Rexburg, Idaho, USA
BandHip HopPop

Nameluss is an artist not wanting to be stereotyped in a specific music genre. Although mainly rapping he has a style of his own. Take Eminem mixed with B.O.B. now add a dash of Wiz Khalifa and mix in some Toby Keith. Slow cook until hot and serve. It's good. It's tasty. It's Nameluss.


Joey Schultz also known as Nameluss began rapping at a very young age in attempts to both express and escape his troubled young life. At the age of 6 his Mother was shot in the head and his father was later sentenced to prison. He bounced around from home to home until his mother actually made a miracle recovery. She would later remarry and life was pretty normal for Nameluss and his younger brother. Music and Hip-Hop was always something that kept Nameluss' interest and a strong impression was made. Fast forward to adulthood when tragedy would strike once again. Nameluss' first born child had passed away from (S.I.D.S) The grief seemed unbearable and Nameluss often contemplated suicide. He instead turned once again to music and Hip-Hop. His friend and producer Griffin Boice introduced Nameluss to the studio life and taking his music a little more seriously. Nameluss now has two albums "Way Too Far" and "Endluss Mind Games" Under his belt and the buzz continues to grow around this unconventional artist. Nameluss has been featured on several blogs and online magazines including , DJ Booth, Chicago Now, Get You Buzz Up, Donuts and Milk, and more. Nameluss has also started getting Radio play on local FM stations and soon to be more. Nameluss has a style of his own and after getting to know him and his unique past... It's no wonder why he sounds like nobody else. His flow, delivery, tone, and cadence are ever changing and he loves to do the unexpected. (See his popular music video for the song Leave Me Alone.) and you'll see just how far this artist is willing to go outside the box.


Album: Way Too Far

Album: Endluss Mind Games