Atlanta, Georgia, USA

We are a high energy pop/rock band with a great entertaining live show and a sound that is very fresh and unique. Similar to bands like Paramore, 30 Seconds to mars, and the all american rejects


Atlanta, GA -- It's 2011. Blink 182 announces plans to release their first album in nearly a decade, Spotify emerges in the U.S., and U2 breaks the Stones' record for the highest grossing tour of all-time at $700 million. Music is without a doubt flourishing. Take a quick look online at the ever-popular Twitter or Facebook and it’s easy to see that more artists are arising than ever before, with many of them hitting the road putting it all on the line in search of stardom and their time to shine. One might ask, "What makes an artist unique and able to cut through the clutter"? For Georgia natives, NAMESAKE, a natural certainty assures them they could possibly be next in line.

Meet vocalist Will Crafton, guitarists Brad Wagner & Troy Harmon, bassist James Nalley, and drummer Kevin Nordeste. It just so happens that the group of young twenty and nineteen year olds all bear their father's name, hence the title "Namesake". "It's such a weird coincidence that we all ended up together", says Troy Harmon. The majority of the group has been playing together since high school, but after signing to Imagen Records in 2010, they were able to link up with Harmon and Nalley to complete their team. "Namesake really caught our attention over at Imagen. They had great things going and a talent that's rare to find in kids their age", says President of Imagen records Bob Winegard. "We knew we would be able to do great things together". After their signing with Imagen, the group started pushing their potential even more. They're currently writing and rehearsing full-time. "We knew that by being closer to our label, we could really develop more of a bond and relationship with their staff. Our success is their success. Together, we are working to forward both of our careers", states guitarist Brad Wagner. And looking forward is exactly what they are doing.

The band recently recorded their debut full-length album “Borders & Fences” in Orlando, FL with famed gold record producer James Paul Wisner, who's best known for his work with Paramore, Underoath, and New Found Glory. The first single “Worlds Away” is currently available on iTunes and Amazon for digital download. It's been greatly received by fans, and is often described as an exciting blend of rock and pop. It's easy to say that overall the song has a driving, compelling, and fresh sound. Impressed? There's more up the gentlemen's sleeves. A music video was recently shot with critically acclaimed MTV music video producer Scott Hansen. It is set to release in the early winter months. Drummer Kevin Nordeste describes their new record as one with "Powerful emotional lyrics, in your face guitar solos, and killer drums". Without a doubt, “Borders & Fences” is bound to captivate the hearts and ears of music lovers everywhere. “We tried to find the best things about all the musical genres we loved, which ranged from pop, 80’s rock, and even death metal and somehow mash them into one big musical monster, which we feel we accomplished with this record” says Crafton.

All in all, it seems the group’s dreams are finally within reach. A once high schooler's dream has now turned into a full-time project. Along with the support of Imagen Records, Namesake plans to hit the ground running after the release of the new record and take the world by storm. With a bit of regional touring under their belt, as well as appearances at the world-known South By South West festival, these youngsters have got their feet wet and know what must be done to increase to their ever-growing fan base. When one considers their inexhaustible work ethic, insanely energetic stage show, and genuine friendliness, it’s safe to say Namesake is a band you want to keep your eyes on.


"Worlds Away" (Single) currently available digitally on iTunes and Amazon.

"Borders & Fences" (Debut album) releases next early next year.

Set List

"Borders & Fences"
"Times of our Lives"
"The Movement"
"Right Beside You (Honestly)"
"In Your Hands"
"Worlds Away"