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"Album review on "III""

Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy are often mentioned together, but now it seems that these two American bands will have to compete with a band from our own country ... Nailpin convinces with songs as “Hookers & Champagne”, “The Most Comforting Goodbye” and their latest single “The Ending”. (THE TOP OF MUSIC) - The Top of Music

"Album review on "III""

As far as writing catchy poppunk songs with an emo twist goes, Belgium’s Nailpin does a pretty solid job on their new album ... There’s no denying that on “III” they did a bit of growing and wrote a batch of songs that are actually quite good. 7/10 (PUNKROCKTHEORY.COM) -

"Album review on "III""

This album has a unique personality. It is simply well done. And that’s all it needs to be. (CUTTING EDGE) - Cutting Edge

"Album review on "III""

This band has grown up and I like to admit that they have done a good job on the new album. (ROCK TRIBUNE) - Rock Tribune

"Album review on "III""

Credit where credit is due: “III” is a more than decent album, with a lot of crafty tunes with major hooks that see Nailpin thread an even pace with the best in the genre across the pond... (EUROPUNK) - Europunk


III (album) released in 2008 on PIAS/Stalemate.
WHITE LIES AND BUTTERFLIES (album) released in 2006 on ARS/Stalemate and Avex Trax Japan.
12 TO GO (album) released in 2004 on ARS/Stalemate and in 2005 on Avex Trax Japan.

IT'S ALLRIGHT (single) released in 2008 on PIAS/Stalemate.
THE ENDING (single) released in 2008 on PIAS/Stalemate
THEY DON'T KNOW (single) released in 2006 on ARS/Stalemate.
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR (single) released in 2006 on ARS/Stalemate.
WORN OUT (single) released in 2006 on ARS/Stalemate.
ENDLESS CONVERSATIONS (single) released in 2004 on ARS/Stalemate.
SHORTCUT (single) released in 2004 on ARS/Stalemate.
MOVIN' ON (single) released in 2004 on ARS/Stalemate.
TOGETHER (single) released in 2003 on ARS/Stalemate.



Nailpin, a Belgian 4-piece rock band, was founded May 1st 2001.

Three years later, May 2004, their debut "12 To Go" was released: a very melody driven, hard rocking, feel-good record, produced by Oscar Holleman, known for his work with e.g. Within Temptation.

March 2005 the band flew over to Japan as the support act for Avril Lavigne's World Tour, playing sold-out 5000-seat arenas.

March to June 2005, Nailpin went back into the studio, to record their second album, "White Lies & Butterflies", which was released May 1st 2006.

November 2005 'till January '06 the band could be seen on MTV Europe's "Road Rally", for which they toured the USA from coast to coast, LA to NY, playing 11 shows in 2 weeks time. They won the contest.

April 2006 they went back to Japan to play their own club show and a crowd of 15.000 at the 'Punkspring' festival together with e.g. Sugarcult, Bad Religion, Panic! At The Disco and MXPX and with the new single "Worn Out" backing them up, they also played the Belgian 'Rock Werchter' festival, with Depeche Mode, Robert Plant and the Scissor Sisters to name a few.

September 2006 the second single "What Are You Waiting For" from the new album was released and Nailpin got nominated for "Best Rock", "Best Album" and "Best Video" at the 2006 TMF Awards in October, taking home "Best Video" for "Worn Out".

Fresh into the new year, "They Don't Know" was released, their 3rd single and a cover of Kirsty McColl and Tracey Ullman, which got picked up by 3 of the biggest national radio stations and once again got heavy rotation on TMF and Jim. (Belgian TV-music channels)

In that same year, due to the succes of "White Lies & Butterflies", they supported some of the biggest bands in the genre like Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and Billy Talent, playing well-known venues in the Netherlands like De Melkweg and 013.

February 13th 2007, Nailpin attended the prestigious Zamu Awards, being nominated with "Worn Out" for "Best Video" and "What Are You Waiting For" for "Best Song".

July 2007, "This Coma", the fourth and final single of "White Lies & Butterflies" was released, together with a powerful black & white video.

October 13th 2007, the band attended the 2007 Telenet TMF Awards, being nominated in 2 categories: "Best Live" & "Best Rock". They proudly took home the "Best Rock" award.

December 2007 to February 2008, the band recorded their follow-up to "White Lies & Butterflies" at the 'La Chapelle' studios with producer Luuk Cox (on stage with Shameboy and producer of Tim Van Hamel's (Millionaire) first solo album, Arsenal, etc) and went right back on tour, supporting the release of their new record "III" (April 14th '08).

March 23rd, "The Ending" was released as the first single of "III" and rocketed straight up into the top 10 of the alternative Belgian charts.

June '08, the band supported Bon Jovi for a crowd of 34.000 at the Koning Boudewijnstadion, Brussels, as well as releasing the second single "It's Allright", receiving high rotation airplay on radio and tv, with a cardance video, featuring the band, their family members, best friends and fans.

October 11th '08, they performed at the TMF Awards, together with Fall Out Boy, Kat Deluna, Alphabeat,... and received 2 TMF Awards: 'Best Rock' of 2008 and 'Best Video' for "The Ending". Soon after, "The Ending" also got nominated for the International Shortfilmfestival Leuven.

November '08, the brand new single "The Quiet Shutdown" was released, accompanied by a video showing the band recording the song, and the whole of "III", in the studio.


April 14th 2008, NAILPIN released their 3rd album "III", produced by Luuk Cox, known from his work with bands like Hooverphonic, Arsenal and Tim Vanhamel (Millionaire).

After having played for crowds from the US to Japan for the past 8 years, supporting bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco and Billy Talent, sharing the stage with big names like Robert Plant, Bad Religion and Depeche Mode, NAILPIN knows what live energy is all about.

It's this very same energy the band wanted to capture on their new album: a fresh exciting sound, no machinery, all human, no sound replacers, no triggered drums. Just 4 friends, creating their music and putting that live energy directly to tape. No compromises, no nonsense, no more major record labels. DIY.

And it worked.

After hearing "III", Richie Sambora asked the band to open up for Bon Jovi in June '08.
October '08, NAILPIN got invited to play at the TMF Awards, winning "Best Rock" act and "Best Video" for the first single of "III": "The Ending", which was also nominated for the Belgian Shortfilm Festival end of '08.
Just like "The Ending", the second single "It's Allright" was in high rotation on national radio stations and reached the top 10 of the alternative charts.

At this very moment NAILPIN is touring Belgium and the Netherlands, promoting "III" and writing new materia