Naked Flames

Naked Flames


Naked Flames are a highly entertaining Musical Comedy act similar to Weird Al Yankovic, Otis Lee Crenshaw (Rich Hall), Bill Bailey. Latest album “At the Comedy Festivals” ranges from classic Powerballad to Coldplay and Elvis parodies. Original, imaginitive and wonderfully eccentric Acoustic Comedy.


New single “Keep Your Man” reached the semi finals of the 2007 UK Songwriting Contest (5,000 entries). There were also commendations for the fabulous Coldplay parody “Coldpain” and the wonderfully eccentric a cappella “Home Sweet Home.”

Third album “At the Comedy Festivals” released on August 13th 2007 was featured by iTunes.

Naked Flames are practically the only rock act to regularly perform at the same events as top comedy acts. There can be few other acts that are equally well received at such diverse events as Death Metal gigs, Comedy and Folk Festivals.

Frequently compared with “Weird Al” Yankovic, Monty Python, Otis Lee Crenshaw (Rich Hall), Frank Zappa, Bill Bailey, Mitch Benn, Tenacious D, Spinal Tap and Bad News, Naked Flames deliver highly entertaining songs with excellent musicianship. Starting out as a Rock/Metal act where they parodied Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Death Metal, Deep Purple and Retro, they have considerably broadened their appeal with parodies of Celine Dion, Coldplay and the Elvis Ballad.


Keep Your Man

Written By: Mick Miller

There’s only one way to keep your man
Only one way to get him wrapped around
Your little finger
Men will love, then walk away
You’ve got to keep him from going astray
Yours ever after
You’ve got to be, cunning and devious at times
There’s just one thing to keep him in line …………

It’s BEER, get him plastered and he’s all yours
It’s BEER, if he’s legless he can’t run away
It’s BEER, that keeps him here

I’ve tried kidnap and imprisonment
The Judge was not very lenient
But I’m free again
Now I use more subtle ways
To keep my man from walking away
It’s ingenious
There’s a way to his heart, he will fall into your hands
It’s the only thing he understands

It’s BEER, after ten pints he aint got a clue
It’s BEER, he’ll be all over you
It’s BEER, that keeps him here

Oh, you can’t trust him ‘till his eyes are rolling
He’s your plaything when, he is crawling, he’s your man

Love’s too much for your average bloke
He doesn’t understand
Emotional complexities
Will break his nerdy mind
You’ve just got, to cut out
All the complicated stuff
He won’t think of it
If he drinks enough
It’s BEER, get him plastered and he’s all yours
It’s BEER, if he’s legless he can’t run away
Keep him Kalide, he won’t notice other girls
It’s BEER, that keeps him in your world


Written By: Mick Miller


My dog left me today
He preferred to be a stray
Than stay at home and listen to me whine all day.
About the girl I lost
She said she was too posh
I wore t’ trousers, but she was Boss

And as I express my grief
Into this snotty handkerchief
Into which my nose I blow
I can’t help noticing
The colours of this slimy thing
It’s not green, it was all yellow!!!

My “Coldplay” CD’s on again
Singing of my pain
And I’m left crying over you.

Nobody loves meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Home Sweet Home

Written By: Mick Miller

Home Sweet Home

My house is made of chocolate
It's my home sweet home
The roof is made of long strips of toblerone

The windows are of sugar
The walls are made of cake
They're pebble-dashed with smarties and 99 flakes

Home Sweet Home, Home sweet Home
Home Sweet Home, Home sweet Home

The bathroom's built of bounty bars
Turned inside out
And when you turn the taps on hot chocolate comes out

I do not have a kitchen
A fridge I do not own
I just eat myself out of house, and home sweet home
I eat myself out of house and home sweet home
I eat myself out of house and home sweet home

Now I am happy living here
In my edible home
But I cannot move
'Cos I weigh FIFTY STONE !


"At the Comedy Festivals" (2007) the classic female Powerballad "Keep Your Man" is the lead track.

"Animal Love" (2005) "I've Got a Big Love Machine" was played by many radio stations worldwide.

First album "Ignite" (2004) "Dance in Flames" had most airplay.

Set List

Minging in the Morning
There's Only one Way to Keep your Man
Compulsive Liar
I've Got a Big Love Machine
I Sais I Was a Rover
Love Like a Rocket
Stuck up
Raincoat Man
Let's Get Bouncy
Any Old Bog Roll
I Love This Girl But .......