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"Namaste: Outside Is Endless album review"

Since June a new wind blows through your domestic stereo and we don’t mean a tepid breeze, but a proper hurricane, fascinating everybody who gets close.
This doesn’t mean Namasté’s debut album sounds like a natural disaster, far from it, “Outside Is Endless” absorbs the listener right from the start and lets him live through a wide spectrum of emotions.
The opener steadily varies from powerful to easy melodies while the catchy singing of Sam Marlow polishes the song. Such a striking voice, which doesn’t avoid high notes, is not often heard.
This style, diversified parts within a song, is a common theme on the album.
Muse, Incubus, Tool, but also older stuff such as Led Zeppelin say hello, but with the headstrong mixture of styles a new musical feeling arises.
With the song “Catharsis” it seems like the band actually had to get rid of some inner conflicts and displaced emotions. It starts with an empathetic melody, accompanied just with guitar and bass, the drums set in gradually. The calm before the storm just lasts for approximately 1 ½ minutes before the quiet melody undergoes a rockin’ metamorphosis.
The extreme length of most of the songs is quite striking as well. The clear winner is “Illusion” which draws the attention with his 9 minutes of proud length. If you now think of boredom you’re completely wrong, with its intensity, you get lost in the music as well as in time.
Points: 8/10
- SLAM Magazine

"Review of Outside Is Endless"

Did you ask yourself how the future of rock sounds?
Who could save guitar music?
Namasté is the answer.
Quite often we report about young and hip rock bands from the UK. Again we are talking about great guitar music from the island… but different! Namasté have nothing in common with garage and indie-disco. Their role models are Tool, Muse, Led Zeppelin and Deftones. The band relocated to Vienna, to record their first album “Outside Is Endless”.
To comment on these 60 minutes you could use the Frank Zappa quote: “To write about music is like dance architecture.” He is so right.
From the gloomy, Tool-esque, sound of the opener “Last Rites”, the frenetic rockin “Dark Lights…” to the soulful, top-heavy “With All The Other Rats” – Namasté cover a wide spectrum.
“Expired” is a little hit, distinctive with his stunner. “Brave Little Phantom” builds bridges to the 60s and finally “Illusion”, the 9 minutes long endless jam, a neck-breaker, cleverly feigns an ending just to break out even louder and more clamant. The great Muse moment “Lacrimosa” completes a storming album.
Without a doubt, “Outside Is Endless” is one of the most stunning debut albums of the year.
Despite their long list of role models, Namasté manage to sound fresh and jaunty.
What stays, is a gloomy, top-heavy, rock bastard, who can take on with the big ones of the genre.
Beyond all question, those guys need to be discovered!
- Szene1

"Namaste Review"

The British Way Of Life? As a musician this way is sometimes quite confused: in the homeland quite small one looks for its label in Austria and agitates there strongly the scene around them.

You can also make it that way: while young Austrian musicians are complaining, that you can't make it in your home country, Sam, Mike, Chris and Dan are coming to Vienna and are playing themselves into the hearts of their (not only female) fans.

So why are Austrian bands failing? Sure thing} just these musicians, who are complaining the most, are no good; in any case not as good as Namaste! They have there audience under control from the first sound on, let Tool and Incubus become one and decorate their sound with lyrics in Jim Morrison quality. Namaste recorded and mixed their new record 'Outside Is Endless' with producer Andreas Fennes at ‘What’s That Noise’ Studios. The final Product doesn’t reach their live/ quality, but it does not hide their energy, with which they are standing behind their music.

If the listener wants to experience his own Catharsis, probably the so named Namaste song is enough, get lost in the noisy excursions of the band that stays on the ground and never sounds too much.

4/5 -


*Every Picture Tells A Story (2006)

*Outside Is Endless (2008 - on Crater8records - the tracks 'Brainy Box, 'Expired' and 'With All The Other Rats' has Radio play in Germany, Austria, UK as well as on Webradio and 'Brainy Box' Music Video has airplay on German and Austrian TV)

*Untitled 2009 EP
*singles: Expired and Cardioectomy (due 2009)



Formed by Mike Alvarez and Sam Marlow while students at the BRIT school, where they studied with The Kooks, Katie Melua, Adele and Polly Scattergood amongst others. Dan Gray (a long time jamming partner of Mikes) came into play Bass.

The band hit the ground running; quickly playing many shows at top venues around London, reaching the final 6 of the UK wide Emergenza ‘battle of the bands’ Festival.

Shortly afterwards the original drummer left the band and by 2005 Namaste had brought in new drummer Chris Francombe. With the arrival of Chris, Namaste’s sound took a different direction, a matured sound with a darker edge which they spent a few months perfecting before recording an EP - Every Picture Tells A Story - at Sawmills studio in Cornwall, which went on to sell 1000 copies at gigs.

The following months saw Namaste continue to play at top venues in London, a tour of Ireland with Stand Up Guy side-project Countervela, a number of gigs with Enter Shikari, Do Me Bad Things and Fei Comodo.

In 2006 Namaste were invited to tour in Austria and jumped at it. There Namaste found the girls to be beautiful, the Beer was good, strong and cheap and the cround was really into them - Namast ewere in love and the tour was a huge success. Namaste caught the attention of Vienna based record label Crater8records and were invited to record a short Demo EP at their studio. After a few more trips to Vienna that year Namaste signed an agreement to move over to Vienna and record and release an album.

Namaste moved to Vienna at the start of 2007 and recorded their album Outside Is Endless. The album was well received by the Austrian press. Namaste played all over Austria (as well as in Germany and Hungary) including a number of festivals. They played with a number of big Austrian/German acts including Excuse Me Moses, Gods Of Blitz, Dedicated to, King Tiger and Jerx. At the end of 2007 Namaste recorded a video for their track Brainy Box

Returning to London in 2008, Namaste started to work on promoting the album and building a similar success in the UK. A few short tours around the UK as well as many shows in London were interrupted by a number of trips to Germany and Austria in the summer months where they supported American band Helmet and headlined their own tour. The Brainy Box video was picked up by a number of German and Austrian music channels and added to their play list over the summer months into the autumn.

Whilst in Vienna during October 2008, Namaste recorded a new EP at the Crater8records studio, which will be released in early 2009. Other aims/plans for 2009 include (as well as continued promotion of Outside Is Endless and the Brainy Box video in the UK) a new live video, a concentrated push on the UK market with a number of higher profile gigs around the country as well as a couple of more tours into Europe.

Having decided to concentrate on recording EPs for the next year or so, 2009 will see Namaste in the studio at least one more time.