Meet pop music's bright young star, Nafsica!

She's beautiful, poised and extremely talented.

You might wonder - how did a person so young (she's only 16), accomplish this?

She was discovered when she was only ten. When the television cameras showed up at a concert at her music school, Nafsica was off and running.

Universal Records in Greece signed her to a record contract and at the ripe old age of 11 she had a hit on the top 20 charts in Greece.

Her first full length CD, the self titled "Nafsica", was released in October of 2001. It was composed by one of the best composers in Greece, George Theophanous.

But recording isn't all she does well: she's been on TV shows, played huge benefit performances with the top of the European pop world, and she's made several videos for her top 20 singles. All of this success doesn’t come without a lot of hard work.

Nafsica has been learning piano, dance and acting not to mention brushing up on her English. She has been traveling the world to work with the best in the music industry. She has met writers who have written for The Backstreet Boys, has studied with Britney Spear's and Gwen Stefani's voice teacher.

She is meeting with producers and record label executives to plan her next exciting steps in the world of pop music. She is out to conquer the world with her charming, spunky style. Stay tuned here for all the latest news from Nafsica.



Written By: Holland/Nagourney/Cohen

You're like a nightmare-that follows me everywhere I go
Is there a brain in there-cause the way you act I wouldn't ever know
You thought it was easy to deceive me
with someone I knew
Sooner or later you'll hate her you'll see

Who knew you could act so damn stupidly
Once you could have had anything you wanted from me
What you did-Stupid

You're like an e-mail you waste my time until I press delete
So glad I'm a female-cause only a guy could act like such a freak
Are you that lazy or just crazy
Cause you think from the waist down
You cease to amaze me-or faze me-
You're a clown

Who knew you could act so damn stupidly
Once you could have had anything you wanted from me
What you did-Stupid

Once in your dreams could you get to me

Who knew you could act so damn stupidly
Once you could have had anything you wanted from me
What you did-Stupid

No Parking

Written By: George Samuelson


Step into the club
look across the room
nothing there to see I've got my girls with me
now you can check me out
but you'd better be aware
'cause boy I'm on the edge
you've got no license to stare

and just because you look and see no ring
that doesn't mean that I am looking for a thing

Excuse me? What?


Well I didn't mean to turn you on
it's just my way
just make another move and I'll be gone
don't even try to look my way
I said stop, now you're all up in my face
I'm just a race you will never win
now will you back off from my space
'cause the sign says No Parking.


Don't try to wear me down
'cause you'll start to clown
I'm just here to have some fun
don't need a hit and run
don't want you in my bed
I'm just messing with your head
don't care what's on your mind
I don't need none of your time

Excuse me? What?



What? You are still around mother....(beep)
What part of NO don't you understand?
Is there nothind I can say
to make you go away?
Is there nothing I can do
to just get rid of you?


Life Support

Written By: D.Page/N.Cohen

Being with you used to be cool yea
We were indestructible
Holding my hand telling the world
Our love was unbreakable
But now you’re acting
Like you don’t care
Well let me make you aware

This love’s on life support
I don’t want to see us dying
I’m not gonna give it up
It’s worth one more try
My heart won’t stop beating for you babe
Won’t stop bleeding when you say
This love’s on life support
Getting weaker everyday yea

Maybe it’s me but I can’t see much
Use in all this misery
One day you’re hot one day you’re cold
Now everyday’s a mystery
Well maybe you think we’re fine
But you’ve misread the signs


I don’t want to fight
I’m gonna make this right

Being with you
Used to be cool yea
We were indestructible
Now it’s, now it’s getting critical

This love’s on life support
Almost flat lining
I’m not gonna give it up
But we’re running out of time

c Noel Cohen / Diana Page
212 866 2062

A Simple Story

Written By: Nafsica

There once was a girl who thought the world was kinda srtange
and evrybody around her thought that she was the strange thing about this world

She never really got it
the people always told her:"That's what you're gonna be"
and she always ignored them
she always wanted to do things differently

And so now here I stand before you
with a story so deep inside

She wanted to be,
she wanted to break free yeah,
she wanted to be,
she wanted to break free

I'm telling you once boys
I don't want any of your silly guys around
and everytime someone tries to make it
I'll just push him away and away

Don't even bother to make an effort to come close to me
'cause i'm a life hunter
I don't want any obstacles in my way yeah yeah

And so now here I stand before you
with a story so deep inside
to tell you about a kid
who was trapped in other's emotions
and how she wanted to be,
she wanted to break free yeah
she wanted to be
she wanted to break free yeah yeah


Written By: Noel Cohen/Diana Page

Pacing up and down the stairways of my mind
My heart is racing while you're somewhere I can't find
The clock is ticking like a bomb inside my head
My hands are shaking and my eyes are wide open

I can't think and I'm in deep
I don't even know, baby, where you are
I can't eat and I can't sleep
You're giving me insomnia
Cause no pill's gonna knock me out
There's no relief for when you're not around
I can't breathe, insomnia.

I lie in bed watching paint crack on the walls
Paranoia, hearing laughter down the halls
Do you derive some kind of pleasure from my pain
You've turned this love into a sick and twisted game
A needle in my brain.


Just wait, instead of running away
Why don't you stand, stand, stand up and face me?
Now I said wait, cause I got something to say
As I lie awake, I'm slowly dying

I can't think, I'm in deep
I don't even know, baby, where you are
I can't eat and I can't sleep You're giving me insomnia


Silver Lining

Written By: Michael Jay/Howard New

I walk alone these streets
Everyone I see
Doesn't seem to even notice me

Silence fills this room
Emptiness in full bloom
Dark is getting darker till I can't move

Then I see your face again inside my mind
I'm holding on but I know I must find
A way to make this heart unbroken
Or my tears could flood the ocean


Where have your promises gone now
Uphill climbing
Is harder coming down

I search for signs of life
There's someone home, but no light
The clouds keep building there's no end in sight

And with every drop of rain from the sky
I can't escape the pain of this goodbye
I hope I'll know the deeper meaning
Behind everything I'm feeling

(repeat chorus)


NAFSICA ( I Am Dreaming ) - Single - 3 songs Released in June 2001
NAFSICA- Full CD - 11 songs
Released in October 2001