nag hammadi

nag hammadi


the sound we create is often called "modern eastern". by blending modern instruments with the timeless traditions of middle eastern and indian music, we breathe new life into both ancient and modern sounds. or, it has a good beat and is easy to dance to?


thundering hand drums join modern drum tones to pulse and and throb with primitive compulsion.

hazy layers of hallucinations drift from the strings of rare indigenous and custom made instruments.

strong angelic female vocals and chants dance through melodies.

we live in a time of fusion, where we want something new - exotic enough to entice, but familiar enough to relate to.

the people need to dance, we give them the rhythms of the ancient future.

their souls need need nourishment, we give them a floating melody in which to wrap themselves.

they want to know they are not alone, we give them the words of our collective human experience.

universal enough for the general public. deep enough for the metaphysical. psychedelic enough for the farthest fringes.

dance, make love, or just lay quietly with your eyes closed, and swim in the sounds of a new day.

our live shows include extensive performance, often including fire dancers or belly dance troops. costuming is extensive. we present a visual feast.


our debut full length release will be available in early 2005. samples available by request.

Set List

our sets can vary as needed. our visual accompaniment can range from one dancer to a choreographed professional fire troop.