Nali Secundus

Nali Secundus


Energetic and innovative Australian pop rock produced by Ryan Greene, this project consists of huge sounds and music that is easily digestable but remains interesting throughout. These songs will appeal to thrash monkeys and pop princesses alike.


Nali Secundus is a purposely formulated project group designed to sell records and attract an audience addicted to innovation. This energetic three piece from Australia has crowd luring capabilities equal to the rock greats and this has been proven through trial performance events on international entertainment platforms local to the band. The band members themselves are interesting and enthusiastic individuals sourced from prominent Australian punk/metal acts. Each have a plethora of industry experience behind them from many years working in touring and recording bands mostly used as supports for punk and metal acts touring Australia.


Nali Secundus have recently completed eleven songs engineered and produced by Ryan Greene at Crush Recording AZ. This product is currently awaiting label interest. Tracks are to be posted First week of November when mastering is complete.

Set List

Nali Secundus deal mostly in originals, however one of the recently recorded tracks is a cover that couldn't be overlooked as an integral part of the bands influence and as a track that would surely attract much attention in todays radio repetoire. A Nali Secundus live set list would typically be customised to the event. Each song is ,on average, between 2 1/2 and 4 minutes.