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My music brings a fresh sound to the table. I write and produce my music to give a custom unique soud that will stand out. I have various styles and flows to what I do. I am very creative and I will give you something you that will make you listen over and over.


I am combination of LL cool J, Wu-tang clan, and Redman. I use creative metaphors with a heavy delivery. I like my words to hit you, while they ride the flow of the beat. My background comes from the way I played football from High school(Union Highg School), College (Grand Valley State University), and the Pros (Jacksonville Tomcats). a big tail back that love to hit the hole with vengance.
My music orginates from the Midwest. In Michigan, I was able to get a taste of all the regions of music because we did not have a set form we had to create. From the East to the West, I listened and gathered styles and beats that has allowed me to become who I am, now.
My main influence is my brother Funk Mont. He is a Artist/Producer. He has been involved with hip hop since the mid 80's. He has inspired me to pursue a career in music. His style of beats allowed me to create different ways to fit to the beat. I am able to flow on any beat.
I prefer something that hits the body hard, and flows a unique way. I do not want to get a lock into the same form, or use similar beats. I love to mix it up. Keeping it fresh has been the key ingredient for artist to have longevity in the music industry. I want to drop hot and blaze the airwaves with excitement and mind blowing topics. I have come to the table, and I am ready to eat. I bringing enough for everybody to get full. I will be serving large helping of what GOD has blessed me with. Since 2000, I have been a member of the Titus Harvest Dome under pastor and founder R. J. Washington. His message and teachings of the word have inspired the type of music I bring.

Positive lyrics and Holy Hip Hop is the way I will bring the noise to the people. I want to show the world you can have great music, solid lyrics, and awesome performers that will speak about religon and life. My music will connect to the conscience of the listener, and relate to their daily journey.


Rap For the Siar

Written By: Victory

verse one
I'm bout going parallel/but the bar is uneven/And your mouth still heev'in that smoke/that's goin' choke/the one not breathing right/got there headphones tight/locked on the wrong song/and its going long/being rotated, man/pump real strong/ gas up cats think they got going on / but it's aw,ful/ full of ingredients/ sex , lies, and money/ all for the greedy men/one of the ones/ frontlined getting stunned/cracked in the dome cause you crack in the zone/ attack, but who you gone tap on the phone/ you better call the one who's sitting on the throne/ waiting with the answer/ so don't question/ raise up your hands/ if you want that protection/ the enemies coming in every type of direction/north, south. east, and west/ bringing his best/ like a alquida with tech/ for rapid fire/ that's why I rap for the siar.

verse two
For barracades that blocking my path/ feel the wrath/as you suffer the defceit/ lost in defeat/ as the beat sweep rampade/ the king is coming on everybody's campus/ to march/ madness won't be the reason/ not ready to hear it/ that's why your leaving/ can't face the fact that the track is a He-man/ swinging like the sword of omens on demons/ forming new legions/ activation cells/ but they fail in the region of believing/ never excel against the teaching/ that's why I won't stop/ I'm keep teaching/ for the victories/ til the war is eventually/ handed to the champion/ winning convincingly/ not shots thrown /cause battle is mental/ felt physically/ when the flesh intercedes/ intercept what you really need/ look deep inside/ don't be deceive


StreetVersion released 2005 on

Rap For the Siar on infinite Radio


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Set List

O my God
I Come to ROCK
Stand for the Lord
Rap for the Siar
What it's gone take