Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip Hop

Nahledge is as good as the 50Cents and the Eminems but with a godly twist. His message is about ministering the truth to a lost and dying culture. He is an young man of God looking to use a form of music that many would call entertaining and actually save lives while doing just that.


Hearing Nahledge flow is like a breath of fresh air. In a culture where negative phrases and images suffocate those who listen, Nahledge presents the life giving truth of Jesus Christ.

Born and raised in inner city Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a blue-collar hard working city; Nahledge transfers that mentality to the music that he makes. As an independent artist having his music heard on MTV, ABC, and BBC, mixtape appearances, rap contests, and studio albums Nahledge has always worked hard to deliver a product oozing with skill and centered on Christ. He's an artist. He's a minister. He's a student. He's a teacher. A man of one wife, one God, and one purpose. He is Nahledge.


March 2009 - Higher Learning (Album)

November 2005- Blood Money EP

July 2005 - "Oh No" - Silver Ring Thing (Theme Song)

June 2005 - A Date With Destiny (Mixtape)

April 2004- DJ Sean Blu's "Dirty Harry Pt. 1: No Nonsense" mixtape

Set List

Sets will vary between 1-10 songs based upon the request. Total stage time varies between and a hour and a hour and a half. Nahledge is flexible with this and can go longer or shorter.