Naked Mile

Naked Mile


Naked Mile is a song oriented power-pop/ rock band based out of Chicago, Illinois. By combining elements of blues based rock, classic R&B, acoustic americana sounds and hints of electronica and jazz, Naked Mile creates a sound that is fresh and original, yet strangely familiar.


Naked Mile is the brain child of long-time musical partners, singer Jasen Schrock and bassist Chris Gorcik. Originally formed in early 2001, Naked Mile has gone through a few changes over the years, but the original intent at the heart of the band still remains - To write, record and perform catchy mainstream pop/rock, but to do it on our own terms. We’re all about having a good time and entertaining the crowd, we just like to do it in our own way, with our own personal touch.

At it’s most basic, Naked Mile is a mainstream power-pop/rock band, but in reality, it’s an amalgamation of four individuals personal musical vision. The focus in Naked Mile is to take every individual member’s musical strengths and influences, no matter how diverse, melt it down, and come up with something a little different, but still catchy, memorable, and ultimately entertaining.

Each member of Naked Mile is a seasoned veteran of the music industry, and they have the experience to prove it. With performance credits ranging from local artists to national acts, the guys in Naked Mile know their way around the stage, the instrument, and the business. Credits include performing with local favorites such as Mr. Myers, Cornmeal, The Blues Swingers, The Mystechs, and Brother John, along with opening for many national acts ranging from Tony Bennett to Blake Shelton, and Little Feat to The Wailing Souls.

This is just the beginning for Naked Mile, both in words, and in music. With boundless creativity and originality, a solid and experienced line up, their youthful energy and ambition, and above all, their love for the music they make, Naked Mile is ready to take on the world. Wanna come along for the ride?

Please note: Feel free to contact us via email or by phone (773) 271-1036 if you would like a hard copy of our press kit sent to you via U.S. Mail. Thank you.


Fall In Line

Written By: Jasen Schrock

So you think you’ve figured out everything, is that what I heard you say
There’s just one more thing I’m wondering, are you throwing it all away
Even after all that we’ve been through, you’re willing to just give in
Running will save you from living

But if I could change your mind would you still walk away
Fall in line but don’t fall astray
In due time this feeling will dissipate
But if you don’t change your mind
It would be a shame, a huge mistake if you don’t stay

So now you can’t take this anymore, the pain has become too real
Can’t stop thinking what’s this all for, and wishing you didn’t feel
Every choice you make that turns out wrong, you struggle for something safe
Don’t stay safe too long or it will be too late


Stay in your seat and watch my friend
Wait and see how the story ends
No matter how difficult it gets
Don’t keep on running for those exits

There’s just one more thing I’ll ask today
Are you running to a better place or just running away


Clark & Grace

Written By: Jasen Schrock

(She had) A melancholy beauty
The best a life with money could buy
And she looked right past me with a
Vacant look in her eye

(She said) What the hell am I doing
What am I doing with my time
Going through the motions
Just enough to keep me alive

But she dances like nobody’s watching
She cries like nobody cares
She thinks that nobody’s listening
As her eyes well up with despair
And I stand and watch her face
A lifetime of mistakes
On the corner of Clark and Grace

(She said) I feel like I’m searching for something
For something to call my own
With a sinking feeling
That it’s already gone

I feel like that tired singer
Singing the only song I know
Although I wrote the lyrics
The words aren’t mine anymore


I’m only 23 and can’t you see that I’m all strung out
I need to know was it all for show and why
Why does it seem that we lose our dreams painfully
Help me, help me find the light

It feels like it’s been forever
Since I’ve broken down and cried
The messed up thing is that I
Can’t think of a reason why

(She said) I just want someone to hold me
So I can make it through the night
I’m surrounded by demons
That I’m too damn lonely to fight



Written By: Jasen Schrock

That’s it, I’m fed up with this crap
The City of Big Shoulders just broke my back
Millions surrounding me yet here I stand alone
If I had somewhere to go, man I’d be gone

Cause I’m not really welcome anywhere
Every window in this town’s reflecting that same blank stare
Yellow eyes wink in a silent mockery
Man I’m tired of putting faith in those who won’t put faith in me

Trying to gain perspective
But I’m in no place to be that selective
You got to follow the crowd just to see all those feet in motion

Cause I’m not really moving anywhere
There’s only these 6 strings and a long song to share
My fingers scream the words my mind forms desperately
That I’m tired of putting faith in those who won’t put faith in me

Show me the way
To make it through today
And rescue this pawn
Who’s barely hanging on

Nothing I’m feeling again
I’ve got all this love to give if you’d just let me in
But the land of opportunity has gone on the attack
There’s got to be a way for me to fight back

Cause I’m not really frightened anymore
I’ve fought near exhaustion in this long and drawn out war
I’m tired of answering my own anxiety
It’s time I started putting faith in those who put their faith in me

Show me the way
To make it through today
And rescue this pawn
Who’s hanging on


Self-released debut album, "No Less My Life" released July 1, 2003 on our own label, Carrot Salon Records.

Set List

We will tailor our set according to the needs and requirements of the venue. Generally, for shorter performances, such as a single one hour set, we will feature our original material, with maybe one or two covers thrown in for kicks. For longer performances, we have a variety of covers we play, along with our full repetoire of original material. We have enough material to perform up to a four hour show.

A sampling of our covers:

Are You Gonna Go My Way - Lenny Kravitz
Blister In The Sun - Violent Femmes
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Last Night - The Strokes
Let's Stay Together - Al Green
No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age
No Such Thing - John Mayer
Wild World - Cat Stevens