Najib Bahri

Najib Bahri


Vibrant & passionate percussive arts by Tunisian master, Najib Bahri. Najib will take you on a magic carpet ride to experience the classic sounds & rhythms of North Africa & the Mid-East and the modern Arabo-Afro-Latino-Caribbean-Asian-Jazz global fusion beats. All aboard!!!


Najib started his career in Tunis, Tunisia playing darbouka at age 8. He is from a family of musicians and performers spanning several generations. He graduated from the Tunisian Conservatory of Music & obtained a Carte Blanche - a certificate for a Professional musician to perform in Tunisia. He travelled to Paris at age 16, where he played Middle-eastern, Gulf, Persian, other music styles.

Thorughout his career, he has played with renowned Tunisian Al Rashidia leader/composer AbdelHamid Ben Aljiya , violinist Aboud Abdel 'Al, Oudist George Yazbek, Saxophonist Moustafa Sax, and renowned singers Shaherazade & Wadi El Safi

He is currently located in the US. He travels & performs as a solo & collaborating artist and teaches percussive workshops throughout the US & Europe.

Event history: 2001 Rakkasah East (NJ), ArabFest (WI), Heartland Cafe show (IL); 2002 North African nights with Najib & El Amal (monthly event, IL); 2003 Newberry Library Peace music; 2004 Magreb Fest(IL), Meeting at the Crossroads (IL); 2006 & 2007 Mid-east Rhythms class Elmhurst College (IL); 2008 Dandana TV Talent showcase (NJ)


My Cd's: Tunisian rhythms with Najib Bahri volume 1, Najib Bahri & El Amal: North African Dance Grooves
Collaborating Cd's: Arlo & Anna Holiday Mornings, David Effgen The Dada Beat

Set List

Mid-East & N. African repertoire: Allah Allah Ya Baba, Lamouni ghira lamouni, Mid-east darbouka solo, Mwoshahat cocktail, Wahrane, Raksat Hossan, Ana finthi zharak, Folkloric tunisian, Leyla Fatima, Moroccan instrumental, Lama Bada yat thena, Longa riyadh, Salametha Om Hassan....