Nag Champayons

Nag Champayons


The music of Nag Champayons is Afro-Galactic. It takes it's roots from Africa and then blasts off into the galaxies encapsulated in an ecstatic groove that seers the soul and awakens the booty.


Emerging from the shadows of Miami's disparate cultural music

underground, The Nag Champayons began as a collaborative "living room

jam" excursion to find that most illusive primal groove. Their sound is

a futuristic fusion of Afro-Caribbean and organic traditional rhythms

with modern electronics, spoken word, hip-hop and jazz-psychedelia, all

bound together with frantic "garage rock" exhuberence. The music is

created by a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic collective of musicians using

instruments of the past , present and future with a common goal to transcend

musical genres and launch audiences into synergistic heights of euphoria and

ecstatic movement. In other words, the Nag Champayon’s groove induces

spontaneous booty shakin' and arm waving on a stratospheric plane. With

unpredictability at the heart of The Nag Champayon's live performance, this

new global sound experience is a spiritual dance and jubilant explosion into a

whole new genre of music.

Make Beautiful...


none that we are aware of

Set List

Our set can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours as we improvise and no 2 sets are ever alike.The following is the list of grooves/themes that we work with:
1-combustible huxtable
2-183rd st. Flea market
3-1/4 mile Blimp
5-AfroCumbia Blast off
8-same old wave
9-B groove
12-infinite moments equal now
13-yeh revolute
14-togo tege