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The best kept secret in music


"Top 12 DIY Reviews"

Namoli Brennet’s self-styled “gender-variant indie-pop” is far broader than the moniker may suggest. These songs sit comfortably somewhere between The Smiths and Jeff Buckley with some smooth soul (“These Are the Works of Man”) and a little electronic music a la Erasure (“Heaven”) thrown in for good measure. It’s straightforward and intelligent pop executed with disarming honesty.
As a transgendered songwriter, Brennet’s perspective and emotional investiture bring a new and compelling texture to pop music. The songs are written and played with such plain openness that anyone can identify and fall in love with them.
The broad scope of styles approached here could be a liability if it weren’t for Brennet’s literate, well-informed approach. Whether it’s a country-flavored ballad or a keyboard-drenched soul number, Brennet plays and sings with an intensity and intelligence that can’t be ignored. —CS - Performing Songwriter

"The Brighter Side of Me"

The first thing that struck me while listening to "The Brighter Side of Me" is that it's impossible to tell the gender of the singer. The effect is a universal voice. Namoli Brennet's singing evokes everyone from Stevie Nicks to John Mayer, at times soulful ("Maybe Tonight"), innocent ("Long Mistake"), and beautifully morose ("Sleep"). It also struck me that "Brighter Side" has been out for a year and I'd never heard it before. This wrong has now, thankfully, been righted. Brennet, who hails from Arizona, describes her music as "gender-variant indie-pop". Though Brennet is definitely indie - she not only wrote, recorded and produced "Brighter Side" on her own, she also played nearly all the instruments - "Brighter Side" has definite wide appeal and breakout potential. In fact, the record it made me think of most was David Grey's "White Ladder", which seemed to come out of nowhere in 2000 with the surprise success of the single, "Babylon". Brennet's song "Thorn in Your Side" shares that same electronica-tinged folk-pop vibe. Other album highlights include the haunting "Ghost" and the breakup alphabet of "Long Mistake". To listen to clips and buy CDs visit - Between the Lines/D'Anne Witkowski


2005- Chrysanthemum
2005 - Limited Edition Live EP
2004 - The Brighter Side of Me
2003 - Welcome to the Afterglow
2002 - Boy in a Dress
Tracks that have airplay: Daddy's Gonna Fly, Modern Day Jesus, Thorn in Your Side, Deeper Than the Heart is Wide, We Belong, Breathe, Turning Song, Boy in a Dress, Trying to Try, Sugarplum Dreams


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Brennet plays and sings with an intensity and intelligence that can't be ignored."
-Performing Songwriter Magazine

“The ADHD love-child of Tracy Chapman and Bob Dylan.”
-Milo Pehr Press

In a sea of singer/songwriters, Namoli Brennet stands out like an ostrich in a chicken yard. Not because of her stature (average height) or temperament (fairly gentle unless provoked) - certainly not because of her beady black eyes and propensity to run at speeds up to 50 mph (although she did do some sprinting in high school). Maybe it’s time to drop the analogy, which is quickly becoming a bit of a stretch. What we’re trying to say is, she’s different. Commanding. Intriguing. Unique. As Obi-Wan Kenobi said after leaving a Namoli Brennet show, “I have FELT her presence.”

Although based in Tucson, AZ, Brennet has honed her craft through hundreds of performances and thousands of miles on the road. This past year alone she’s played in San Diego, LA, Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago, Kalamazoo, DC, NYC, Albany, Boston, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and many other places in New England that end with the word “bury” (Waterbury, Middlebury, Berrybury). While racking up thousands of frequent flyer miles, she’s shared the stage with such greats as Melissa Ferrick, Jill Sobule and Michelle Shocked. In addition to performing at legendary venues like Club Passim in Cambridge, Brennet is a regular at East Coast Pride festivals, Including DC Pride, with an estimated attendance of 250,000.

All of this travelling has produced a seasoned performer who is both powerful and poignant; her impassioned performances, punctuated by her quirky humor and enthusiasm, have won over fans all over the country. When she’s not busy touring, you can usually find Namoli writing, recording and producing her latest CD. In just under 3 years, she’s independently released 4 albums and 2 EPs on her own label, Girl’s Gotta Eat Records, as well as helping out other emerging artists like Tammy West.

She’s a non-vegetarian who enjoys tofu dishes. In a pinch, she’s been known to choose the stairs over the escalator. She reads Tom Robbins and Annie Proulx, but also enjoys internet horoscopes. She’s nothing if not enigmatic and charming.(“And talented”, says Namoli’s Mom.) Yeah, talented too. (Thanks, Mom). This girls gotta eat, and she’s coming to your town. Now go feed the rock star.