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Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF

Providence, Rhode Island, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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Name In Vain are a hard rock band from America they are influenced by the likes of Pantera, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Godsmack and many other great metal and rock and roll bands, Name In Vain are currently in the studio working on their debut full length studio album but in the mean time they are releasing a short 4 track self titled EP to showcase their music across the world.

The debut 4 track EP is actually a work of art, its proper fist pounding metal that has really big and beefy guitar riffs, solid drumming and really brutal and powerful sounding vocals from front man Matt Pelosi who seriously has the perfect set of vocals to suit the band’s music. The opening track ‘Persecuted’ is without a doubt the best track on the album, its hard hitting from start to finish featuring Pantera style guitar riffs and really strong stand out vocals that change from being quite gruff and raw sounding in places to more upbeat and clear in others.

‘Pitbull Wings’ is quite like the opening track with the way that it features some heavy instrumental work, but it’s the vocals that are slightly different here in the way that they come across quite melodic in Matt Pelosi’s own little way, the song goes near silent just after a minute in sounding like another song is starting up but this isn’t the case instead a slow and long instrumental piece takes over until the song returns to its original sound and pace running through until the end.

‘Back Down’ and ‘Crept’ is just as hard hitting as the other two songs on the EP and just as listenable, making the EP a truly good experience, if you like rock music that features big meaty riffs, strong lead vocals and an overall feel of brutal force then you are going to love Name In Vain, the vocals from Matt Pelosi is what does it for me and everything else just falls in place around him and the production is top nothc, I certainly can’t wait for the bands full length debut album and even better, to see the guys tour the UK.


Review by Trigger

- Trigger

In the realm of homogeneous, guitar-heavy, tough guy groove metal, Name In Vain have about as much chance as any other band at being the next big thing, and I actually like these guys a lot more than your usual Lamb of God/Pantera rejects. Name In Vain play a cleaner, more traditional style of metal with some definite groove influence, but not enough to really detract from the enjoyment, and the Sabbath influence takes precedence over the Pantera one. This is just solid all around, with a clear, loud production job (nice, for an unsigned band) and some satisfying, meaty guitar attacks that will have you headbanging a fair bit."Pitbull Wings," despite its very strange title, is a much better cut, with a killer slow part and some nice riffs. Name In Vain are pretty good, and I'll be looking out for their debut album next year. Recommended if you like more modern stuff. - Larry Griffin

On Thursday night Name In Vain rocked JR’s Bourbon Street Rockhouse with their distinct brand of fist-pumping metal. During their set, the band played the four songs from their previously released EP, tracks from their upcoming LP and a few surprise cover songs.

Prior to Name In Vain kicking off their set, a fellow Providence band named Agonizer provided the opening act. Agonizer's thrash metal style and hardcore vocals were an appropriate opener for the likes of Name In Vain. Interestingly enough, Name in Vain's drummer Marco Leva also plays drums for Agonizer. By the end of night Leva had actually played the drums for almost three consecutive hours. Talk about an ultimate professional.

As stated above, Name In Vain's set list featured tracks from the upcoming album, the previously released EP and some cover songs. Singer Matt Pelosi had control of the audience throughout the entire show due to his showmanship and amusing banter in between songs. The juxtaposition between the Pelosi you witness singing and "normal" Pelosi was truly astonishing. During a song, Pelosi is jumping all over the stage delivering fierce vocals all with a sinister look in his eyes. Although he may look like he wants to punch someone while singing, his playful joking in between songs kept the audience engaged even when the band was not playing.

Pelosi was not the only band member who delivered a stellar performance on Thursday night. The band (John Heroux, Scott Trudeau and Marco Leva) sounded even better live than they did on their EP. Each member showcased their talents nicely throughout the show. Heroux's forceful bass wielding held the band's sound together throughout the night. Heroux especially shined in the opening bass solo's he had on a couple of tracks. Trudeau's stellar guitar playing was a great sight to witness during the show. Leva's drum skills did not skip a beat from start to finish despite playing for three hours.

Although the band sounded great while playing original material it was the versions of Kilgore, Godsmack and Metallica songs that showcased their versatility. The band's version of Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was in instant crowd pleaser. Heroux successfully channeled Cliff Burton through his bass play, while Leva's drum play would have made Lars Ulrich proud. Trudeau had the most difficult task during this song because the original track features dual guitar play of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet. Despite this fact, Trudeau captured the raw yet crisp sound of the original as well as successfully tackling the track's famous solo.

As for original material the band got the best response from their track "Persecuted" which has become a fan favorite. The best surprise of the night was the band's new song entitled "Tree Man." In a post-show discussion Pelosi told me that the inspiration for "Tree Man" stemmed from his departure from a band named Overfiend. Although Pelosi told me that the song had gone through several versions, it sounded like the band had perfected the song and it certainly put a proper end to a great show. - Providence Entertainment ExaminerAnthony Faccenda

If you haven’t already heard of Name In Vain, then you don’t know metal. Name In Vain or NIV as they are referred to, are a heavy metal outfit from Providence whose style is fist pounding metal with a hard rock vibe. The band’s MySpace has reached 125,000 hits and counting. In addition to a huge online following, NIV has established a great live following. The band currently has their eyes set on New York having conquered most of New England. With that said, it is beyond me that Name In Vain remains unsigned.

NIV is anything but a straightforward metal band. Singer Matt Pelosi’s vocal range is what distinguishes NIV from other metal bands. When not employing a raw and powerful sounding delivery, Pelosi easily switches to a baritone and often melodic singing which is reminiscent of Glen Danzig.

As strong as Pelosi’s voice is, NIV would not work if it was not for the talented musicians around him. The band currently consists of John Heroux on bass, Scott Trudeau on guitar and Marco Leva on drums. The band’s sound is reminiscent of Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pantera and Godsmack to name a few. Heroux draws his inspiration from the likes of Cliff Burton (Metallica), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Geddy Lee (Rush). Leva’s main influences include: Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Igor Cavelera (Sepultura). Leva style is fast and aggressive while often performing complex rhythms. Newcomer Scott Trudeau provides heavy hitting guitar riffs and a solid rhythm which keep NIV’s unyielding sound true.

Although it will not be until later this year that we get to see a full-length album from NIV, the band has released a four song EP currently available on their website At the time of the recording, Bobby Klang (guitar) and Jeremy Jutras (drums) rounded out the band along with Pelosi and Heroux. Judging by their recent live shows the band’s sound has actually been enhanced with the addition of Leva and Trudeau.

The four tracks feature heavy hitting guitar riffs, pounding metal drums and a bass sound that straddles the line between typical shredding and more technical play. The standout track is the album’s opener entitled “Persecuted.” “Persecuted” exemplifies Pelosi’s gift of being able to switch from ferocious to melodic with great ease. The track “Pitbull Wings” is the most socially relevant track on the EP because it is based on the Denver 38 story which involved the City of Denver unjustly euthanizing 36 dogs and 2 puppies in 2006. Although heavy metal lyrics are often contrived and stereotypical, Name In Vain stands out with socially relevant and thought provoking lyrics.

Perhaps the only reason the band is not more recognized is because they are playing original material. Although it would be easier to be a typical metal cover band, Name In Vain refuses to do so. In an age where originality has been lost in music, NIV has created a unique brand of metal on their own terms and making no apologies for it.

For more info about the band check out their website at or their MySpace at If you want to experience what you have just read check the band out live at JR’s Bourbon Street Rockhouse in Cranston, RI on April 29th.
- Providence Entertainment ExaminerAnthony Faccenda


4 song EP CD
Back Down
Pitbull Wings
Our song "Persecuted" is playing on 94 whjy's Soundcheck
We have some songs up on our myspace which is:\nameinvain

12 track album just released "Persecuted"
Seething Red
Barely Breathing
Darkness Shines
Tic Toc
Back Down
Hail Mary
Inner Sin
Pitbull Wings
Gone Away
Tree Man



Fist pounding metal with hard rock vibe...

Name In Vain mixes powerful hard rock riffs with brutal vocal power. The band consisting of 4 members, has a solid rhythm section with a thunderous sound. Drawing on such influences as Pantera, Metallica, Black Sabbath and Godsmack, Name In Vain are here to rival todays hard rock/metal industry.

Vocalist Matt Pelosi can only be described as a heavy hitting singer with a razor sharp style that is aggressive to say the least. Lyrically he says what he means with an in your face type of attitude.

John Heroux is the bass carrying this band thru it's thunderous sound. Heavily influenced by Cliff Burton (Metallica), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and Geedy Lee (Rush), John holds the band together with brutal yet unconfined force.

Scott Trudeau is a relatively new addition to the band. Scotts solid rhythm is what keeps the solid sound of NIV true.

Marco Leva. Heavily influenced by Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Igor Cavalera (Sepultura), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), and Craig Nunenmacher (Crowbar). Marco's drumming has been described as "Pounding Metal."