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(ANSA) - AOSTA, January 13 - Singer Naif (Christine Hérin) launched last night at La Boule Noire Paris, his French Cd 'Make Noise' due out in France next March 22. A real show of the artist combining music, songs, costumes and theatrical staging.

- ANSA vallée d'Aoste

"Naive singer (Christine Hérin) made the show in Paris on January 12."

Naive singer (Christine Hérin) made the show in Paris on January 12. His album was released in France on March 22. She will be in "Taratata" on France 2 and 4 to the same period.

Naive singer (Christine Hérin), was in concert Tuesday, January 12, in Paris for the launch of its French CDs, "Make some noise", due out in France on March 22. A real show program, combining music, songs, costumes and acting. Through his charisma, his irony, his energy and the quality of his performance style, the artist Quart quickly won the Parisian public, however, considered to be difficult, La Boule Noire.A public that has a standing ovation at the end of a concert where several media professionals and French had made an appointment. His parents, from Aosta, went for the first time in the capital to cheer their daughter. Naive perform two songs live - one of his compositions and a cover duet of "I love watching the girls" by Patrick Coutin - the music show "Taratata", which will be broadcast on France 2 and 4 in March next .Christine Hérin said, after the concert, she often explained to his interlocutors that French was the Aosta Valley and what its specific identity. "All this story are wonderful," she says. "And this little territory to protect its Francophone identity, that's what feeds my universe." This Valdôtaine 28 years is now one of the most original figures rising from the Italian scene and soon the French scene.Self-taught musician, she plays in the studio and on stage piano, guitar and bass and very young began to write songs and short instrumental. It is dedicated to the study of voice and use rhythmic and melodic words and has already written the music, texts and interpreted more than one hundred original album. Each of his pieces is a musical experience in its own right, what makes a singer Naive absolutely unclassifiable in the panorama of French song.A total artist, to look deeply and sincerely, that roamed his show in a hundred concerts. To his credit, an unforgettable duo at the Blue Note in Milan with Maceo Parker, a victory Musicultura 2009, participation in numerous festivals in Italy and Europe with LuccaSummerFestival, FIMUBelfort, ArezzoWave, TavagnascoRock, Rock Fort in Albertville ... and when Lucca Summer Festival 2007, the first part of Lauryn Hill, always flanked by drummer and husband, Simon "Momo" Riva.Artist of many musical worlds, it is also often asked to write songs for other singers in Italy. His latest album, blending French and Italian songs, 'Naif Hérin, was released last summer. She has recorded in Minneapolis with the musicians and at the invitation of New Power Generation, the legendary group of Prince, who had spotted on MySpace. His live performances are always visual performance.Very simple and eccentric, it is an undeniable pleasure in live, play with the public gives its energy. This extraordinary artist and generous built off the beaten track, made a career of sensitivity and authenticity. "I fed the others to remain myself. In Valle d'Aosta, we are neither French nor Italian, but an original product of the encounter between these two cultures. At home we speak patois. I am committed to this culture and I try to share it.The result? A look chameleon, which changes the rhythm of the songs. A hair to make her jealous and a palm which reflects the commitment of the artist's cultural diversity. Unclassifiable music but always captivating and groovy. A staff and atypical sound that combines funk, hip hop, house music, or trip hop. But also intimate texts and melodies in piano-voice or poetic ballads and bittersweet.All returned to a small but intense voice, highlighted by sharp focus and singing, typical of the Aosta Valley French, who switches from sensual and retained the severe acute clear and fragile. His lyrics tell of his encounters, emotions, fears, hopes, his favorite snack tender and ironic. They also say his concern for "a world where things do not work quite as it should, she says, and where irony can expose serious things while putting them at a distance, while fostering hope."His next album, due in France benefited from a co-production between Naive and impressive Pygmalion Records: featuring the first-order (Dr Fink, guitarist Marc Ribot, trombonist Greg Boyer, one of the fathers of funk music ... ), a mix with Bob Coke (who has worked with Ben Harper) and mastering the Metropolis Studios in London. It contains several protest songs that she has concocted in May and June in the studio, installed in her home in Vignil on the heights of Quart. "I've always written in French.I am more comfortable with that language with Italian. And it's fully my culture, alongside Italian and dialect. "Very attached to the language of Molière, she has created since 2009 and hosts the show" RadioNaïf "program in French RadioUno Valle d'Aosta that enables the discovery of musical performers French. More acoustic than his last recording released last summer in Italy, her French album con - Union Valdotaine de Paris


2004: “...non ci sono + gli uomini di una volta!”
2005: “Soirées bleu musique”
2007: “cd-spazzatura”
2009: “è tempo di raccolto”
2010: “Faites du Bruit”



NAIF's voice is light and intense, her personality is spicy. Her shows are an explosion of stylistic freshness, where music and art come together to provide an ever-changing feast for all senses. Along with her eclectic and multi-talented band, NAIF has played in some of the best European Festivals (LuccaSummerFestival, FIMUBelfort, ArezzoWave, TavagnascoRock, M.E.I., SaisonCulturelle, RockauFort...). In 2007 she was invited in the USA to work with TOMMY BARBARELLA , historical musician of Prince and other world-famous artists (MICHAEL BLAND , SONNY THOMPSON...). In 2006 she jammed on stage with the great MACEO PARKER at the Blue Note Club in Milan. The following year she opened for Ms LAURYN HILL at the Lucca Summer Festival. In March out the first NAIF french CD intitled FAITES DU BRUIT feat. Marc Ribot, Greg Boyer, Dr. Fink... and NAIF plays Live @ Taratatà (France2 TV).