Nancyjoy Evans

Nancyjoy Evans


Njoy's music makes your skin tingle, like you just know this is right. It's sweet and sexy all at once. You hear that voice, and it just hits you. She's unique, melodic. Her version of the world, you want to dive in with her. You are going to want to hear this girl.


Nancyjoy's influences liken her to Patsy Cline meets Bjork with the intuition of Gillian Welch. Quasi Country, quirky pop with Traditional roots. Northern California organic chick-ippie , big trees, clean air, surfing the radio waves with love.


C.D Spring 11

Set List

Original music
Lucky girl
Angel eyes
Comic Book Hero
Earthquakes and Heartaches
Cool idea
Full of Grace
Billy Boy
Small lies
High wire
Over you