Nadya Golski

Nadya Golski

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

Gypsy, French, Swing, Balkan, tribal
Nadya's collaborations: Paris: DJ Click, Opus 4, The Roberto de Brasov Trio - Sydney Project: Nadya, Giga's 101 Candles Orkestra.
Womex Pitch: Nadya plus Opus 4: 5x vocals, 2 guitars, double bass, violin


Naday Golski + Opus 4

Nadya Golski - vocals, Serge Camps - guitar & vocals, Pierre Procoudine Gorsky - guitar & vocals, Piotr Sapieja - violin & vocals, Frank Anastasio - double bass and vocals

I sing Eastern European, Jewish, Gypsy music, also combining French chanson with Balkan rhythms. Sometimes I add South Pacific Island influences. The major influences of my life are reflected in the songs I sing French, Bosnian, Romany, Polish, other Slavic languages and even dialects from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, (where I spent some of my childhood). These added influences give a uniquely Australasian and at the same time Parisian approach to what I do; which is predominantly Eastern European, French and Gypsy Swing. Australasian because of the geography of my upbringing, and Parisian because of the permissiveness of cultural exchange, historically renowned for encouraging artistic melting pots. 

My latest project is an album project with Opus 4, DJ Click, and Nadya and Giga's 101 Candles Orkestra. 

I am eager to promote my Paris based collaborations to give me more exposure in Europe, and gain more opportunities to play in festivals and venues, etc, in Europe where I am spending more and more time. This is why I have Included Nadya plus Opus 4 with DJ Click, with whom we are completing an album which is due to be released in October via Berlin-based label Monkey Records. The proposed showcase at WOMEX would feature myself and Opus 4.

As I am based partly in Australia and partly in France, I collaborate with different groups and musicians. In Paris, I collaborate with Opus 4, an all male vocal harmony group who are best known for Gypsy Swing, and whose superbly smooth vocal harmonies are reminiscent of the great vocal harmonists of America in the 1960's. My latest project is an album collaboration with Opus 4, and DJ Click, a Paris based DJ, who specialises in world music, particularly Gypsy and Eastern European. 

I also work when in Paris with the Roberto de Brassov Trio, featuring renouned Romanian Gypsy virtuoso accordionist and vocalist, Roberto De Brassov. 

My Sydney based ensemble, Nadya and Giga's 101 Candles Orkestra, is a seven piece ensemble with me at the front, featuring virtuoso musicianship from violin, bass and kazoo, mandolin, domra, guitar, accordion and Egyptian percussion and sometimes trumpet and Macedonian clarinet.

I have included general information about my other projects and collaborations as general information, and I have included a You Tube clip of me with Opus 4, as well as an old clip of my former South Pacific project, also included as background.

I have performed in major festivals including Sziget, WomAdelaide, Edinbourgh Fringe, Stockton, Leeds, Sydney Festival, Woodford and Bellingen and Montreux Jazz Under the Stars.

I have also performed in major venues in Paris including "Divan du Monde", " Attelier Charonne", "Satellit Cafe", "Au Trois Artes", " La Dame du Canton". And in Poland I have performed in major venues in Warsaw and Lublin, and conducted vocal workshops instructing in the techniques of tribal singing.

When In Sydney, I perform regularly at Sydney's renowned international world music venue, 'Camelot Lounge". I have also performed at the Sydney Opera House.


As a young girl I sang with the avant garde Gardzienice Theatre Company in Poland during the communist era. The company was particularly influenced by the way nature is reflected in traditional singing techniques and concentrated on Slavic, Hassidic and Gypsy music. This work became a strong influence underlining and informing my future direction.

I later went on to study in Paris at Ecole le Coq.

My next project involved the South Pacific Islands. I recorded an album in South Pacific languages, Highway Driver, specifically for the Papua New Guinean and South Pacific market. My first tour was a promotional tour of the South Pacific Islands, sponsored by Pepsi Cola and later Coca Cola, in which I achieved legendary status.

I then became interested in exploring my earlier work with Eastern European music. I represented Australia in Khazakstahn in the "Voice of Asia Festival" and won the Peoples Choice award.

Later on Nadya and Giga's 101 Candles Orkestra was born, a Sydney based band focusing on Eastern European, Balkan and Gypsy music. Nadya and Gigas 101 Candles Orkestra', Crazy Moon and now "Mezza Luna" have been recorded with 101 Candles.

I now spend half of the year in France and half in Australia.



Highway Driver

Moka the Gift


Heaven and Other Places

Nadya and Gigas 101 Candles Orkestra

Crazy Moon

Mezza Luna

Nadya et ces Amis a Paris

Presque Francaise