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Name UL

 Wellington, Wellington, NZL
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Hip Hop Artist from Wellington, New Zealand.
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You may’ve heard the murmurings about this young rapper from New Zealand. He’s the whizz kid from Wellington who, in the space of five hard-working years, has gone from secretly recording rhymes in his bedroom to sharing stages with some of the biggest names in the game. He is Name UL. And, as New Zealand’s discerning hip-hop community will tell you, he’s one of our brightest emerging stars. Now with his debut full-length album Choice(s) which dropped on September 1Name UL is stepping up to the plate, readying himself to take on the industry hype that’s seen him compared to Drake and touted as New Zealand music’s next big thing.
Hard work and sheer determination underpins much of the last five years for 20-year-old Name UL – whose real name is Emanuel John Psathas. He was performing in bars and clubs long before he was legally able to drink in them and established his own label, K.W.O.E – or Kids With Open Ears - when he was just 15.
In 2015, he made his move from the underground hip-hop scene to the mainstream with the release of his powerful youth anthem ‘Only Sixteen’ - a collaboration with fellow Kiwi Race Banyon (Lontalius). He’s also opened for – and impressed – a whole host of international acts from Action Bronson and Schoolboy Q to Vince StaplesJurassic 5 and Earl Sweatshirt.
This year, on his own steam, he headed off to one of the biggest music showcases in the world, SXSW, to shop his wares. The trip landed the young artist an internship as a songwriter at Warner Music in LA, where he’ll spend the first few months of 2017. It’s all part of the journey that’s led the rapper to this moment as he stands on the cusp of the great unknown with his 12-track labour of love, Choice(s), which 
debuted at Number 1 on September 1st 2016 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts above artists such as Vince Staples and Isaiah Rashad.

Since Choice(s) was released two lead singles (Falling & Nice Guys Finish Thirst) have both been included in playlists such as: New Music Fridays (New Zealand), New Music Fridays (Australia), New Music Fridays (Sweden), Viral Hit's Australia Playlist, Viral Hit's New Zealand Playlist. Nice Guys Finish Thirst Peaked at number 8 on the Spotify Viral Charts NZ and number 23 on the Spotify Viral Charts Australia. Falling peaked at number 16 on the New Zealand Spotify charts while another song from the album called 'My Side' hit Number 3 on the NZ Viral charts as well as number 6 in the Australian Spotify charts.
The combined streams across all platforms for the lead single Nice Guys Finish Thirst is well above 300,000 streams including Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube and Facebook. The album also has an iTunes rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5).

The album is an accomplished body of work, which shines a spotlight on the unique nature of Wellington’s hip-hop culture. It also stands Name UL out from the crowd as a gifted vocalist and a sharp lyricist, with an acute awareness of youth issues – namely the ‘drink ‘til you drop/get high ‘til you fly’ culture that so often goes hand-in-hand with navigating young adulthood. It opens with the haunting and beautifully delicate instrumental track, ‘Where The Heart Is’. The opener lays the foundations for 11 cracking tunes, including the album’s first single ‘Nice Guys Finish Thirst’ produced by C-Sick. The song is accompanied by a video shot in LA that’s raised more than a few eyebrows on You Tube and clocked up a whopping 80,000 views. Special mention must also be made of the album’s current single ‘Falling’ produced by WHITEROSE. It’s a catchy-as-hell tune, which just gets better with each listen and has had huge amounts of love on Spotify since its release just a few short weeks ago already clocking well over 100,000 streams.
You heard it here first, s***’s about to get serious!
Name UL… no longer New Zealand hip-hop’s best-kept secret.

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Name UL - Choice(s) (September 1st 2016)

  1. Where The Heart Is
  2. Choice(s)
  3. No FOMO
  4. Nice Guys Finish Thirst 
  5. Belong
  6. I Wonder
  7. My Side 
  8. We Talk Too Much 
  9. Waiting 
  10. Falling
  11. What's Wrong
  12. Over The Influence

Name UL x KVKA - Hydrate (Single) (April 2016)

Clouds and Crowds EP (April 2012)

1. Above the Atmosphere (Prod. OneLoveBeats)
2. Christmas (Prod. Mzwetwo)
3. Reminisce (Prod. OneLoveBeats)
4. The Funeral (Prod. Heist Beats)
5. This Time (Prod. OneLoveBeats)
6. WTWNN (Prod. Name UL)
7. The Lounge (Prod. OneLoveBeats)
8. Live and Let Live (Prod. Mzwetwo)

Summit EP (December 2013)

1. Generation Why (feat. Xela) (Prod. Why S.L)
2. Shipwreck (feat. Leroy Clampitt, Adam Page and Why S.L) (Prod. Why S.L)
3. Eclipse (feat. Xela and The Shocking and Stunning)

Only Sixteen (Single) (July 2015)

1. Only Sixteen (Produced. Race Banyon) 

Name UL x LMC EP (December 2015)

1. Mavelli Drive (Prod. LMC)

2. My Side (Prod. LMC, Wayvee and Zuper)

3. No FOMO (Prod. LMC)