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What About Main Street?
* Annabel's Heart
* As You Are
* Ballad of Renewal
* Note From God
* Give Me Wings
* What About Main Street?
* What Do Ya Do?
* Wild Women Don't Get the Blues

New Songs
* Baby Ya Ain't No Good
* But Where?
* City of Angels
* Find Me Someone New
* I Need You With Me
* God Bless America (an American Anthem)
* Rockstar
* Under the Moon
* Why Can't You See

Songs for Peace with The Children's Peace Project
* I Wanna Live in Peace
* Mother's Prayer



Hello and welcome, I'm Nancy Carey Johnson and I am a woman of many hats, enormous energy and enough drive to move a small nation by myself! I’m a singer/songwriter, and though I’ve been singing my whole life (the music has ALWAYS poured out of me), I added songwriting to my resume 3 1/2 years ago.

Other hats include: Teaching Songwriting and Performance Technique classes, Vocal Coaching, Creative Director for Mama Bear Productions (in part a children’s music website/resource), creator of a local "Mommy and Me" music program, children’s book author, wife and mother. But of all the hats I wear, the one I've worn the longest is that of singer/entertainer.

I’m grateful beyond words to have been compared to such singers as Linda Ronstadt, Eva Cassidy, Wynonna Judd, Joni Mitchell, Maura O’Connell, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Cheryl Wheeler! There is no doubt I love to sing sweet, beautiful music almost as much as I love to belt or get down to the nitty-gritty with a solid bluesy feel!!! But pretty or nitty-gritty, as long as I’m singing, it’s all good!

As an entertainer, connecting with my audience, pulling emotions from them and giving back as much or more as they've given me, brings me more joy than I can say – make them laugh, cry, love or feel empowered, for me that's what it's all about!

In addition to the songs listed below, there are several more waiting in the wings to be recorded. You can also hear others not on my EPK at

"As You Are" is a beautiful, romantic, song that touches people. The kind of love the song tells of is the kind that all people yearn for in their own lives – to be loved as you are, not as others want you to be. Lots of people have observed that "This would be the perfect wedding song!" while others have said, "It's the perfect anniversary song!". My duet partner is the very talented Michael Franklin. What a pleasure to have him sing this song with me!

“God Bless America” (an American Anthem) is a kick-ass LOVE THE USA, country/rock song. I've gotten UNBELIEVABLE feed back on this one! Old World War II vets, young boys, girls, women doesn’t seem to matter who they are or what their station in life, they stop and listen EVERY time I play it!

“Ballad of Renewal” though uplifting has made all kinds of people weep; from lovely 16 year-old girls to 60+ year-old men. It was the first song I wrote and so many people want to cover! Could be used in any genre.

“Wild Women Don't Get The Blues” has been dubbed "THE Chicks Anthem". This song moves woman from all walks of life -preps to biker chicks- it’s one they LOVE and can identify with! In fact many women have said to me that "...This is exactly what I aspire to!!!” ‘WWDGTB’s’ is a genuine blend of folky/country/blues! FTR, my ex bass and lead guitar player (both guys) LOVE this song -it's not just for women!

At a songwriters seminar with a panel of some pretty big named songwriters, the feedback I got on "Note From God" (country/pop) is "This song is GOLD. You are GOLDEN, get it out there!" "This song could replace 'Whatever'". This fun tune is full of attitude and needs to be sung like you mean it!

"What About Main Street" got a standing ovation at the Guthrie Center and I’ve been blown away by how many people have told me that this song has touched them deeply. It's a hard look at what is (and has been) happening for a very long time in this country. This song also could be used in several genres.

"But Where" is an up tune with a pop feel discussing some of the ‘greener’ issues in life (i.e. too much stuff and going back to a simpler life). This one has a great feel and has received great feedback!

"Find Me Someone New" has an old time blues feel and deals with the age-old male/female issue – it also makes people laugh! (BTW, making people laugh gives me untold pleasure!) This is one you can have a lot of fun with!

"City Of Angels" is a rock ballad (and another song with a message). This song would be GREAT for a TV show (A la: Cold Case). With any luck it could be a real wake up call to the starstruck and will scare the hell out of their parents!

"Baby Ya Ain't No Good" has sort of a Mississippi John Hurt or Doc Watson fun, old timey, blues feel and also happens to be the first blues tune I ever wrote!

"I Need You With Me" is a solid country song with traces of Southern Rock in its soul. It is simple, straightforward and unlike much of the country/pop songs of today. The character portrayed in this song is one of the tough as nails, capable, tender hearted loner - the kind of man women romanticize and fantasize about. This would be perfect for anyone who would like a country tune that stands out from today’s crowd!

"Rockstar" is a blusie/rock ballad, that tells the story of what happens to a rockstar who wants fame and fortune for fame and fortune’s sake and loses