The sound is described as a combination of jazz and R & B with a dash of funk; fused together with words that will take the listener on a love journey. Naja performs this eclectic mix of poetry and music with style and sophistication. It's all about the love!!!!!!!!!!


Karen Moore-Williams (aka Naja) was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a classically trained musician who has been exposed and influenced by many great artists across various genres. She will tell anyone “I love a little bit of everything from Prince to Puccini".

Her poetry and spoken word artistry is the focal point of her career. She was featured on the television show "Visions" in Philadelphia for her greeting cards designed for Black Men. She was also featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer for her greeting cards for incarcerated men. Her writing has expanded and now includes poetry with music and dance. In collaboration with her husband and soul mate Mr. Robin Williams Sr. her music and poetry were brought to the stage in the production "Sweet Like Chocolate: Poetry in Motion". The music and words put audiences in the mood for love, love, love.

The debut CD release “Sweet Like Chocolate” is mellow and warm. The recently released (November 2007) “Chocolate Aphrodisiac” is hot and funky with a shot of warm soul. Now I write about the love I share with my husband, soul mate and best friend. He brings out the best in me."

All of her music is designed for living, breathing and enjoying the passion and pulse of love.



Written By: Karen Moore-Williams and Robin Williams

you said you like to watch me
you said you like the way I move
well, come on baby dance to my groove

dance to my groove
I set the rhythym, I orchestrate the movement
Move to my beat, pulsating rhythm will rock your world
until the two movements become one symphony, dance
move to my groove
i am the melody, if you want to be my harmony
feel the pulse of my energy
listen to the sound of my spirit
a finely tuned instrument of purpose and passion

do you feel it , do you hear it
we've created the music
a song that is ours alone
we can hear it from anywhere
feel it everywhere

move your body get closer go deeper
let me rock your world
remember I set the rhythm I orchestrate the movement
this is my groove, you must move
feel me, work it, dance

come on baby let me rock your world


Sweet Like Chocolate - 2003
Chocolate Aphrodisiac - 2007

Set List

Chocolate Aphrodisiac
Call Me
Never Been Loved Like This Before
Sweet Like Chocolate
The Rivers Of My Love
Just Me
Melancholy Blues
Hey You
You are so Beautiful
Not Angry
My Sister, My Friend
Unconditional Promises