Naima Shalhoub

Naima Shalhoub

 Oakland, California, USA

With a magnetic stage presence, freedom-inspired lyrics and Arab-Afro roots, Naima Shalhoub's musical message breaks through form reaching deep down to the soul. Her music travels across borders carrying flavors from the Middle East and cultural traditions thriving all over the United States, to birth a sound that sits on the edge of genre. Naima is currently recording her debut album to be released in 2014, and can be found performing solo, in a trio or with her full band.


If there's one thing about Naima it's that she's got soul. From soft sultry scatting to strikingly powerful depth, Naima is already moving and shaking listeners from the United States to Lebanon. With a love for soul, Arabic standards, blues and roots music, Naima's musical style and presence keeps audiences on their toes as she flows between old and new worlds.

Listening to Naima is like taking a journey, picking up fragrances and accents along the way--waking up to the sweet smell of cardamon from a pot of Arabic coffee, moving to the urban rhythms from Oakland to Beirut, and lounging at a smoky blues bar talking about revolution. Her voice is at once a playful lullaby that soothes heartache, and a captivating storm that energizes and inspires.

Her poignant lyrics emerge from a life of straddling cultural and national borders as an Arab-American born in the United States with familial roots in Lebanon and Sierra Leone. Naima studied postcolonial anthropology focusing on gendered violence, women's rights and racial justice. She continues to do advocacy such as her past work including volunteering in refugee camps in Lebanon, organic farms in Costa Rica, and community organizing in San Francisco as a current member of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center.

Naima started performing solo in 2010 in San Francisco and now is based in Oakland performing all over the Bay with her full genre busting band. She hopes her music will inspire change, freedom and love.

Set List

Ayunak Soud
Oh Sky
River Inside You
Improv song
Herstory of Soul
Habaytak bi Saif