day
The black horse that stole my heart away

No one tells you what to do
Free as the wild wind
He just keeps running
So his past wont catch up with him


Winters coming and the shadows creep in
But he can’t fly with this broken wing