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Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya, Russia | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya, Russia
Established on Jan, 2009
Band World Folk


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NAMGAR @ Verdensteatret Cinema

Tromsø, Troms, Norway

Tromsø, Troms, Norway



"With her band Namgar, the singer Namgar Lhasaranova, born in Russian Siberia to a family of Buryat Mongolian shamans, sang old songs backed by a Mongolian cello (morin khuur) and a hard-rock band that at times suggested a Russian Jethro Tull. Her voice could be delicate or steely and penetrating; it sounded best when the band played least."

"As for exotica, how about Namgar? This rock ensemble from the Siberian steppe, which combines traditional and modern instruments, is named for its colorfully dressed lead singer, who seems almost a Mongolian version of Bjork."

- The New York Times

There’s a kind of music that conjures up images of clear blue skies, horses roaming an emerald-coloured horizon. It’s the traditional music of the Buryats, an ethnic Russian minority that practices Tibetan shamanism and lives a nomadic lifestyle similar to their cousins in Mongolia. This rich tradition of music is what Namgar (“white cloud” in Tibetan), a Moscow-based music group, has been working hard to preserve.

Led by prolific singer Namgar Lhasaranova, whose petite and girlish frame houses a powerful voice, the group plays traditional Buryat songs that tell ancient legends of epic heroes, legendary beauties, and the grassy landscapes of southern Siberia.
Ricepaper caught up with the group after their performance at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival to ask about their music. - JENNY UECHI

"White Cloud weaves Mongolian folk with American rock" - The Epoch Times

O.P.Leshev. - -

While Russian-speaking Namgar Lhasaranova might seem a little tentative onstage as she struggles to read a short opening greeting in English, there’s no mistaking her ability to communicate once she opens her mouth to sing.

Her power, energy and amazing vocal range go beyond words and language, taking her audience on a journey to Siberia and the world of the Buryats, people whose roots reach back to Ghengis Khan and the Mongolian Empire.

She is the core of the group Namgar, one of the most unique ensembles at the Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival. Although the group is currently based in Moscow, Namgar herself was born in a small village on the steppe near the border of China, Mongolia and Russia. - Martha Wickett

Namgar brings to life the timeless traditions of her family heritage on her album, "Nomad" which features generous helpings of World Fusion. Namgar sings up a storm throughout this entire collection with a passionate voice that captures the ambiance of her melodic and interesting lyrics. Right from the first track, "Tunka" is steeped with razor sharp guitars while the edgy vocals bellow moving poetry. "Medley-Two Yokhors" is a tight, solid song with beautiful sound textures of World instruments. Showing her softer side with a more subdued vocal, "Orphan Camel Colt" is delicate and moody as Namgar displays a nice vocal range with beautiful dynamics. Her voice never overpowers as she projects emotive clarity which is polished and emits memorable subtleties as you can hear on "River Jaraahai." You will be caught in the rapture this talented and gifted artist has to offer on her wonderful CD, "Nomad."
-Diane and the Reviewer Team -

"My favorite band--or at least the band that surprised me the most by combining styles I never imagined I'd hear together--was Namgar, a band I didn't get to draw. Namgar is from Russia and combines Mongolian folk singing with a sound you wouldn't be surprised to hear emerging from Iron Maiden's amps. Namgar was lush, epic, gorgeous and completely unexpected, which is exacly the sort of thing I have come to expect from Global Fest."
- Ink Lines, Concert Review 01/11/10

"Another U.S. debut, this time with music fromBurayts and Mongolians. The lead singer was born in a small village near the borders of Tibet, Russia and China, and she strives to preserve the folk music of her ancestors-music that easily could become extinct. There is an overlay of rock and jazz, which gives the music a modern sensibility." - The Roots - 松山晋也

Гастроли от Канады до Японии, альбомы с западными музыкантами делают Namgar одним из самых заметных проектов нашей сцены. Музыку, которую играет ансамбль, сравнивают с танцами шаманов, с заговорами, с песнями космоса. И все эти сравнения верны. Такие проекты появляются с какой-то особой, предусмотреной богами музыки, периодичностью и регулярно пробивают ментальную броню времени. World music, имитируя узнаваемые массой звуки, ведет разговор о своем, о чем-то высшем и серьезном. - АЛЕКСАНДР В. ВОЛКОВ

В праздник Белого Месяца Улан-Удэ посетила известная певица Намгар Лхасаранова. В интервью «Байкал-Daily» Намгар поведала о профессиональных планах, в том числе и связанных с Бурятией, вспомнила свои первые «музыкальные» шаги, а также рассказала о публике, которая ходит на её концерты
Полная версия: - Марина Игумнова, «Байкал-Daily» Полная версия:


Nordic Namgar 2014

In 2013, the Riddu Riddu festival commisioned a piece by Ole Jørn Myklebust. With Namgar Lhkasaranova from Buryatia in Russia and Niillas Holmberg from Finnish Sápmi, it was set for a meeting between two of the most unique indigenous voices in the world today.

Both represent their culture, music and tradition at a very high level, a remarkable collaboration between two voices that both contrast and complement each other.

Most of the music is completely new, and written special for Nordic Namgar. But there is also some famous Buryat and Mongolian traditional tunes in brand new exciting arrangements. The band is among Norway’s finest musicians, and it’s truly a great pleasure to hear Namgar in a Nordic music landscape.

Nordic Namgar:
• Namgar Lkhasaranova (vocals)
• Niillas Holmberg (vocals)
• Ole Jørn Myklebust (trumpet, xaphoon, keyboard)
• Fredrik Ellingsen (guitar, electronics)
• Kjetil Dalland (bass)
• Herman Rundberg (drums, percussion)
• Evgeny Zolotarev (chanza)

The album is released in cooperation with the Riddu Riddu-festival, and is supported by the Norwegian Art Council.


“The Dawn of the Foremothers”2012

The Dawn of the Foremothers is Namgar’s new album recorded September 19-24, 2012, in Hanover,Germany with a team of international musicians. The goal of our recording sessions was to distill the beauty of ancient Siberian music of  Namgar’s native Buryatia and frame it with the help of the contemporary instruments and cutting-edge sound technologies.


“NOMAD” 2009

In late 2008, they completed a new album Nomad that comprizes songs in at least 2 styles: traditional Mongolian/Buryat music   and ethno-rock.


“Hatar” 2003.

Namgar’s debute CD titled Hatar (Dance), was recorded and issued in October 2003 by Moscow World Music label Sketis Music. It attracted several international reviews, including Dirty Linen that would endorse both the music and the cover design by Dashi Namdakov (selecting just 2 CDs out of half a dozen Sketis CDs directed to them for review).



The heart of group, Namgar whose name means "white cloud", grew up in a tiny village of Kunkur near the border crossing of Mongolia,at SIberia(Buryat Republic).

In the heart of Siberia, under bottomless blue sky, the songs sung by Namgar were born. She masters the mysteries of the great wide open, voices of spirits of mountains and forests. Love to the melodies sung by her granny and her father, the wish to maintain the tradition that is becoming extinct, brought her on festival stages around the world. She sings long songs and yokhor dance tunes, uliger legends of mighty champions, precise arrows, and swift horses, just as they used to sing ages ago, with music arranged so that the jewels of her singing were accessible on world music stage.
Last events we have participated are :

--Hong-Kong Arts festival  -2018  
--2018 Tour in Germany,Mongolia,China,Kazakhstan,Brazil.
-- Tour Italy/France in December 2017.
--Autumn tour (november)in China 2017
--Autumn tour (november)in Japan 2016
--Autumn tours (september-october 2015) China:Shanghai/Norway
--Summer tours(july,august 2014) in Сanada,USA
-- Autumn tour (october,norway 2014)Korea-Japan
--Oslo World Music festival 2014/Norway
--Womad Russia  United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland,USA,Russia,Norway,Korea,Japan,Canada.

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