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Naked Vengence

Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
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"Naked Vengence - Your girlfriends aren't safe!"

... the reputation for being the most volatile band in South Florida, with promoters thus far requesting return performances at each venue they have played. - Miami Life Magazine

"Naked Vengence bares it all"

André Michael decided his native Trinidad wasn't big enough for his big rock 'n' roll dreams. So he made a fresh start in South Florida last year as frontman of his hard-rockin' Naked Vengence band.

"There was no future on a small Caribbean island," Michael said.

In the '90s, he originally formed the heavy metal/hard rock hybrid group NV in his homeland. Coming to Miami, he had to start from scratch with months of building a new lineup, auditions and rehearsals. Michael found the right mix by adding bassist Camilo Hemelberg, guitarist David Ulloa and drummer Adam Saunders. The guys made their debut in June and intend to drop their first disc, a five-track EP, in October.

Michael is pleased with the re-booted version. He explained that only the faces joining him have changed, not the original vision. Pursuing his doctorate in psychology at Florida International University, Michael said writing has always been the best kind of therapy. Supplying lead vocals and guitar, Michael bares it all on stage with stark lyrics that keep the message clear.

"I want people to hear the words," he said. "There's no screaming. A lot of my songs are straight out of my life. I'm very open."

Michael's thoughts go from page to stage in head-banging, wall-shaking shows. The current lineup contributes, too.

"They bring in new material that's in keeping with what Naked Vengence is about," Michael said. "We sound like everything you love to hear, but nothing you've heard before" - Sun Sentinel


Still working on that hot first release.



Naked Vengence
1. “The blatant retribution exacted for an injury or wrong without excuse or apology.”
1. NV

The band is this attitude set to the sound of hard rock / heavymetalcombinedwithstarklyricsthataresometimes fierce, other times introspective, and always honest. This ethos has earned them the reputation for being the most dangerous band in South Florida, with promoters thus far requesting return performances at each venue they have played.

Their first EP, simply titled, "NV" is available for free download and the band is currently mixing and mastering its second offering, "Vendetta: Project 6," but the journey to this place has been a long one. The initial incarnation of Naked Vengence was born in 1996 on a far off island whose music scene was virtually nonexistent. Realizing that there would be no future remaining there, Andre´ moved to South Florida and after several auditions, put together the sonic arsenal that powers NV. Adam was the first new member to join, followed by Dave and completed by Rob.

Within 5 months, the lineup was finalized, recording of the EPcompletedandtheinauguralshowperformed,where the band was thrust into headlining and not only delivered, but tore the house down while packing the establishment with the largest draw that night; needless to say the promoters were ecstatic. Not a bad way to pop the cherry.

Currently earning its stripes on the circuit, Naked Vengence has played some of the best venues in South Florida, including the Hard Rock Cafe, Revolution, Tobacco Road and Churchill's, just to name a few. Last year, they also played on the Project Independent Tour in St. Petersburg.

They leave every venue they play with the crowd wanting more. An enigmatic energy seems to follow the band, resonating with the realization that something is happening, and it may already be too late to stop it.

NV is coming.

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