Naked Violet

Naked Violet


“The gist of it is we're organic rock with rhythm and blues overtones, a vintage sound, and lush pop melodies. A great melting pot of traditional and experimental ideas! Very sexy music and vocals!"


Ethereal AND she Rocks Heartcore!

NAKED VIOLET is the dream child of Brigitte Miller, an accomplished performing songwriter, published poet and new BMI member who has been performing and writing since late 1990....


He's Your Dog Charlie Brown was premiering at Radio City Music Hall and a little girl was one of many waiting in line to see the show. She looked up at the fire escape to smile at the photographer way up high over the crowd.
The New York Times felt the huge theatre line was worthy of front page news, so there she was, with her first claim to fame at age 5, a sweet smiling face right in the middle of the page. Too bad nobody got shots of her rolling around on the floor singing Beatle tunes or hopping across living room furniture while performing the West Side Story soundtrack!

Brigitte Miller was born in New York City, grew up under the sun of South Florida, and landed in Texas after her studio band Violet Cowgirls broke up. Spending the next year on the Dallas coffee house circuit, the singer songwriter actualized her own concept of a musical universe and Naked Violet was born. Following a path of synchronicity brought about 2 incarnations of the band and both contributed to the nurture and growth of Violet the artist in creatively important ways. Neither survived the long term challenges and demands of the indie music business.

However, limited copies of the 'Shades Of Violet' demo still circulate among the most loyal of fans who purchased them at gigs during the Dallas based Ghost of a Memory tour.

Fans have linked the vocal stylings of 'Violet' to Evanessence, Lacuna Coil, Heart, Annie Lennox, and Sarah MacLaughlan.


Violet got a big shot of fearless piss n vinegar and decided to start all over again. She had no is in her blood. Songwriting and performing are as necessary as breathing to her!
Fur kids, music gear, and husband hit the road heading to Albuquerque NM and a new home in the mountains.

With her catalogue of songs, a new band is on the wings .... potential bonds forming with a new producer and manager... who knows what new musical adventures and events syncronicity will bring...

Bring it on....!!!!!! cuz 2007 is going to be an Acoustic Violet year!


Nothing Else Matters

Written By: Brigitte Miller

Running my fingers thru the lace
of my wedding dress
I realize amongst the mess
of planning and running round
Nothing else matters but the love...
we become

Running the pages of my mind
memories blend into the
pain and pleasures we've come thru
all the long distance rendezvous
Nothing else matters but the love... we become

Plastic kisses, broken wishes
no experience prepared me for this
You quenched my longing
my fear of not belonging anywhere...

Nothing else matters but the love... we become

Let Me Love You

Written By: Brigitte Miller/Lous Lowey

I gave you the key to the garden of my soul
Can you give up enough control
to let our love grow
Don't be frightened...
Stay with me, be strong when you share your heart
Don't let your hunger for the spark choke our love flow
Don't be frightened of something new... I know it's real!

Baby let me love, I know you love me too....

Here we are, the longer now
I felt it from the start
I cherish each moment that we share here in our love flow
So don't be frightened of something
new... I know it's real!

Baby let me love you, I know you love me too...

I know what I know
Feel your fear then let love show
Hold me close
Let our love grow


Written By: Brigitte Miller

Open up your heart
hear me as I say
things my own heart urge me on to say
how sweet it is when he surrenders

Hold me close my love
Set your kisses free
then your restless heart can beat inside of me
how sweet it is when he surrenders

stay with me my love
let me feel you breathe
know that in my heart
love grows true and free
how sweet it is when he surrenders

let go of all your fear
(say goodbye)
protect what I can't hide
(we are not alone)
so that I may caress your tenderness
(each other we hold)
from deep inside....

how sweet it is when he surrenders


Demo 1 (3 songs) recorded @ Arsfilia MAY 2004
Demo 2 (4 songs) recorded @ ITR Aug 2004
Demo 3 (6 Songs) recorded @ ITR Nov 2004

ITR recordings CD release pending 2006
Demos sold on the Dallas
Ghost of a Memory Tour April-June/Aug-Oct 2005

NTG Radio ~ All Women All Day!

Set List

Violet is an original music experience covering a variety of different emotions, textures, and inspirations. The band currently has (2) solid 45 minute sets of music. Individual songs range from 3-4 minutes in length, moderate to rock in tempo.

Dare I Say
Stay Awake
Nothing Else Matters
Ghost of a Memory
For My Baby
Naked Again
Let Me Love You
Make Up Your Mind

'Dare I say' 'Nothing else matters'…'Surrender' to the 'Naked Again' musical universe. 'Stay Awake' and 'Let Me Love You, or this will become merely the 'Ghost of a Memory' 'For my Baby. 'Stay' to re-learn things you think 'You Don’t Know'…'Make Up Your Mind' to see things in 'Shades of Violet'!