The Classical Music is pianomusic for piano solo or two piano's. The Pop music is mostly instrumental Electronic Dance music. The electronic music I make is influenced by Jazz, Pop Music and classical Impressionists like Debussy, Ravel


My musical life started singing in aboys choir at age 7. I learned playing piano from the conductor age 10-16. After my time in the navy I started studying classical music at the conservatory age 23. When I finished my study and began teaching the piano to my pupils I did a post graduate study on Keyboards. This meant a start in composing on computer using keyboard as a soundsource. The limited possibilaties of a module made me search for means to use a number of unlimited sounds. That's where Gigastudio came in.


Space Travel, Privat Eye, Mark One are CD's I made using computer with modules and Softsampling

Set List

"Space Travel": Liftoff, Countdown, Gravity, Orion, Encounter, Descend, Daybreak, Red Alert, Return, Arrival. (Total apr. 50 min.)
"Privat Eye": Horror, Weirdo, Serpent, Suspect, Murder1, 7 Steps, Doin' Time.(total apr. 40 min.)
"Mark1'': Mark 1 (9-11), Cahokia, Winona (total 12 min.)