Nancy Harmon

Nancy Harmon

 Longwood, Florida, USA

Alternative power-pop led by hot rocker Nancy Harmon. Edgy, catchy, and original.


My name is Nancy Harmon. I have learned several important things in the last few years: nothing is more important than the people you surround yourself with, other than the people you choose not to surround yourself with. Counting all of your friends on one hand is okay. Purple nail polish and black eyeliner always look best. Rhyme is not necessary in a good verse, only in a good song. And lastly, I’ve realized that when things seem impossibly hard that’s when you’re nearest the goal.

Midwest native Nancy Harmon has been in central Florida for five years. She writes all of her own music and lyrics. She has fronted several bands and has performed regularly at BackBooth, The Social, and Stardust, among other venues, and most recently at Firestone opening up for Ryan Cabrera. Last year she played FMF 2009.


More Than Just Leaves Fall In Autumn EP