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Newburgh, Indiana, United States | SELF

Newburgh, Indiana, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Punk


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We have been played on the radio for about 5 years now. We hear our music from our original album, Heartburn, all over the place. We have no idea how it got there. Since we have no label, no producer, no promoter, etc... we rely on those who believe in what we are doing to get the music out.
We have been working extremely hard on our first CD fully written, recorded, produced, promoted, etc... by us. Just the 4 of us. No outside interference and nothing fake. Our studio. Our music. Our lyrics. Your ears.
Listed on our site is an early release of a sample of what is yet to come from our next album. We are releasing the album this year so stay tuned for updates.
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The (short) story of Naked...
In the winter of 2006, we formed the band Naked. Why? We were sick of all the music on the radio. Every time we turned it on there was another song about sex, drugs, alcohol, adultery, etc... The list can go on forever. We saw countless kids singing the words to hip/hop songs that were terrible. We fully understand that music is a form of self-expression, however, we also fully believe that music is the most powerful form of communication. It can make a good day great, and a bad day terrible. It can make you cry and make you remember. There is no end to it's power.
Dan, the lead singer and oldest member of the band made some phone calls. He called his 3 younger brothers. First he called Marc, who owned a bass guitar and had some experience playing with some guys back home in high school - no lessons. Then he called Mike who owned an electric guitar, but Mike wasn't interested. Then he called Nick, the youngest brother and asked if he wanted to play the drums because that was the last instrument left - he was pumped. Over the course of the next few months, we finally convinced Mike to play guitar and we began to learn how to write music our way.
So, quick background check. 4 brothers. No musical lessons or experience. Desire to write music that both sounded good and was positive. No praise music as it goes beyond our personal beliefs. This had no chance but to fail...
However, here we are, and here you are reading about us. What makes us special? Nothing. We have a deeply rooted faith in God and truly want to help people. What makes us different? Everything. We are just like you, no different. We aren't gifted with tremendous skills and abilities, just the will to succeed. We aren't on stage or in the studio to start or conform to some fashion trend - we are who we are. We wear what we want and say what we want and do what we want. We are not moved by the world around us. We desperately want people to feel empowered by our music. We want people to strive to stand on their own in a world that wants conformity.
Look around. Everyone thinks they are so different. They aren't different. They are following trends. They are attempting to connect with Rock Stars by imitating them. Our dream is for people to be ok with who they are...
Now that we are finished with that rant, you probably get the idea where Naked comes from. Pure. Clean. OK with being different. Alive. Honest. We aren't referring to clothing, we are referring to being. Learn who you are and be that person. It's OK to be different.
So.... over the course of the last few years we have made some major decisions. Unfortunately, we all have full time jobs or are in college full time, so music is our passion, but life is another story. Would we love to make music our life? Absolutely. Will that stop us from continuing to play and write music? Not a chance.
We have finally finished the construction on our own recording studio. We have all the tools and pieces needed to record with. We are scraping away at any extra time we can find to put into completing our album. This album will be ours only. Just the four of us. No producer. No label. No influence. No fake drums or instruments. Just us.

Are you Naked?