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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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This track is a certified cut from the flank of dopeness. Since synths and boombap were created they were destined for marriage, but of course, the emcee has to be able to catch that shit. Namgawd put his ankle in it! “See where I’m from, n*ggas cop all their home movies from Kooda. Old head, well known man from where I grew up” starts the journey of Namgawd’s childhood rendition, and ends with a twist. The art of storytelling has become a minimized area of rap (excluding Kendrick), so when I hear a song like this I appreciate it.

I’ve listened to a few of Namgawd’s tracks, and don’t be surprised if he becomes our “AOTM” in the near future. An East Coast representative too?!?! What up NY?! - CUTS


All Caps, No Gimmicks

No matter the artistic medium, a large portion of the pie should be filled with the commandeering of your elements. Through a HipHop-medium however, an emcee that competes with a beat for the “Star of the Show” title, only exemplifies the strength of a true lyricist. The commonality between “Rapper” and “Emcee” is a provoking argument derived from one being “Skillful” and the other merely “Willful”- to which both have their allotted necessity. NAMGAWD (@namgawd) has a unique way of presenting both an attacking flow pattern, as well as punctual punches that lay way to a good match between words and instrument. Accurate aggression, provocative wordage, and an all around dominance is exactly what you should expect from a Jersey City resident. From Ocean Ave to Lincoln Park and everything in between, NAMGAWD GOT BARS. - CUTS

"Namir Bringing Vietnam to Jersey City"

The Vietnam war happened in 1969 and that was a lost the United states will never admit. Today I blessed my ears with an album entitled Viet-Nam by a 20 year old Rapper/Producer by the name Namir from New York who currently lives in Jersey City, NJ. The first song I listened to was Spark It Up and It seem to drag out in the intro but once the lyrics started going it caught my attention. I’m not to familiar with Namir but with all the songs I’ve heard on this album I can tell he has something to say. He’s way better that Fetty Wap and any talent that has come from NJ this year. Natural would have to be one of my favorites from this album. I say this because I hear the pain in Namir’s voice and I see why he titled his album Viet-Nam. In natural Namir explains all the problems that arise in not just New Jersey but throughout modern day society. No medicine for the pain they resort to snorting’.’ Is what Namir raps in natural. It’s sad but this is natural for everyone to see no matter how rich or poor. Every thought provoking lyric in this songs is relatable in some way shape or form. It’s very few albums that I come across that has good production and Lyrics from the artist but this album is lacking neither. I would love to see Namir on more platforms to feature his talents. The lyrics were on point, The production fit his style of rap, I couldn’t compare him to any one because he has his own sort of mono tone style. The list could continue the only thing that turned me off were the intro I felt some of them were to long and If it were someone else listening they would just skip the song. Namir my advice to you is try to spice up the intro a bit to keep your listeners interested. I would give this album an 8.5 out of 10. Namir has much talent but has way’s to go on perfecting his craft I believe in him. Namir keep working and doing a good job I hope to hear more projects from you

Viet- Nam- - DoeBoyz.Net


Still working on that hot first release.



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