Najam Sheraz

Najam Sheraz


South Asian Pop star Najam Sheraz is a top class live performer who connects with fans in many styles of music, be it Eastern Classical, Rock or Pop. With ten albums to his credit, Najam’s international status has taken him through Asia, Europe and the U.S. as goodwill rep for his native Pakistan.


One of Pakistan’s most prolific musicians, Najam Sheraz has proven to be a versatile singer who charms his audience with his melodious and alluring voice. As a songwriter, his powerful compositions depict a fusion of various genres. This unique talent places him in the spotlight, setting him apart from other artists.

Music has been Najam’s true passion from the beginning. Born in Multan, Pakistan, raised in Multan/Lahore, he grew up listening and loving the music of Eastern Classical legends from the sub-continent, Classic Rock of the 70’s, Soul, Blues and Jazz. He started singing in the late 80’s, forming his first group, Wet Metal, but playing professional cricket from Multan divison with people like Inzimam ul Haq, Waqar Younas and Mushtaq Ahmed. He began his professional musical journey in 1994 with the hit single, In Say Nain, followed by the release of his first album in 1996, Khazana. His fascinating career reflects a diverse range of 10 albums, and singles that have been recognized as anthems worldwide.

Armed with a winning personality, Najam Sheraz has dedicated himself as a World Music artist to build bridges among different cultures and communities. He believes in the philosophy that spreading peace and harmony through music is a greater cause than simply composing music for entertainment. To develop and promote the grandeur of global music, Najam has joined forces with singers, musicians and producers across the planet; by working with international artists, he has transformed his dreams into reality. Through his work and music, he has bridged the cultural gap between nations, performing at Oslo Music Festival in Norway, London Music Festival, Bradford Festival in 2004 & 2005, the Global Peace and Unity Event in London and massive US tours in 1998, 2004 and 2007 where he played to audiences of 10,000 to 60,000 people.

He continues this collaboration with international vocalists on his new project, NAJAM, yet he is now entering into another dimension with the release of this album. Never scared of trying new experiments, this is the showcase for his vision of crossover music. He believes that this mentality generates music that is truly long-lasting; that is the reason why Najam Sheraz is still around and growing as a musician today.

While growing as an artist, Najam has developed a reputation for being at the forefront of important issues. He was one of only a handful of Muslims interviewed, along with Pakistani President Musharraf, for the 2005 BBC World documentary, Battle for Islam, which took an epic journey to discover how Muslims in five different countries were trying to win back the soul of Islam from extremists.

For the last four years, Najam has been a featured performer at the annual Global Peace and Unity Event in London. At the 2008 GPU, Najam introduced his first all- English nasheed Take Me Back to full capacity crowds of 21,000 for two concerts.

April 16, 2008, marked the first time the Olympic torch passed through Islamabad, Pakistan, and Najam Sheraz was invited to perform at this historic torch relay ceremony. He sent off the ceremonial torch to the next stop, which was India, with a powerful performance of the peace song, Only Love.

The 2008 World Peace for Life Concert event in Hollywood, California had Najam Sheraz headlining along with Grammy nominated Howard McCrary, World artists Li Ton Hsu and Shabal Shabpareh. The historic occasion marked the very first appearance of a Pakistani artist at LA Convention Center and his performance of his peace anthem Only Love earned him a standing ovation.

Najam’s compositions and performances have been widely recognized and used as important spiritual and motivational tools for millions in Asia and around the world:

• Ye Mamla Koi Aur Hai, recognized as the 2004 bestselling religious hamd recording and video, has English translations and is used as the opening song at Pakistani arena events.
• Hum Bolain Mohabbat Ki Zaban promotes tourism to Pakistan on worldwide televison, including CNN.
• Najam was commissioned by the Pakistani government to record for the first time a new official national anthem.
• His patriotic songs for the air force and army are honored nationwide in Pakistan.
• Najam’s tribute songs were dedicated to police, armed forces and the nation of Pakistan for their united efforts following the devastating Kashmir earthquake of 2005.
• Only Love, the moving song with a universal message of peace, has been performed at peace events, such as the Global Peace and Unity event in London, the Olympic Torch Relay Ceremony in Islamabad and the World Peace for Life concert in Hollywood.
• The music video of the first single released off his new CD NAJAM, Khwabon Ke Rishtey is a ground breaking video that is shaking up South Asia with its honest look at controversial social issues.
• His latest music video of Dil Tumhara Bhi Hae has been released in Pakistan; it features a duet with Lond


Current CD NAJAM was released in April 2008, has reached Number 1 in Pakistan and is currently (1/09) at Number 5. Singles released off the album have been Khwabon Ke Rishtey and Dil Tumhara Bhi Hae, as well as their music videos, which were shot in Mumbai by Bollywood director Shareen Mantri and in London by Bryan Thompson. A new recording of his mega hit Menu Tere Naal is expected to be released in India, along with a new music video filmed in Bangkok.

Najam's 1996 album Khazana sold over a million copies. His music has been in feature films and television commercials, such as the 1999 World Cup Cricket song with Pepsi Cola. In 2000, his Mera Ji Naheen Lagae became the soundtrack of 20th Century Fox's movie, "Split Wide Open". He's had 9 career number one singles. including the monster hit Menu Tere Naal from the Bollywood movie, "Murder".