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Our music is an energetic, vibe heavy, lyrical exploration into the financial, social and political perspectives of the American Man. Saturated with rich melodies, wanging beats and hypnotic hooks the NamWhite experience is free from fabrication.


The American Black Man lives beneath the shadow of definitive contradictions. These are fabricated contradictions between professional success and social acceptance. Divide and conquer, real niggas belong on the block, white boys succeed in school. We see our music as the symbolic wedge between these two fictional worlds. "They say I'm hood in the burbs but in the bricks I'm white". In reality both scenarios are bullshit. We celebrate life , love and the pursuit of mad paper in every corner of the globe, with all walks of life. Get naked, make a drink, find a mistress and bask in the lyrical libation of a 30 plus school teacher named NamWhite.


"Let Me Be Your Hit Single" is the current NamWhite record getting love on regional mix tapes and play in area clubs.

Set List

Our set can be modified to fit set length or any venue size. We will provide professional entertainment with the gear we are provided.