Energetic,uplefting ,flavored and natural.


Namaste Jones is an independent recording artist based In the Washington DC area. Since the young age of Three years old, Jones has been singing. Namaste started recording at the age of 12 years old, at this time started competing in various talent shows. Namaste audition for event after event until 2007 when he became DC Anthem Idol which landed him Gig to sing the National Anthem at Washington Wizards Game. That opportunity Open Doors for Namaste to sing at 2008 Presidential Gala; National Anthem at Washington Nationals Baseball Games; and was chosen by Grandmaster Dennis Brown and his wife to sing at an International Karate Tournaments. In between that time he has graced more Stages around the United States. With his debut CD waiting to be releaseā€¦ Keep your eyes on Namaste to see what will happen next.


Single (He'll Save U) & Living the Dream

Set List

My set is usual worked up with My Oringal material. And Maybe Cover 2 songs.