Naked Woods

Naked Woods

 Budapest, Budapest, HUN

Naked Woods is an alt-pop/chamber-pop project of Hungarian singer-songwriter, Eszter Polyák. She brings her ideas to life by writing, composing recording and mixing her own music using a wide variety of classical and exotic instruments, electronics and sound samples in the studio while on stage, she plays with a three-piece rock band creating a dynamic sound and a full live performance experience rich with improvisation.


Naked Woods is a solo project of Hungarian singer­-songwriter Eszter Polyák. Her first album (2013), written, recorded, mixed and produced by herself, was released on 2013 New Year's Eve, with nothing but the wish to have recorded several­-year­-old songs. Encouraged by the positive reviews and the number of views, she released the second album in less than a year, October 2014, titled Darkness. The album release gig took place at A38 Ship, supporting Emilíana Torrini.

Naked Woods was a semi-­finalist in International Songwriting Competition (ISC) with Pretend (2012), Can’t Be (2013) and Fires (2014, Video, Adult Contemporary). Fires was also semi-finalist in Unsigned-Only, in Adult Contemporary and Singer-songwriter category, and featured on BBC6 host Tom Robinson’s Fresh On The Net blog in 2015 March, based on the votes of the editors and readers of the blog. The animated clip, created by a Budapest-based Venezuelan artist, Pablo Campos, was the video of the month on OurStage in June 2015. Naked Woods was one of the three acts representing Hungary on Best of U, a new project’s site of Europavox. In October 2015 she has appeared at Waves Central Europe Festival, in Vienna. In November, a remix of her song Retry, created by Attila Áts has been released by British publisher Really Slow Motion Music & Sound Design, under the label Giantapes Music.

In 2016 she opened for Árstíðir and Fear Of Men, and started to release her 3rd album song by song. In October, Share (I Had Dreams) appeared in the trailer of the long awaited game Final Fantasy XV.

The third album No Remedy has been released on 31 March, 2017.



Written By: Eszter Polyak

we are shipwrecked
we light fires
fires to be visible

bare to the soul
we lure the beasts
oh, the young are brave

we are so alone
with the monsters we hide
start to feed them
'cause we're so afraid

they grow, they grow
they grow beyond us
oh no! they devour us
and take our place


2017 No Remedy
2014 Darkness
2013 2013