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Naked Soul (formerly Alma Desnuda)

San Francisco, California, United States

San Francisco, California, United States
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Our occasional series on California songs continues with Chris Bryden, lead singer of the San Francisco Bay Area band Alma Desnuda. Bryden tells us about their song "Two Days Three Nights," which was written after the band members quit their day jobs and became full-time musicians. - KQED - National Public Radio

Reader fave Alma Desnuda turns up in the most surprising places. “We pride ourselves on being modern-day troubadours,” says Paul Suhr. “We might play an elementary school in the morning and a concert hall the next night. Part of our mission is to bring music to people who might not seek it out in live music venues.” One thing is for sure: The “acoustic soul” quartet is staying busy as it tours the country playing its mellow, groovy tunes. Catch Alma Desnuda (Spanish for “naked soul”) at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on July 13 and for free in downtown Danville on July 12 at 5:30 p.m. and on August 9 at 5 p.m. —Peter Crooks - Peter Crook of Diablo Magazine

Reader selected Alma D as "Best Local Band" of 2012. - Diablo Magazine

By the Tree is selected as part of this annual compilation - KFOG 104.5

Alma Desnuda was a home run for us at Long Meadow Ranch Winery. From the point at which we were first introduced, all the way through the event, the band and management were a pleasure to deal with. They were very proactive in helping to promote the event- both through Social Media as well as feet on the street!

The day of the show was 95+ degrees and could have created a rather tired performance- but these guys rocked it and had the crowd up and dancing! They were entertaining and engaging with our mix of audience demographic. They really connected with the crowd as was evidenced by the crowd interaction during the acoustic encore.

I highly recommend having Alma Desnuda as your headliner and look forward to working with them again in the near future.

SW - Scott Walker - DTC Sales Manager, Long Meadow Ranch Winery

Reader fave Alma Desnuda turns up in the most surprising places. “We pride ourselves on being modern-day troubadours,” says Paul Suhr. “We might play an elementary school in the morning and a concert hall the next night. Part of our mission is to bring music to people who might not seek it out in live music venues.” One thing is for sure: The “acoustic soul” quartet is staying busy as it tours the country playing its mellow, groovy tunes. Catch Alma Desnuda (Spanish for “naked soul”) at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on July 13 and for free in downtown Danville on July 12 at 5:30 p.m. and on August 9 at 5 p.m. —Peter Crooks - Diablo Magazine

A special rally was held at Folsom Middle School last week to promote tolerance and discourage bullying.

The bay area band, “Alma Desnuda,” came to the school on Wednesday, April 25, to promote tolerance in schools and teach students how to feel comfortable in their own skin.

The band has made teaching tolerance the goal of their performances.

“The band’s message is bringing good to humanity and using music as a passageway to bring goodness to the world,” said Folsom Middle School science teacher Stacey Mohler.

Many students said they felt inspired by the music and the lessons taught by the band members.

“Alma Desnuda decided to come play here today for us and we’re having a lot of fun,” said eighth-grader Nate Barraclough, 14. “The band came to teach us how to make our school a better place by learning to respect ourselves and be tolerate of others.”

Math and science teacher Marcene Covington said the band is a good way to teach this message because the students can better relate to a younger generation.

“Having young people teaching them about tolerance with music is more of an impact,” Covington said. “This is an important age for this lesson because in middle school kids have no filters. They just say what they think. They don’t have a lot of impulse control.”

She said middle school aged kids are also more incline to fall into the peer pressure of bullying, so all the positive reinforcement on tolerance they can receive is helpful during their adolescent years.

Some students explained the biggest issues they face today at school include judging other kids, picking on kids for personal characteristics like height and being involved in sports and needing to uphold a certain image. But students described the most difficult issue faced today is not belonging in “clique-y” groups. They said it is easy to feel forgotten or “pushed aside” from close groups of peers.

Some parents also attended the rally.

“This is a positive thing,” said Brenda Campeau, the mother of sixth-grader Sean. “Anytime we can help teach kids about self motivation, it’s a good thing.” - Folsom Telegraph

Video clips of interview and live performances by Alma Desnuda and special guest, Tara J. King - Radio RTR

...I have wanted to talk to you about your concert forever now. Before that concert I was so emotionally drained,I had no joy, I was constantly bummed!!!! But going to your concert that night really just got me in a super awesome natural high!!! You guys touched my heart and my soul so deep that I cried for days when I listened to your cd. You guys opened my eyes. I could see The joy and the passion in your guys eyes, it was such a blessing to have been able to come to your concert. If only I was 21 id come to all of them!!!!!! Thank you for giving me my joy back!
Much love to you,
K - Alma Desnuda

Ask the four members of Alma Desnuda—Spanish for naked soul—what their name means and you'll not only learn something about the band members, but yourself.

Chris Bryden grew-up in Danville and attended Los Cerros Middle school and Monte Vista High. He has lived all over the world and studied philosophy and psychology.

"The idea of naked soul is living your authentic self," said Bryden, 28. "In our music, in our lives, in our everyday actions we try to live up to that ideal and the places where we fall short are the edges that we have that we need to grow."

Joe Glaser, 29, a 1999 graduate of San Ramon Valley High met Bryden in 2002 and formed the band in 2008 with Bryden and their friend Paul Suhr.

"Throughout our childhood and as we grow into adults we learn how to adapt to society by wearing masks, being somebody that we're not," said Glaser. "Over time you may lose a sense of who you are really deeply. Alma Desnuda refers to who you are once you remove all the masks."

The concept of Alma Desnuda was created in 2002 when the friends met while studying in Córdoba, Spain in Andalusia. Bryden and Suhl started a street publication called Alma Desnuda, writing and translating their poetry and social commentary into Spanish and passing it out to the public.

After the three friends took time to work, travel and go to graduate school, they started playing music in the Bay Area and in 2008 formed Alma Desnuda. Joe's brother Tony, a 2001 graduate of San Ramon Valley High and longtime musician, soon joined the band too.

They've performed at Yoshi's, the Independent, The Great American Music Hall and other Bay Area venues. Their current tour, the Middleway— living in a way where your passion aligns with your work— began in June and will end in the fall.

A biodiesel bus, on loan from their sponsor, San Francisco Eco-tour company, Incredible Adventures, has taken Alma Desnuda across the country. They've played in Grand Central station, subway cars, a senior center and second grade classes in Harlem among other places.

They stopped in Danville for a few days before hitting the road again to head south, playing a concert at Maria Maria Monday night to benefit Carlos Santanta's Milagro foundation.

The foundation helps kids worldwide by supporting arts education, health initiatives and other programs to give them better lives.

Final numbers are still being tallied from the event but half of the proceeds will go to the foundation.

With a strong sense of giving back to the community through their music, the members of Alma Desnuda "may be young but we can see beyond our years," as they sing in Middleway.

You can follow Alma Desnuda's tour by reading their blog or finding them on Facebook and Twitter. - Danville Patch

"Experiencing the exciting new Bay area group Alma Desnuda has
to start with seeing them 'live' simply because, like Dave Matthews Band, they are an authentically gifted live act.

There are fleeting moments of musical influences ranging from Cole Porter to Jack Johnson, from Satchmo to Hawaiian ukelele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro meets Jason Mraz, from Cab Callaway to rapper Jay Z, Chick Corea to Paul McCartney + Kings of Leon... but ALL of it in filtered through the unique college aged zeitgeist of four guys who've managed to capture lightening in a bottle, in the form of "pure joy, unbridled fun, fearless enthusiasm, and a collective sense of humor and charm that is almost Beatle-like.

This was evident 30 seconds into the first song, at a recent private performance, when the two brothers in the band gave me an almost "Big Lebowski smile" while performing. They connect !

Alma D has a natural-born stage charisma, that I truly feel everyone
who sees and hears them will find irresistible. I dare you to see
them once and not share this opinion of my new favorite band !"

There's a feel-good quality to them as people, as songwriters, and performers that I believe will carry them right to the top, starting with
winning hearts along the way".

--David Pack
Grammy winning Recording Artist & Producer
- David Pack- Grammy-winning Recording Artist & Producer

The gentlemen who make up the band Alma Desnuda are a fun-loving bunch who are bringing a colorful and soulful sound to their audiences.

Set to release their sophomore album this summer, Riders, the Bay Area acoustic quartet sensation is attracting success. Featuring soulful contemporary rock and inspiring vocal harmonies, and often compared to the The Beatles and Jack Johnson, the internationally touring band has played sold-out venues from Yoshi's Jazz Club in San Francisco to Central Park in New York.

- News10 CA

The music of Alma Desnuda can most succinctly be described as "California acoustic soul," but what the laidback San Francisco-based band really aims to play are songs that make you feel good--and maybe even do good. UC Irvine alum Paul Suhr is a founder of the cajón-tapping, bass-plucking, message-bearing quartet, which performed on the John Lennon Bus stage at NAMM in Anaheim last month, and recently released its sophomore album, Riders.

OC Weekly: Where does the name Alma Desnuda come from?
Paul Suhr: It's Spanish for "naked soul." Joe (Glasser), Chris (Bryden) and I met while studying abroad in Cordoba, Spain. We started a street publication called "Alma Desnuda," where we would write poems and stories and translate them into Spanish. When we all later moved to San Francisco, we started jamming together on rooftops. One day, we decided to do an open mic night, and they asked us what our band name was. We just looked at each other and said "Alma Desnuda," and the name kind of stuck. Alma Desnuda is a reminder of how we should live our lives. It's about authenticity and living life to the fullest.
What's the story behind your latest album, Riders?
The title song of our first album, Middleway, is essentially based on the idea that there's this pull from society. It wants you to be productive in a certain way. But there's also another way of living and that's following your passion, what your soul is drawing you toward. The "middleway" is your own path between the two. Riders is about what happens when you take the middleway, the struggles, the triumphs, all that. When we wrote Middleway, we had other jobs. I was the director of an English-language school, Tony was a teacher, Joe was in the corporate field, Chris was working at a nonprofit for people with emotional disabilities. Now, this is what we do. We're the riders.
Last year, you were nominated for the title of "Most Socially Conscious Rockstar" by the Oakland Indie Awards. What does that even mean?
Alma Desnuda is more than just music--it's a message. We live consciously and do everything with intention as responsible human beings. We've partnered with numerous nonprofits.We've played for people in hospice care, disadvantaged youth, the incarcerated. We eat organic. Our tour bus, Patricia, is a 40-foot school bus that's painted baby blue and runs and biodiesel. We're not the typical rockstars you would imagine.
You also were part of the Rock Our World project. Your anthem, "Life We Got," was performed and recorded by children in classrooms around the world, resulting in a truly awesome music video. What was that experience like?
Kids are always surprising, but I was blown away by their ability to just get it. Our lyrics are not shallow; they definitely have a deeper meaning. The kids would ask, "What does that mean?" I really enjoyed seeing how music and technology and education all came together for this project.
Tell me about one of your newer songs.
We just recently wrote a song called "Estelle." We don't have many quote-unquote love songs, but this is a beautiful song from the perspective of an old man who is singing to his wife and reflecting on the different factors that allowed their relationship to last. One thing he knows is that true love is made when both partners are whole and complete in themselves.
What else should people know about Alma Desnuda?
We're not just a band. There's something bigger that we're creating here.

Alma Desnuda performs with Gregory Alan Isakov at the Coach House, 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, (949) 496-8930; March 25. 7 p.m. $12 in advance. - OC Weekly

Alma Desnuda World Wide Release “Life We Got” Single & Music Video

Alma Desnuda Release "Life We Got" Single & Music Video - Song Serves as Anthem for Rock Our World 15 Global Children's Project


PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 10, 2011 -
Danville, California (Wednesday, November 9, 2011). California based Acoustic Soul recording artists, Alma Desnuda featuring Tara J. King, have been selected for their powerful connection with youth and positive messages in their music, by the internationally renowned Rock Our World project, to write and record the inspiring anthem “Life We Got” ( Rock Our World, a non-profit program created in 2003, now in its 15th season, founded by nationally recognized award-winning teacher and technology pioneer, Carol Anne McGuire, utilizes simple yet powerful technology (i.e., Skype, Garage Band) to allow artists, students, and teachers from around the world to collaborate on a song and music video.

Starting Friday, November 11, 2011, the inspirational and lively “Life We Got” single will be available for download on iTunes at

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the single and logo merchandise will benefit the Rock Our World project. The “Life We Got” music video featuring children from around the world can be seen starting Friday, November 11, 2011 on YouTube at

Rock Our World 15 brings together 2000 students and teachers from 43 schools from around the world on six continents to collaborate on music composition, movie making and education using different Apple applications such as iChat and Garage Band.

Seven years ago, responding to a challenge that Apple’s iMovie “is so simple, anyone can use it,” educator Carol Anne McGuire worked with her special needs class, many of them blind, and taught them how to edit videos using the program. The video received global exposure by being placed on Apple’s official website for over 4 years and she was inspired to do more, and Rock Our World (ROW) ( was created.

“We are honored and excited to have been selected to participate in this very exciting program,” said Alma Desnuda’s Joe Glaser. “Rock Our World is a remarkable program that brings the children of the world together and is able to make a profound impact on our future generations.”

Musical group Alma Desnuda ( and singer/songwriter Tara J. King have written the inspiring song “Life We Got” which the students will learn and many will get to record background vocal tracks in a professional recording studio. Together they have interfaced with the students and teachers in a variety of ways including traveling to schools in Europe, video conferencing with classes, communicating directly with students on Edmodo (Facebook for schools), making live school appearances, and creating educational YouTube videos with a professional multimedia marketing team, led by Alma Desnuda’s Social Media Director, Paul Devoto.

The finished product is a fully produced world song and music video, which will be premiered on November 10th & 11th 2011, at the culmination of the project in a worldwide live web broadcast called "Family Night" originating from Calabasas, California based New Village Leadership Academy (NVLA) and home of Rock Our World. Thousands of students, parents, and teachers who participated in the program will broadcast live from their home countries to each give a presentation on this season’s challenge: eating healthy and promoting sustainability in your community. Alma Desnuda will be performing live from NVLA in between school presentations, including a live performance of “Life We Got”. The public can view the live webcast by logging onto

“The ‘Life We Got’ lyrics are so inspirational,” expressed Tara J. King. “The song is fun and easy to learn. Kids just love it. The song encourages people around the world to celebrate their worth and inspires them to let their love show and share a smile to see how simple peace can be. We really feel this song has the potential to make a major impact on the world. Music can change the world and ‘Life We Got’ says so much,” she added.

The Rock Our World program is chalk full of exciting, dynamic stories. Children from countries with histories of conflict will be communicating via video chat (Germany and Isreal, for example), breaking socio-political and religious barriers that have been in place for centuries. These stories, woven through the positive messages and music of Alma Desnuda, have the potential to reach the masses at a time in history when genuine and positive stories are in short supply.

Alma Desnuda (Spanish for “Naked Soul”) musical group from the San Francisco Bay Area, is an uniquely talented group of four driven and tightly-bonded individuals, two with masters degrees, all - PR Log

Our readers have spoken! Last week we ran a poll asking for your favorite Slim’s shows of 2011 and the results are in.

Top 3 Fan Favorites:

1. Alma Desnuda – Aug. 12
“Alma Desnuda and La Gente rocked the house!” – Andy Lawrence

2. The Damned – Oct. 29
“Captain Sensible in a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit for Halloween, congratulating us Yanks for Occupying Wall Street before launching
into Smash It Up!” – Matt Giarrizzo

3. Asian Man Records 15th Anniversary featuring Slapstick – June 15
“I went so crazy that night, I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing them!” – Chris Maccarone

Runners Up:
Honorable mentions also go to Devin Townsend Project, Fountains of Wayne, Holy Ghost!, Real Estate, Yellowcard, Buzzcocks, VNV Nation and Wire. - Slim's San Francisco

Alma Desnuda

This Danville-based quartet made such a big splash with its recent single, “Life We Got,” that Apple decided to promote the band. The band’s new album, Riders, has a mellow, Jack Johnson-in-the-East Bay vibe. - Diablo Magazine

Paul from Alma D is interviewed for the Life We Got project. Skip to minute 11. - Winner of Best European Podcast - Absolutely intercultural - Digital Concordian

Alma Desnuda, is an exceptional group of talented young men who successfully entertained
over 4,000 concert-goers at the 10th Annual Summer Nights on the Green on the Windsor
Town Green on July 21st, 2011. The group was very professional, punctual, and courteous to
event organizers. Alma Desnuda’s music is appealing to all ages and offers a unique sound
of “soulful rock with Latin grooves” that stimulate the mind and body. They have great
energy and audience appeal. - Donna Legge - Windsor Parks and Recreation Director

"Tony and the members of Alma Desnuda were a pleasure to work with at the 2009 Sausalito Film Festival. They provided entertainment for one of our Sponsor events and were fantastic. Not only did they provide excellent music, they also have a passion for helping those in need. That certainly goes hand in hand with my company Serendipity and what we stand for. I highly recommend Alma Desnuda."
Service Category: Musician
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Cali Gilbart

"Tony and the members of Alma Desnuda were a pleasure to work with at the 2009 Sausalito Film Festival. They provided entertainment for one of our Sponsor events and were fantastic. Not only did they provide excellent music, they also have a passion for helping those in need. That certainly goes hand in hand with my company Serendipity and what we stand for. I highly recommend Alma Desnuda."
Service Category: Musician
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity - Cali Gilbart

By Brandon Goei

Image courtesy of Alma Desnuda
Flip flops and fedoras flailed as the warm beach sun fell over the horizon into a balmy summer evening. Only it was indoors at Goose Island Brewpub in Wrigleyville, and a Chicago storm was raging on outside. Indoors and onstage, it didn’t feel that way courtesy of Alma Desnuda, a new age California soul quartet tracking their beach bum aesthetic and laid back organic rhythms across the country. I’ll be the first to admit that I wouldn’t normally be caught at a show like this one; the crowd was decked in carefully pressed/purposefully wrinkled oxfords while I was slumped in the back booth, wearing a black shirt and a pair of boots weathered by the Chicago winter. I’ll also admit, however, that the mood was uplifting and tremendously infectious.
Folks in the front row were dancing around, laughing and hugging each other as the band bounced through anthems about brotherhood and creative purpose. I could only see the backs of their heads, but I knew that their smiles were from ear to ear. Such was the nature of Alma D’s backcatalog, perpetually inspiring and entertaining Wrigleyville’s usual crowd of overgrown frat boys and boozehounds. The ‘bro’ meter was off the charts, but it was all the better for the band’s signature West Coast cool.
As a band, the songwriting was strong and the numerous three-part harmonies were impenetrable. Each chorus soared above the rainclouds outside, as plucks from the upright bass shook the earth below. Skeptical as I was, it was hard not to crack a smile when the house showed its appreciation in the form of high fives and raucous hooting and howling. Overall, the rollicking folk jams were the core of the band’s one-hour set, and the evening was better off because of it. For every altruistic maxim embedded in the lyrics, there was a shimmering counterpoint in the melody, building and releasing into the soft evening air.
There were a handful of slow balladic serenades in the set, but these numbers were some of the band’s weak points. Where tender emotion was called upon, I found roundabout phrasing and festering circular lulls. During these songs, I thought back to the joyous four-part workouts and wondered where the energy went.
The biggest dent in Alma D’s armor, however, was their foray into altogether different genres, including Afro-Caribbean jazz, beatboxing, and rap. The band’s acoustic folk-soul style, in the vein of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, often shares elements with most of the aforementioned genres like a commanding beat and an outpouring of inspired emotion. And while I understand the ease with which the lines between these styles can be blurred, it came across as a trite novelty — something to steer clear of when attempting a sincere, wholesome message.
Still, Alma Desnuda is a talented group of performers who know how to wring the brilliance from their instruments and shine it onto the crowd. With added experience and a keener sense of quiet dynamics, there’s no doubt they’ll grow to spread their personal brand of California sunshine.

A last minute tip for live music on Tuesday, June 21….

Hailing from Oakland, Alma Desnuda – the name is Spanish for “naked soul” -- is a quartet specializing in harmony-laden, positive-thoughts acoustic music with a social conscience.

Imagine Jack Johnson harmonizing with himself and you’ll have some idea of the sonic territory Alma Desnuda has staked out with its acoustic guitars, upright bass and understated percussion. The lilting, vaguely Hawaiian guitar and beach bar background on “Two Days, Three Nights” is especially reminiscent of Johnson’s surf vibe.

Alma Desnuda’s debut album, "Middleway," earned some notoriety in the Bay Area. The quartet has recorded its second album, “Riders,” and launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its eventual release.
Meanwhile, the group is in the midst of an extensive tour. That tour makes an unlikely stop tonight at Checkpoint Charlie, the rough-and-tumble music club/Laundromat at the corner of Esplanade Avenue and Decatur Street. Show time is around 11 p.m. -

Following up from their award-winning debut album, Middleway, the Bay Area acoustic sensation Alma Desnuda (Spanish for “naked soul”) will release their sophomore album, Riders, late summer. Recorded by grammy-nominated producer Adam Berg (Best Traditional World Music Album – 2008) at Paramount’s prestigious Ameraycan Studios in Hollywood, CA where platinum albums from legends like Miles Davis and the Black Eyed Peas adorn the walls, Alma Desnuda has made what is surely to be their breakthrough album with Riders. The band retains their trademark socially-conscious message, emphasis on vocal harmony, infectious groove, and diverse soundscape in Riders while enhancing their sound with a clearly more mature and professional presentation.

“When we started out three years ago, we were passionate individuals with a desire to express ourselves authentically. What we lacked in musicianship we more than made up for with raw energy, personality and presence. In Riders, the music does the talking. You will feel all our passion and be left with no doubt that we are talented musicians with a message and a mission. We’re the riders,” says Tony Glaser, bassist and vocalist for the band.

Riders is a testament to the struggle and triumph of living one’s dream. Mastered by multi-grammy winner Bernie Grundman, the most prominent name in the mastering industry, and featuring 13 original tracks, Riders spans genres including rock, folk, reggae, funk, and California soul, all while retaining broad popular appeal, showing that the band will allow no limits to be placed on their music or their expression. “Our band name means ‘naked soul,’” says guitarist and vocalist Paul Suhr. “Soul is something whose expression does not fit into a box and Riders is a reflection of us letting soul move as it will. What we have done is truly worth experiencing.”

With thousands of fans eager to get the new album, a viral marketing campaign in place, and album in hand, the band sets off for their second national tour this summer in their bio-diesel bus named Patricia. As part of their promotional campaign, the band will exclusively pre-release the album only to those who come to their shows and/or support their $55,000 Kickstarter fundraising initiative. “This album will finally give people a proper introduction to our music, message, and lifestyle,” says lead vocalist Chris Bryden. “I can’t wait to share it with the world.” For more information, please visit - Music News Nashville

UC Irvine was fortunate enough to have Alma Desnuda kick-off our Homecoming 2009. Alma Desnuda created a fun, lively, and upbeat atmosphere. The eclectic sound of the four piece band appealed to an audience of all ages and really got Homecoming rolling. Alma Desnuda is a surefire hit with the anteaters. - UC Irvine

Alma Desnuda Reaches Our Naked Souls
Posted on February 17, 2010, 9:01 pm, by Dirty Jeff, under About the Music, New Music, Show Reviews.

Wow, it was a fantastic long weekend for music! I almost wish I could’ve been in many places at once, and yet I am glad I was not; for Saturday night’s line up at Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, turned me on to a wonderful group of guys by the name Alma Desnuda: translating from Spanish to Naked Soul. This uplifting San Francisco based band transcended our hardened, worn exteriors, reminding us in the audience that throughout this complicated life we can still be well balanced, beautiful humans.

Alma Desnuda is an extremely energetic and positive band that uplifts and connects with their audience. They deliver their message through a diverse myriad of acoustic sound and a collage of percussive instrumentation. Their highly energetic live presence takes the music through many transitions, ranging from the casual and bubbly to more heavily driven jams; an eclectic sound with funky riffs and apparent reggae vibes. Alma’s strong, clear vocals speak of consciousness, living a rich life, seeking balance, and the moment; our moment. The resolute lyrics are powerful, contemplative, hopeful, and therapeutic. These boys aren’t afraid to harmonize or chant vocalizations either (or sing in Spanish). It is clear that this band comes to us with a purpose, one which they’ve chosen to convey through their effectual music. ”Every single day of this life is a gift, cuz one day we’re not gona be here (Alma Desnuda, introducing a song Saturday night).”

I feel compelled to tell a quick side story here as well. During Alma’s Saturday night set, while I was jotting down notes in the low light upon the table next to me, a friendly dude sitting at the table kept pushing a candle closer to my paper to help illuminate my efforts. Asking me if I knew the name of the band, he and his lady confessed that they had only come there for dinner, but had been captivated by the music and decided to stay through the entire set. The guy was super stoked on the band and expressed his surprise and delight in their “very talented, diverse” sound. While I was speaking with the band outside after the show, the same guy comes up with Alma Desnuda’s new album in hand (Middleway), raving about their set. He shared that he has some friends at Brushfire Records (Jack Johnson’s label) and that he’d be putting the disc into their hands. During this encounter it was eventually divulged that this same cool dude who’d graciously offered me his candle, was Byron McMackin – the drummer of a little old group named Pennywise! On his way out, Byron pointed at me and said, “Make sure you write these guys a good review.” Well, for now I hope I did Alma Desnuda a bit of introductory justice, but I’ll have to let their music speak the rest for itself: I’m sincerely delighted to welcome this wonderful band to Dirty Hippie Radio - look for them soon!

~Dirty Jeff - Dirty Hippie Radio

Top Ten Finalist Mike Pinder, the Judges, and staff at SONGWARS wish to thank you for your participation in the 2009 Second quarter competition. Your song was selected as a Top Ten Finalist. This selection means that your song was notable and deserving of high praise.

Nice use of imagery and metaphor with this composition.
Good storytelling and well crafted song. I liked the chord sequence and your melody is
memorable, fresh and original. Very solid effort! - Mike Pinder - SongWars

Holy smokes, saboteurs! It's a review.

At the open-mic this past Friday, a sweet little four-piece dropped by like fresh pancakes, and their sound was definitely syrup.

Alma Desnuda. Or, the Naked Soul, for you monolinguals. They play an eccentric folk-funk that can only be the product of eclectic minds locked in a room with no power for days. Starving, they then create the music that is to be their escape. Seriously, when they started on that first chord in the Cafe International it felt like the Pied-Piper of Hamelin had dropped out of the sky... in spades. The entire audience was intoxicated -- more so than usual, that is -- when their subtle acoustic grooves led your spine to shaking slow as any good wave.

The lead singer, Chris Bryden, invokes both Jason Mraz and Cake's John McCrea, mixing lyrics with conversation. It feels as if you're being sung a question with an answer the music provides. Meanwhile, lead guitarist Paul Suhr lingers around the edges, filling the empty spaces with little touches of riffs and vocal support that are like mortar in the cracks of a beautifully old wall. Then, there's the bassist, Tony Glaser, who swaggers around his upright like a leafy tree sashaying in the breeze -- his hair has got to be an eye catcher at any live-performance with his crazy infectious enthusiasm. Finally, drummer/percussionist Joe Glaser mixes a myriad of beats and instruments to create the perfect vibrational flow. You couldn't ask for a better combination with these four musician-maestros.

I highly recommend you check them out.

Also, their new album "Middleway" is on iTunes, and definitely worth purchasing if you've got the discretionary income to spend. - Zeitgeist of the Saboteur Academia

"I think these guys are wonderful, they found that common thread for sure. It seems so simple, the common sense of all those words…. You guys are gonna go far because you're speaking of something which so many people in so many places already know. We're on this planet to be free human beings, supporting one another, loving one another and sharing this space right here."
- 87.9 Pirate Cat Radio

"Alma Desunda offers you a glimpse of their own 'naked souls' with music that radiates positive sonic energy. They perform with a sense of showmanship that will leave you feeling a little more connected to the world around you."

Tyler "Pony" Pearson
Booking Manager
Velo Rouge Cafe
- Velo Rouge Cafe

"In the past year I have watched Alma Desnuda grow from an open mic project to a Friday night headliner. Their attitude, music, and draw never leaves anything to be desired. Here is a band you want to jump on, as it won't be long before they are too big for your room!"

Matthew (Smitty) Smith
Starry Plough Booking and Publicity Director - Starry Plough

Alma Desnuda's song, Walls, received honors as a finalist in the 16th Annual Billboard Song Contest.

What they had to say,

"Walls" Great feel and vibe, really nice chilled out arrangement. Sounds great and is a treat to listen to." - Billboard Magazine

Alma Desnuda gets recognition in the Bay Area. - Contra Costa Times

Alma Desnuda's album, "Middleway", wins "Best Local Album" in the East Bay Express. - East Bay Express


Still working on that hot first release.



San Franciscos NAKED SOUL (formerly Alma Desnuda) is making waves on the West Coast with a live show that audiences find irresistible and soul-enriching.

Touring incessantly since 2009, the band has headlined notable venues like Yoshis and The Great American Music Hall, shared the stage with legends like Carlos Santana, Willie K, and Tim Reynolds of Dave Matthews Band, and performed at major events like High Sierra Music Festival.

Along with the music, the bands passion for service and their mission to awaken souls helped build them a worldwide community of followers (known as Naked Souldiers) and led to collaborations with non-profits that support music education in schools. Voted by the public as Best Local Band in 2012 (Diablo Magazine), given the title Socially Conscious Rockstar by the Oakland Indie Awards, and awarded Best Show of 2011 by Slims SF, Naked Soul is a gem of the San Francisco Bay Area community. In March 2013, the band shed the Spanish translation of their name, Alma Desnuda.

They are currently touring the West Coast and will release the NAKED SOUL EP, produced by Sage Principini (Vasco Rossi, The Lonely Island), in late Fall '13.

In the words of Grammy-winning artist and producer, David Pack:

Experiencing the exciting new Bay Area group NAKED SOUL has to start with seeing them live simply because, like Dave Matthews Band, they are an authentically gifted live act.

There are fleeting moments of musical influences ranging from Cole Porter to Jack Johnson, from Satchmo to Hawaiian ukelele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro meets Jason Mraz, from Cab Callaway to rapper Jay Z, Chick Corea to Paul McCartney + Kings of Leon but ALL of it in filtered through the unique college-aged zeitgeist of four guys whove managed to capture lightening in a bottle, in the form of pure joy, unbridled fun, fearless enthusiasm, and a collective sense of humor and charm that is almost Beatle-like.

NAKED SOUL has a natural-born stage charisma, that I truly feel everyone who sees and hears them will find irresistible. I dare you to see them once and not share this opinion of my new favorite band!

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