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"Tony Mcphee(The Groundhogs)"

“Great gig last night, now & again I get a feeling about a band & I have been right! Keep at it, take all the knocks which are bound to happen, you'll get there! ” - Tony Mcphee

"Drummonds Review"

“ When I learned that Riff Raff had cancelled their gig at Drummonds I nearly didn't go, I'd never heard of Naked Remedy, their replacement, but decided to call in and see what they were like anyway. I settled down to see two guys and two guys only take to the stage, Dave Small on drums and vocals and Tom Callinswood on guitar. From the first opening cords I knew I had made the right decision to see the band. Naked Remedy may only have had 2 members but close your eyes and you would have heard a full rock band. - Cake Man - Cake Chat

"Fall Of Man EP"

“In their EP, ‘The Fall of Man’, Midlands-based Naked Remedy have produced a great record infused with, and inspired by a plethora of styles. The simple song structures in the EP are permeated by visceral breakdowns of twinkling guitar riffs, reminiscent of the colourful vitality of ‘70s rock. The musical chemistry between the members of the band is apparent, as is their background of improvisation and musical ad-libbing” - Live Music Scene


Naked Remedy (self-titled EP)

The Fall Of Man



Naked Remedy are deftly described as "the new generation of garage rock and psychedelic blues". This dynamic duo from the Midlands consists of vocalist and drummer Dave Small and guitarist Tom Callinswood.

Their music is both inventive and subversive, a stream of consciousness that utilises many different styles, from psychedelia to rock, from blues to soul, all fused together into a single sonic identity. One moment it's controlled chaos, the next a fleeting lull of serenity. Growling, distorted rawness contrasts with intense, vivid abstraction to create a vast, unfathomable musical landscape, invoking the likes of Grand Funk Railroad, MC5 and the lost psychedelic scene.

“...classic 60s/70s style garage rock grabbed by the throat and dragged successfully into the 21st century...” – BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester

Much of their reputation has been built on the strength and spontaneity of their live show. Their highly energetic performances are chaotic and impulsive, but never out of control, and this has captured the imagination of critics and audiences alike. After playing over 300+ gigs across the UK, they have crafted a sound that develops with each and every performance; balancing beautifully crafted hooks and melodies with darkly-nurtured improvised disorder.

Guitarist Tom Callinswood said, “Music is in our blood. We love to play live and we love to jam. The freedom to improvise means nothing is the same from one gig to the next, from one moment to the next. That is where we truly excel.”

“ of my 2010 discoveries and a band to keep an eye on... this is High Voltage festival potential in the making and the more I hear the more I fall for them!” – Altsounds

Yet the unique thing about Naked Remedy is that they are a duo. Many would think that this would only hinder their ability to create, but instead the opposite is true: it gives a freedom to follow every fleeting thought. Jumping between beats and riffs at breakneck pace, moving from one musical interchange to another without so much as a glance. Dave Small said, “Being the main vocalist and drummer is an unusual position to be in, but when the two merge together it projects a unique energy subconsciously.”

“...these young garage rock merchants deftly fuse classic 70's rock with a hard-hitting dosage of 21st century attitude” – PPS Music Management

In between the visceral dissonance of live performance, the band found time to record their debut self-titled EP, which sold out within 3 months. Since then they have continued to make unpredictable leaps and bounds, stopping only momentarily to capture the essence of their latest sound, before redefining themselves on the stage once again.