BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

Each entity involved changes minds and moods through the sounds of their music. Captivating stories, descriptive lessons spoke of in a relative tone of journey. Many of the world's walkers and seekers have these thoughts as well. This is the best expression of the understanding!


Local Battle Mc known for capturing the audience and, also leaving the opponent in awe using pure skill with unique delivery. The ability to project the sound of different entities is a key signature giving character to the powerful performances. In the end the stage becomes a conquered mountaintop and the audience are the tourists. Those who have come to view a certain area that now brings a sense of togetherness. Special impromptu verses that tailor an experience for the listeners are incorporated into the musical presentation. Talent, Skill, and Energy are a major portion of the I 9 Experience. Different emotions are conveyed and felt through the music that will impact the music industry. During this journey it will be next to impossible to not watch one of the Greatest continue to evolve.!


Get Up Sept, 1 2009
Across the Board Groove Sept, 1 2009
I Born Sept, 1 2009

Set List

Set List varies.
Min time: 3mins
Max time: 30-60mins
Original Music Performed