nancy cardo

nancy cardo


Raw, colourful and real, Nancy's music flows across acoustic warmth till it becomes violent... her sweetness and power splinter such newly discovered alternative electric guitars and distorted vocals...she is unpredictable though always intense


Nancy Marie Lise Cardo is an Australian grown 'lass' born in Melbourne the 15th of January 1978 and currently lives in 'the Boot' (Italy) where she has been creating and performing her own music for over 10 years now...

During these years she has matured as a solo act as well as maturing collaborations with many musicians in different line ups.

Nancy has formed a very efficient team together with her partner/instrument technician Andrea Spallone, and her friend/sound engineer Domenico Albini with whom she shares her home studio and dream...

In 2005 Nancy independently produced her Cd 'Harmless Quiver' which immediately brought back great feedback. She received many invitations to do interviews and live performances for national and minor radio stations/web radios throughout Italy.

Amongst the very positive critics received for Nancy's Cd, her songs 'Ode to my room' and 'Mad Soldier' recieved some very impressive reviews also on a national radio program called 'Demo' (radio1Rai) and she was chosen as their 'artist of the month', April 2006. They then dedicated an entire show to Nancy presenting her in a 20min live solo performance, and then in July 2006 they invited her to perform on the grand stage of their first 'DemoFest - the best of 2006' where she played in front of TV cameras and an audience of 25ooo people!

Nancy is currently at work on the recordings of her new material aiming to present her next Cd during 2007.

She is also working with some new keen and very enthusiastic musicians with whom she will be performing old and new material in both acoustic and electric line ups and aims to start presenting and performing her music outside Italy...


Ode to my room

Written By: Nancy Cardo

Frozen in the middle of
a room
my room's and my room's not
the finest place
for me
for me to breathe
and to think
that it might just be
and just might not
turn its face
on me
and so I turn
I try to turn
I turn and turn
I try
but my might's too poor
my mind's too small
and so I turn
I try to turn
I turn until I stop
in the middle of
it all...


Written By: Nancy Cardo

..couldn't leave you
'cause I'd never really been with you
might be pathetic
but I couldn't let you drain up
all my life!
without you life goes on
how can you
take it on
when you're off?
more time will not renew
you'll have to take my word
or try to turn me off
too... can you
keep going on?
you keep hoping that
the next allarm
will turn you on
you'd still be off!
more time will not renew
you'll have to take my word
or try to turn me
more time will not renew you!
try to turn me off!

Raw Calm

Written By: Nancy Cardo

like your eyes make me stray
beauty on a cold day
so stab me darling
stab my heavy head
violence for my mind
(blind) violence
for my mind....
ooh ..ooh...

of all the things you'll ever dream
I'd rather be the dying night
to reach out to the soaring winds
and blow away all out of


waiting, waiting for it...
waiting, waiting for it...
if only I could ever


2003 - 'Dry Mould'
2005 - 'Harmless Quiver' (from which tracks #1 'Ode to my room' and #3 'Mad Soldier' have received airplay on national and minor radio stations throughout Italy, as well as streaming on several web radios and web sites)
2007 - ...coming soon!

Set List

Nancy has a VERY vast list of her own songs and generally choses her songlist and line up to suit her mood or the situation. Her set can therefore also vary in its length depending on the time allowed! She generally does very few covers, but does often include two or three interpretations of some songs by Kristin Hersh, the Cure, PJ Harvey or even Neil Young, or Radio Head...