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- Genre: 'Pop' - Release Date: '2005'

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Pop music cannot exist on pretty faces alone. As the '90s began to wind down, we saw a number of attractive female artists who, let's face it, had the "look" but not much talent to give them depth.

When you see the album cover of Nalika's self-titled CD single (, you might be tempted to place her in that category, or at least judge her before playing the disc. After all, she is a stunner with an exotic loveliness that is adores the camera. But don't judge her by that.

Instead, listen the CD. This is a woman who can sing; her silky smooth harmonies on "Still On Your Mind" are quite affecting. She exudes passion amidst the slick arrangements. The indie purist inside of me would love to her that voice in an unplugged setting, perhaps with just an acoustic guitar. Nevertheless, her vocals glide well with the electric R&B groove and '80s-styled synthesizers.

"Up To You" increases the energy level with a thumping techno backbeat while the soulful "Love Song" slows the rhythm down again, allowing Nalika's luscious voice to woo us once again.

author: Adam Harrington


"An Interview with Nalika"

Interviewed by Karla Ash

Don't lump London-born beauty Nalika with the barrage of one-named disco divas. Her voice has much more oomph than most of the youthful starlets on MTV. That may have to do with her musical background. Her influences, too, speak of high standards. Nalika explained all in the following interview.

About Nalika

I have been singing since the age of seven. After my parents heard me sing at a concert in primary school, they recognized that I had a talent for singing and enrolled me in a local singing club. This led to me auditioning for Music School where I became a member of the Redbridge Music School Choir for seven years in addition to singing in my School Choir. I also received voice training from the age of 12 and still take lessons to this day to continue developing and strengthening my voice. I have a strong musical background. I have studied and passed exams in piano, violin & singing & I have a Music GCSE qualification. I think this musical background has contributed to developing my singing style. By studying music and singing from an early age, I was introduced to so many different styles of music. However, I soon recognized that I sang my best when performing soulful songs as the emotion in my voice came across effortlessly to my audience.


I draw my musical inspiration from Soul & R 'nab artists: Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Brandy & Monica, Norah Jones & Sade.

The Future

I am currently finishing recording two more songs. Both are ballads - one jazzy, the other pure soul. Both songs are full of emotion. The melodies and harmonies are beautiful, and I am really enjoying working in the studio at the moment to get the sound right. Going forward I'd also like to work on some fusion music - songs that have Eastern music samples or lyrics mixed in with Western melodies, the kind of thing Raghav and Jay Sean have started doing. This is an area that has started to take off but needs to be represented more in the music industry.

Passion for Music

Yes. I have always loved singing and thought to myself as I have this talent I must use it. Whilst growing up I have always made the most of any opportunity to sing - musical shows, concerts, choir, university cultural shows, weddings or festivals. You name it, I have done it. I have always enjoyed singing and when your audience loves what you are doing you know you must be doing something right. I think the positive reaction I have received to me singing inspired me to seriously consider singing professionally.


My family has always been very supportive of my musical passion. The only thing they insisted on was getting my education first before pursuing a singing career, and I took their advice. My dad sings classical Sri-Lankan music and also plays the Sri-Lankan drums (tablah). He was not really encouraged by his family to pursue his musical interest when he was young for fear it would interfere with his education. However, this did not stop him from continuing singing and recording later on in life. For this reason my dad has encouraged my musical interest. My mum has always been equally supportive of my passion to sing. She was always the one taking me to singing lessons, rehearsals or auditions when I was growing up. She sometimes even accompanies me now for moral support. I am very lucky to have parents who have been very understanding towards my musical interest - I can honestly say I have their support 100%.
I can always rely on them to offer me advice and criticism if necessary when I sing.

- Alternative Rock Review

3 song EP (released 2006) available to buy on itunes and other digital outlets. Planning to release new EP in April/May 2009.
To date, Nalika’s songs have had airplay on Channel U, Sound Radio and and they have featured on Gotham Records’ Bandit sampler (a compilation CD of music by unsigned artists).



Nalika, a young, attractive singer/songwriter, from London, UK, recently signed to Independent label, BRM Records Ltd, writes and sings about her everyday experiences whilst searching for love. Listen to Nalika's lyrics and see how you begin to reflect on your own relationships.
Having co-written some new songs over the first half of 2008, Nalika has been busy gigging in London to showcase her new material since the latter part of last year. Nalika has recently played live acoustic sets at venues such as The Troubadour, The Regal Rooms and The Living Room. You will be able to hear the new produced demos here on Sonicbids in the very near future!
Nalika's influences come from artists such as Sade, Corinne Bailey Rae, Whitney Houston, Gabrielle and Morcheeba.