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The best kept secret in music


"Straight From America's Heartland..."

“Straight from America’s heartland comes the Chicago based band Naked Mile, who play a style of music on their debut CD No Less My Life that sounds, well, as if it comes straight from America’s heartland.

The quartet’s jangly alt rock goes beyond the standard four piece vocal/guitar/bass/drum rock and roll formula, and adds in a healthy dose of keyboards and electric and acoustic instruments to achieve a sound which clearly displays the group’s jazz influences. Sometimes bordering on loungy, some of the tunes here sound like the sort of thoughtful mellow tunes which a bar might play at closing time. But at its best the Naked Mile formula results in both soulful rockers filled with Average Joe angst, and in catchy and lushly arranged uptempo tunes. Throughout, lead vocalist Jasen Schrock has an appealing edge to his voice which helps give the music personality and bite even during some of the mellower moments. Personal favorites include the agreeably upbeat and growly "Fall in Line", the pensive ballad "Epiphany", and the fun closer "Suburban Streets", but there is not a bad song among the twelve tracks on this CD.

From the pure volume of good music on No Less My Life , you get the feeling that this group is just scratching the surface with its debut CD. Many bands can put together two or three good songs, pad them out with filler, and produce a full length CD. But not many can put together an opening CD as strong from top to bottom as Naked Mile’s first LP, and it leaves you wondering how many good songs did not make the cut, and how much quality music is in store from this group in the future. Those who complain that the modern price of a CD is too high for only two or three strong tracks should be more than satisfied with No Less My Life which remains strong from track one until track twelve.”

"Chicago booking agent comments..."

“Naked Mile has the charisma, chops and songwriting skills to breathe life into a genre many of us thought had been played out: hooky, powerful, rhythmic, pop rock. A band like theirs is a rare find on the Chicago music scene; while they certainly possess the talent and the necessary confidence in that talent, they’re also much too professional and personable to be concerned with reminding us about it." - Matt Priest - Beat Kitchen & Subterranean

"Comment from Radio DJ"

"The debut cd by Naked Mile is one of the best new cd's to come across my desk this year. I have, in spinning any of the tracks on my weekly broadcast. I'm doing everything I can to bring them to Western Michigan University's campus." - Dave Dincheff - 89.1 WIDR, Western Michigan University

"Comment from event planner"

"We hired Naked Mile to play at our Winter Rush Party and they were awesome! They were a big reason that it was our best event of the year!" - Matt Martin, Social Chair, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, U. of Michigan


Self-released debut album, "No Less My Life" released July 1, 2003 on our own label, Carrot Salon Records.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Naked Mile is the brain child of long-time musical partners, singer Jasen Schrock and bassist Chris Gorcik. Originally formed in early 2001, Naked Mile has gone through a few changes over the years, but the original intent at the heart of the band still remains - To write, record and perform catchy mainstream pop/rock, but to do it on our own terms. We’re all about having a good time and entertaining the crowd, we just like to do it in our own way, with our own personal touch.

At it’s most basic, Naked Mile is a mainstream power-pop/rock band, but in reality, it’s an amalgamation of four individuals personal musical vision. The focus in Naked Mile is to take every individual member’s musical strengths and influences, no matter how diverse, melt it down, and come up with something a little different, but still catchy, memorable, and ultimately entertaining.

Each member of Naked Mile is a seasoned veteran of the music industry, and they have the experience to prove it. With performance credits ranging from local artists to national acts, the guys in Naked Mile know their way around the stage, the instrument, and the business. Credits include performing with local favorites such as Mr. Myers, Cornmeal, The Blues Swingers, The Mystechs, and Brother John, along with opening for many national acts ranging from Tony Bennett to Blake Shelton, and Little Feat to The Wailing Souls.

This is just the beginning for Naked Mile, both in words, and in music. With boundless creativity and originality, a solid and experienced line up, their youthful energy and ambition, and above all, their love for the music they make, Naked Mile is ready to take on the world. Wanna come along for the ride?

Please note: Feel free to contact us via email or by phone (773) 271-1036 if you would like a hard copy of our press kit sent to you via U.S. Mail. Thank you.