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The best kept secret in music


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Our 3-song demo made a big splash in regional college radio in the winter and fall of 2004 and drew interest from labels and many big name lawyers.
We're entering a studio in the beginning of August, 2005 to record a full length album that many industry folk are waiting to hear.
Our track "Asphalt Green" was #2 for 4 weeks on Fuse Tv's Unsigned artists section of their website.
Four songs may be found at


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the spring of 2003, the wind swept through the abandoned warren, washing away the stale, lifeless air. As the sun rose higher above the trees on the surface, new shadows formed in the burrows among the roots. Moving faster, swimming in the the deepest azure of the
subterranean maze, away from the intensified solar flare, the darkened shadows converged.

From these cool, abysmal depths emerged the personification of our altered state of conscience, to challenge the rising of the sun and form a new self-awareness. Drawing from nature's elements and the haunted warrens tunneling through the human psyche, a voice is heard echoing above sub-sonic rumbling and the rhythms of desert lore.
From grieving to paranoid bliss, burials to resurrections, NAMANISTA is the architect of a sound that transcends the boundaries of all
that is prevalent in music and culture today.

NAMANiSTA emanates a vibe of solitary uncertainty, weaving through obstacles of inner-conflict, yet reaching out to preserve the natural
order of existence. From their earliest recordings to their most recent live performances, NAMANiSTA demonstrate their genre-defying sensibility, escaping the clutches of definition and the mold of
pre-formulated modern mediocrity.

Hailing from the caverns of New York City, NAMANiSTA has turned a blind eye to trends and a deaf ear to the recycled sounds of complacency that have come to define the "NYC sound". Down the path least traveled by local bands as well as those situated abroad, the nature of the Ghost feeds upon a fiery combination of groove laden
hooks and indelible melodies. Drawing from influences that enhance the spirit rather than the sound, NAMANiSTA drink from the same well
shared by Waits, Buckley, and MacGowan, nourishing an originality that has otherwise fallen beneath the radar of popular music.

Lyrically existing on altitudes usually out of reach to the averagesongwriter, NAMANISTA has scripted a visual roadmap through emotions to the unchartered regions of the insomnia-like state of the over-active mind. Touching on every facet of the human spectrum, leaving no stone unturned. No matter how heavy, complex, or intangible, these are words etched out of sincerity and experience, spirit and exploration. Woven together with an aural tide of extreme highs and lows, this is the clandestine tapestry that is NAMANISTA.
Emerging from the hallowed warren, foreboding and true, the journey has only just begun.