New York City, New York, USA

I am a 19 years old singer/songwriter. I released two CDs in the age of 10 with UNIVERSAL GREECE. They both reached the Top 20 Charts. I, now, live in New York chasing the American dream! I co-write with others but I, also, write my own songs. My genre is mainly pop, rock and singer/songwriter.



Nafsica was discovered when she was only ten.When the television cameras
showed up at a concert at her music school, Nafsica was off and running.
Universal Records in Greece signed her to a record contract and at the ripe old age of 11 she had a hit on the top 20 charts in Greece. Her first full length
CD, the self titled "Nafsica", was released in October of 2001. It was composed by one of the best composers in Greece, George Theophanous.
But recording isn't all she does well: she's been on TV shows, played huge benefit performances with the top of the European pop world, and she's
made several videos for her top 20 singles. All of this success doesn't come without a lot of hard work.
Nafsica has been training hard -learning piano, dance and acting. She has been traveling the world to work with the best in the music industry.She has been studying voice with Britney Spear's and Gwen Stefani's teacher, Lis Lewis, in Los Angeles. Her new CDs have songs by writers who have written for The Backstreet Boys, Madonna and Christine Aguilera.
Nafsica is, now, living in New York, co-writing with successful songwriters but, also, writing her own songs.
She is meeting with producers and record label executives to plan her next exciting steps in the world of pop music. She is out to conquer the world
with her charming, spunky style.

You can visit Nafsica's website at: or her MySpace page at:


In New York
(646) 221-9919

In Greece:
Alexander Gavrilakis
+30 6944 318931
+30 2810 287025



Written By: NAFSICA

Today I ran into you again
You saw the mark on my hand
Did I spell your name correctly?
I know it’s been a thousand years
Before I liked Britney Spears
But I think of you, yeah I do, yeah I do

And we have crossed many lines
We have walked a hundred miles
And I think I’d like you
To come here and stay

Mistakes we made are past and gone
So face the fact we ‘re here alone
Won’t you let me kiss your lips now?
You know I’ll always be your home
And when you sleep all alone
Do you think of me
yeah don’t you, yeah don’t you?

And we go way back, yeah it’s true
But I need you today
And I think I’d like you
To come here and stay

You and me together we’ll always be forever
But I want you today (today)
We can do much better I don’t regret the pain now
But it’s a different day
Forgive me baby today

Today, today let’s start over
You know it’s not over
It can’t be, it can’t be
We are meant to be

We have crossed many lines
We have walked a hundred miles
And I think I’d like you
We go way back, yeah it’s true
But I need you todayAnd I think I’d like youTo come here and stay(chorus)


Written By: NAFSICA / M. JAY / M. HERMAN

If I make the first move what will you think of me now boy Tell the truth
Cos I won’t hold it in I’ve never seen one like you boy You know what you do
I’ll let the judges frown Cos I’ll tear up this town
And let everyone know I’m gonna take you home
Our eyes start making love As we head out of this club

Oh don’t you get it get it
I wanna get it tonight boy (I’ve been waiting so long)
After I get it get it
You won’t forget it I swear boy (with this feeling so strong)
You won’t regret it gret it
If you’re gonn’ let me explore boy (let it go there’s nothing wrong)
Cos I wanna get it get it from you boy Get it, Get it>?

I’ve made it more than clear what my intentions are boy And what I’m looking for is
Something more than a friend don’t get the wrong impression All I’m saying is
Now that you’re up to date before it gets too late
Lets see where this can go let your feeling show
Don’t wanna see you beg I’m gonna make this easy on you

And I will do for you what you will do for me
It’s gonna be more than your wildest fantasy
A treat for the senses your whole world will turn around me oh


Written By: NAFSICA

From the moment I heard your voice
I felt a change in me
It’s like I didn’t have a choice
But to let you set me free
My world before you was a hazy memory
I don’t want to remember it’s unimportant to me

You can be anything you want
Do as you please
Cos all of it will seem right to me
They say that love is blind
So I started believing
And you can tear this heart apart and put it back together
A love like this will last forever
Baby you can’t go wrong with my love so strong

From the moment I saw your face
Felt the warmth of your embrace
It’s like I didn’t have a past
It was all erased in a flash

And I never thought that I’d find you the way I did
Know that I would do anything to be beside you



Save me take me take me somewhere I can hide
Free me see me for the one I am inside
Please I beg you it’s not funny anymore
I think someone’s trying to break down my door

Paranoia what is really happening?
How would you feel if someone’s always watching you
Every move and every little thing you do
What is real and what am I imagining
Is it my paranoia…..

I hear footsteps following me down the hall
Someone else’s fingerprints are on my wall
Trapped inside this alternate reality
What I’m seeing doesn’t make much sense to me

What if this is not me?
What do they want from me?


Written By: NAFSICA

We were never meant to be
But you promised me we would try
Clashing over little things
Love was never on our side

Then our eyes meet suddenly
I can hardly breathe
It all comes back to me
So naturally

Doesn't matter if its right or wrong
Its just a heartbeat lost in a song
Bodies touching and in holding on
And you got me screaming for more

Something takes ahold of me
Every time you come around
We are bitter enemies
Always meant to hit the ground


Logic only holds me back from this moment here with you...
If I think too hard ill run away from a love I never knew...
And its something I won't do



I don’t fall in love overnight
It’s a feeling it takes time
I don’t need another empty conversation
It only complicates the situation
I close my eyes cus love is blind
You know what I got that I got what you need

You’ve lost the battle far too many times
Fell apart no it’s not easy
You know I’m the missing piece
Can’t put the puzzle back the way it was
Cus It was never right enough for you baby
Can’t you see
That I’m your missing piece

Not many things last
Its always been that way
Emotions fade
But with you
Something changed
My heart can’t seem to move ahead and now I know I’m meant to love you
like nobody else can

even if you try feelings never lie leave it all behind
we’ve got so much left to find