BandRockHip Hop is the definition of the "genre gap"...led by a rapper from the westside of chicago, this rock band pushes the limits of rock and rap with high-energy music, insightful lyrics and a stage show unrivaled by many...


...started in november of 2007, name:bran was formed by solo rapper brandon flores (formerly "name:bran") in an attempt to pull more from his influences and tastes...having worked with misha vlasov as a dj/producer, they recruited old friend and local hardcore punk veteran justin watson to play guitar...brett livesey was referenced to them through a mutual friend, and name:bran the band was isn't about celebrity or stardom, it's all about making music that properly depicts the thoughts, emotions and experiences of everyday people...there are no stars here, just people proud to represent the working class...our sound is heavy because that's how life gets and we aim to properly convey what life is to us...our biggest gimmick is that there is no gimmick, our sell is that there is nothing we have to sell...we've played big shows with some very big names, and we've played backyards...we have headlined and we've opened up long as we can share our music, we will...our music is like america...a melting pot; a mixing area for all races and walks of life...the only people that cannot relate are sound asleep in their graves...


no music has been officially released...we've basically burnt up a 13-song demo album and sold/given it away...we have songs posted on and on our band website,

Set List

we usually do 30 or 45-minute sets, but can amend them...we change them every show, depending on the expected is a 45 minute setlist we've played recently...

intro (intrumental - tables, then drums come in, then guitar into...)
born to run
back from cambridge (back to cambridge REDONE)
dedicated to:
lighter burnout
stealing from cristina
green light

we have songs that we may add in or pull out depending on the crowd and what they call for or what we feel they may enjoy more, and we do two "covers": journey's "small town girl song"...we don't bother to know the real name of it since we're not recording it...the song is played partially, then it breaks down into a short freestyle session that closes with the chorus...we also do somthing similar with akon's "nobody wanna see us together" song...there is screaming in the akon "cover", but since we wrote niether of these songs, we only perform them if the crowd calls for them...